2012 – The Year of Travel

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These days, admitting that you’re not particularly well travelled is something of a social faux pas. The trend for gap years, the cheapness of flights and the intrigue of the faraway mean that by 26, many people have seen the world three times over.

I haven’t. I can count the number of countries I’ve visited on one hand, and they’re all in Europe. I love going on holiday, quite enjoy airports and have developed a taste for in-flight meals (that stick of cheese and the bread roll? YUM). I’ve just never been interested in travelling. I have no desire to pack my life into a rucksack and live off Imodium and beer for 12 months (I know, I know – I’m generalising here).

But recently, I’ve discovered my sense of adventure. I’ve realised that travelling doesn’t have to involve a first aid kit and a bar job. I could start with a weekend away here, 10 days on a beach there. And if I stopped contributing to my already over-stuffed wardrobe, I’d be able to afford it too.

So that’s my one and only New Year’s Resolution. To travel. I’m starting big with an American roadtrip in May, taking in Chicago, Maine and New York. Then I’d love to see some cities, maybe even a beach. And I’m not just talking overseas travel – there are so many beautiful parts of the UK that I’ve never seen, and I’d love to get more acquainted.

How about you – have you seen the world or are you just getting started? Any recommendations for me?

PS – Happy New Year!



I have only been to France! I don’t even have a valid passport at the moment! Ideally I’d like to get to Japan, Cuba, India and America eventually, I’d also love to go to Paris. But I agree with you that there are many gorgeous parts of the UK yet to explore-I plan on spending some time on a Devon beach soon and as long as I get to see the sea this ear I’ll be happy.


Ooh this is a good one Jen! I’m not very well travelled either and Ed’s always on at me to save for a holiday, but like you my wardrobe takes priority…

One place in the UK that’s captured my heart is Norwich. It’s Ed’s hometown and I spent every weekend for two years there, but I still get filled with a sense of excitement when we visit. Have you ever been?

Happy New Year! xx


Me and Dey have really got a love of the UK, we are already planning a trip to Cornwall for March. I want to see all of the beautiful places of our country before leaving it. I have been lucky to visit some lovely places overseas, but I am looking forward to seeing far away places when we can afford it, life is always so rushed. xxx

Claire xx

This post is exactly how I feel, I am 29 and have barely been anywhere and I work in travel! I would love to vist Oz, NZ, Asia, and much more of the USA. And there is still loads of the UK I have not seen! I am really bad at wasting my annual leave by doing nothing! Can’t wait to hear more on your travel plans!
Happy New Year….Claire xxx


I love travelling. I have traveled a bit, but unfortunately never for a huge amount of time. I’m a teacher and usually go away for 3, 4 or 5 weeks in the summer. Last summer we packed a bag pack and went to Amsterdam then flew from there to Croatia and went island hopped around Croatia then got a boat from Northern Croatia to Venice. Croatia is a beautiful country and I would definitely recommend it. This summer we are travelling around Vietnam then staying in a luxury resort for our honeymoon. I’m so excited!


Lovely post as per. I’ve never really liked the idea of roughing it and travelling, but I do love holidays and experiencing as much culture as possible. I tend to stay with friends who’ve moved away to get the authentic experience and avoid the typical tourist traps. I’ve been to a fair few places such as Hong Kong, Jamaica, New York and much of Europe but there’s always room for improvement, and I’d like to see more European capitals and more of the Med. I’m also not ruling out living in America again, very jealous of your upcoming road trip!


I never wanted to back pack for the same reasons I never wanted to go to a festival, unless I am staying in a nearby hotel. I certainly want to explore more countries and go off the beaten track. As long as there is a half decent hotel to go to at the end of the day haha. I really enjoyed Vegas and didn’t think I would and loved Egypt. Going NYC for the first time in 5 weeks can’t wait. xx


That sounds like a fabulous resolution. I actually love to travel, but have the same problem of contributing to my closet rather than my plane tickets. You’re going to love the American East Coast. There are so many diverse and wonderful things to see. I hope that if you’re going to Maine that you like lobster. Have a bright and fantastical new year!

Michelle of The Feather Den

I know what you mean! Though, to be fair, I’ve spent a gap year in France and have been here in England for a year when I’m originally from Australia. But being Australian means travelling to anywhere but Asia is *very* expensive, so I like to get the most out of my plane tickets!

x Michelle | thefeatherden.net


I’ve been lucky enough to see a few places but there are still so many to see. I’d recommend Marrakech, it beautiful and not to far away for a long weekend.

City Girls Fashion Box

I would love explore other parts of the UK – i may have spent hours on planes jetting off, but i haven’t experience some of the UK’s finest beaches!

Great resolutions xxx


I’d definitely recommend Hong Kong, though the amount of boutiques and cheap markets might not be good for your over-stuffed wardrobe 😛 that American road trip sounds awesome! xx


hehe we have the opposite problem – all of my travels are in America and I have yet to cross the pond. You must pass through Manhattan on your road trip 🙂

Happy New Year!


This blog is beautiful, such a nice easy read! Defiantly following and becoming a regular reader! I am most defiantly skint and well… hopefully stylish!



The best place I’ve probably ever been to is Mauritius (an island off of Madagascar) which, while a bit hot and a bit expensive, was absolutely amazing, especially because I went around the time of one of their festivals, Divali, and the area was just so beautiful so I definitely recommend there! Hope you have fun in America 🙂 xx


Ooh lucky you! I’m saving to do America properly next year, I went to New York in March and it was the most amazing place I’ve ever seen, I bet you have a fab time! I don’t care for the actual travelling part, but the trip to NY was the best experience I’ve had, so bonus points for that too! 🙂


I’m the same as you hun and I’m nearly 32! Sure, I’ve been to places (i.e., landed and driven past things), but never actually been to them for fun (all for work) so I decided I was going to head off on my own to Tanzania and climb Kilimanjaro in September. Now I have got the bug and want to see as many things as possible. You only live once after all. At the end of January I’m off to Marrakech to climb the Atlas mountains and I’m so excited. I plan on going to Kenya in the summer/autumn and possibly Nepal at the end of the year/beginning of 2013.

Dreams That Glitter xoxo

I’ve been so fortunate in that my parents have always been very big on travelling from when I was a young age, which they argued was the best education you could have and I’m glad they did! I’ve been nearly everywhere that I have always wanted to go, but I have never been to New Zealand or Australia, so I would love to go there. Happy new year lovely!



Oh wow! Sounds like your 2012 is gonna be fab! Especially jealous of the American road trip. This sounds bad but I’m too scared of planes to travel too far xx


Sounds like 2012 is going to be a great year for you. Chicago is absolutely beautiful, you will love it there X


Hope you have fun travelling and seeing the world. I plan on travelling more this year and hopefully going to Gran Canaria.
Happy New year!


Love your perspective on travel – I’m exactly the same, I want to visit different places, but the idea of ‘going travelling’ doesn’t grab me. I should be going to Italy in April though, and possibly Amsterdam too – all paid for by my work!

Looking forward to reading your blogs about your travels!



Up until August 2011, I’d never been outside Europe either and was always annoyed at my parents for never taking me and my siblings anywhere “cool”! Now I’m in Australia and also went to Morocco in the summer of last year! I actually can’t believe it! haha I wish I had saved more money for it all but I think it’s just about the good times you have, not how much money you spend. I’d love to go to the States next! Let us know how you get on when you go 🙂 Good Luck & Happy New Year! xx


oh wow I love the road-trip in america idea! What says adventure more than that? I really want to do South Asia this year so fingers crossed! And yea good point, travelling seems to be the new fad trend nowadays. Don’t think I can afford this trend tbh =S

Dinx @ Lovely in Random xoxo


My dad is a big travelling so ever since I’ve been little we’ve been going on road trips across America. I do plan to travel across Australia later this year though


That road trip sounds amazing, think of all the thrift stores!! Is it bad that trift stores are the only reason I want to visit the States?
Funnily enough this is my new years resolution too. I had had the offer of going away five times this year to Turkey, Poland, Manchester, Aberdeen and Leeds and am desperate to make it all happen. I always have such big ideas yet all my money gets spent on clothes. I have ziltch willpower but hopefully this will change as I have been given a deadline of booking flights to Aberdeen by Feb eeeek!


I really love travelling – but like you, the idea of packing everything into a tiny bag and setting off map in hand does not appeal to me. I’ve been lucky enough to have been on many trips with school and my family over the past few years. I would definatley recommend China (Shanghai, Xian, Beijing) as it is such a diverse country and so friendly. Also South Africa for safari and beautiful views and beaches. And I think one of my favourite countries is Italy – the food, the culture, the weather, the architecture, the views, the history, it’s really a beautiful country and so pictureqsue!
Good luck with your travels in 2012 and hope this has helped you in any way! Sophie x

Chloe Likes To Talk

I’m lucky enough to be reasonably well travelled, as a kid we had some amazing holidays as my parents would rather go without certain things to save for the 2 or 3 weeks of the year that all 3 of us lived under the same roof. I also studied languages and lived abroad for a while.

My recommendation would be Germany. It’s such an underrated country with some fantastic food, wine, history, culture, music, theatre all sorts, it’s actually pretty quick and easy and cheap to fly to, and people are some of the friendliest in Europe. My heart forever remains in Leipzig and Berlin.

Happy New Year, and can’t wait to see all that you (inc the travel!) in 2012.


What a good resolution to have! And you’re going about it the best way – I completely agree it doesn’t have to be a life changing, year long experience.. A few places here and there does the job 🙂 Look forward to reading about your adventures! 🙂 x


I think thats one thing that I can actually say I’ve not done too bad on, although I’ve so many places I want to go in the world so still feel woefully under-travelled!

I’ve been to Florida, Sri Lanka, The Maldives, Spain, Portugal, France, Prague, Germany, and quite a fair bit of our own far country…in fact whilst I like going elsewhere, my favourite holidays have been within our own fair isle…

On my wishlist of locations, I’m wanting to go to Italy, Russia, the majority of the US, and then more exploring in the north of this country including Scotland…I’ve mainly headed southwards from the midlands so feel a few trips up are in order!


Happy New Year, Jen!
Once you start travelling the bug’ll get you. Travel beats a cupboard full of posh clothes hands down. x


Sounds amazing! I totally agree he traditional gap yah idea of travelling does not appeal – but I’d absolutely love to visit more places, and look forward with only a smidge of envy to your photos when the time comes!


I’m much like you, I have been to a tiny handful of places, all in Europe. My boyfriend went backpacking last summer and loved every minute of it, but I also agree that living out of a rucksack isn’t for me.
Bring on the city breaks I say.
Your american road trip sounds amazing. I can’t wait to read about it!


Sounds fab, what a fun resolution too! You’ll love America, it’s such a vast place you’ll never not have anything to do. You should try Canada too, especially in Autumn – it’s gorgeous. Happy new year sweet!

Louisejoyb xo | Bits&Bobs

ellie B

It’s definitely a good idea to start with little breaks here and there, and it’s what I want to keep up this year. If you want a slightly longer time away, I’d recommend Goa very highly. The most amazing beaches, fantastic food, and much less frenetic than the rest of India. There’s things to do besides lying on the beach too… such as waterfalls you can swim in, dolphin watches, boat trips, and many inland places to explore.
Enjoy the road trip, I plan to do the West coast, from LA to Seattle, when I can afford it!

e x


i reckon we’re in a similar position. i’m 26 and haven’t travelled tones. i’ve been to wales, scotland (ok they count), holland, spain and america. to be honest i would love to move to america if the chance came up. i’m hoping to go to germany this year, road trip sounds ace.

Pat McNulty

India has been on my list for TWO YEARS and I still haven’t made it!!! Maybe this year… Who knows! Look forward to reading about your travels…

Ms Wanda

This is a great resolution! I know it’s a bit of a cliche, but I did “find myself” in South East Asia. I think it’s changed quite a bit though so you may have to work harder to get off the beaten track and find the really magical places.

Other than that Europe’s not to be sniffed at. We had a wonderful traincation around Northern Europe last year – travelling by train is so romantic, and more sustainable too. (very subtle plug for my friend’s train travel company http://loco2.co.uk/)


City breaks are my weakness! Mainly Europe but I seem to be able to fit two or three in a year which is the perfect way to see new places – and visit old favourites! This year I hope to return to Paris and visit for the first time, maybe Granada! At least!!


Great resolution Jen and I couldn’t agree more, travelling more is something I want to do. Just reading through the comments I see a lot of people don’t like the whole idea of roughing it with a rucksack travelling, I don’t get this, I think to truly experience any place you need to rough it to a certain extent otherwise how will you really get a feel for somewhere. When I spent 3 months in SE Asia we stayed in some complete holes, it may not have been the best sleep ever but we got to see places that you wouldn’t have seen if you’d stayed in a nice hotel. Of course I wouldn’t turn down a holiday in some fancy 5* hotel but bumming around with a rucksack, shoes that are falling apart and a beer to keep you warm isn’t really as bad as many would think =)


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