30 for 30 – The Results

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When I heard about the 30 for 30 challenge on Kendi’s blog, I knew I had to give it a go. I’m a serial impulse buyer and my affliction means my wardrobe is groaning under the weight of many an ill-advised purchase. 30 for 30 seemed like the perfect way to weed out the lesser-worn items. See my 30 for 30 wardrobe here.

And it worked! There were some pieces I wore regularly, and some I didn’t wear at all. After 30 days and 30 outfits, I have a much better idea of my wardrobe must-haves (the brown cardigan and black blazer are absolute essentials) and I know which pieces I need to rethink (the leather skirt caused much ‘discussion’ in the comments – maybe I’ll shorten it a few inches?).

It’s lovely to have unrestricted access to my (admittedly massive) clothing collection again. I’m celebrating by getting changed at lunchtime. I might even do an Anne-Hathaway-at-the-Oscars and wear seven outfits in one night. So while I slip into my glittery Lanvin tuxedo, have a look at all the 30 for 30 outfits and don’t forget to tell me your favourite!


(I got a little mixed up around outfit 18 so they’re a bit out of sync there. Sorry – I’ve got pancakes on the brain!)



Congratulations on finishing! When I finished, I opened my closet, and for the first time in my life, I felt like I had the best wardrobe ever! The thoughts of “I have nothing to wear” flew out the window! The possibilities seemed endless!!

My Leather Jacket


It’s great to see all of your outfits together! I really like this idea… I might attempt it myself 🙂 Although… did you factor in every eventuality into your 30 items? E.g. a night out, extreme weather conditions? xx


Jen you’ve done so well, i really doubt i’d be able to do this!
My fave has to be number 14 – i just love that blouse…in fact any of the outfits featuring that has my vote!x


well done for making it, my favourites are 2, 25 and 30, LOVE those dresses! When I think of 30 items it doesn’t seem like a lot of outfits in my head but you have made every day look different so many congrats. Must feel weird having so many clothes to work with again

Bow Dream Nation xx


2 and 19 are my favourites! They are all so lovely though!
I bet its nice just to be able to wear anything again!


17 is definitely my favourite, although I do love the coloured tights too! Well done for completing the challenge :)xx


I CANNOT choose between 3, 11, 17 and 24. In other words I LOVE that shirt!
I think the leather skirt would look lovely shorter, but it looks nice as it is, too. It depends whether you feel you’d get more wear out of it at a shorter length?

Well done for doing this- it’d have driven me up the wall after about 3 days!

xxx Maddie


18 is my favourite – the striped top with lace collar and rasberry pencil skirt are two of my fave items of yours! No. 3 is very nice as well…

I think the problem with the leather skirt is that it stops at the broadest part of your calves – you could either try taking it up so it sits just on top of your knee (like that scrumptious rasberry pencil skirt!)or if you feel really brave you could try tapering it so it narrows down more dramatically at the bottom. This would give a narrower/less blocky silhouette. I still thinks the skirt looks great on you as it is however, especially in No.29, and if you like it and feel fabulous in it, who cares what some anonymous hater says?!

Hope you don’t mind me commenting – I’ve been quietly following your blog for a while now and am thinking of starting my own when I graduate, so am just trying to feel my way around the blogging community. 🙂 I always look forward to reading your posts!

🙂 xx


id love to be able to wear a different outfit for that amount of time! i just dont have enough clothes to do that haha, xx


i really struggled to pick a favourite, i have so many! i’d probably say numbers 4 and 26
well done on getting through it, i think you did really well 🙂


I started reading your blog during the 30 for 30 and I have loved seeing you style all these items, it has really made me realise how little of my wardrobe I use. My favourites are 14, 27 and 30, so pretty! xoxo


Ooooh, I’m torn between 5, 21, 24 and 26. I think you’ve made so many combinations out of just 30 pieces, I might just have to go for ’30 for 30′ one day!


Your leather skirt inspired me to get one! I sunk a small fortune on one in whistles and tracked the last size 14 in London down! I think it looks great in look 29! Stick to what you love not what others think….


There are too many to choose a favourite from!! 2 and 4 look effortless and chic but the use of colour in 9 and 26 is genius.

I think the blazer is definately an essential item…along with the leather pants – you rock them.




I still utterly love 30 – you look amazing in those colours. 2 and 14 are both gorgeous as well.

The leather skirt is a tricky one, isn’t it? I do really like it on you but it doesn’t seem to sit quite right in some of the photos – the creases sort of make it look too tight. That’s probably just the camera though; I’ve got similar things that look fab in real life but just don’t photograph as they actually look!


Well done Jen- I love the fact that not only have you thought about the pieces you like but also about your body shape and what suits it. You ave definitely shown that less is more!


It’s so hard to choose a single favourite outfit, although I am leaning towards 8 and 26, solely because I love that dress so much. And the red tights did look o so fabulous xx


i love 23, 24 and 30 the best of all, and well done for completing the challenge!
i think it would take me a month to choose my 30. does it include shoes/!!??!?!?!


I love number 19. I also like the shirt on 3, 14 and 15. It really suits you. Welcome back to your entire wardrobe!


6, 11, 15 and 26 are my favourites, I can’t choose between them! Well done for this, I think you’ve done so well! Might challenge myself to it one day soon. X


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