90s Style For Those Who Remember It First Time Round

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Back in 1998, I owned a denim skirt. It was stonewashed, with rips. I wore it with footless tights, Converse sneakers and graphic print t-shirts bearing the slogans of various popular culture brands.

Yes – that was the (late) 90s. Hardly a moment in fashion history. But, it seems the 90s are making a comeback, and every other 15 year old is wearing a scrunchie or an ironic bumbag. Probably quite cool when your date of birth stretches no further back than 1995, but remembering it first time round (and now being well past the age when ironic dressing has a hope of looking good) takes the shine off a bit… particularly when your last memory of dunagrees was wearing them to a Backstreet Boys tribute concert.

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Skirt, Zara | Shirt, Topshop | Flats, Valensi c/o Sarenza | Belt, ASOS | Necklace, H&M | Bag, Half Pint in Skydiver c/o Brit-Stitch | Sunglasses, Orla Kiely at Boots Opticians

When I spotted this denim skirt in Zara, I was immediately transported back to 1998 and my (much shorter, admittedly) version. It’s exactly the same shade, with the same ‘rock chic’ rips and frayed hem. But rather than bringing back memories of Spice Girls dance routines and Byker Grove, this sharp pencil shape and flattering fit works perfectly for my 2013 wardrobe.

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Just to confuse you, I went for an 80s double denim look by pairing my new skirt with an old chambray shirt. Just call me the decade dresser.

Are you wearing 90s style again, or is second time round a step too far?



I feel so old when I see 90s trends coming back and i’m only 24 haha. I’m embracing crop tops again though!


Love this outfit! I am a backstreet boys loving child of the 90s too, so I have to say I didn’t think it could look good second time around, but you’ve proved me wrong!


Definitely a 90s child (born 1982) and I now teach 16-18 yr olds who are wearing tops with Acid House smiley faces on, scrunchies and platform trainers. I just can’t take it. Now I know how my mum feels when I buy 1960s furniture. I am loving the dungarees look now though!

Michelle / Daisybutter

I dither about double denim all the time because I simply cannot find a denim shirt or jacket that suits/fits me properly! I was all about the ripped skirt, footless tights and Converse look back in the day, ah nostalgia. x

Eve Maria

I used to have a denim skirt in the 90s- it was dark denim with cut out flowers in gold detail on the bottom. It was actually quite nice and I wish I’d kept it now!

Lily Lipstick

I love this outfit – the denim pencil skirt is lovely. I remember begging to be allowed to wear a cropped top in 1998. And being treated to a pair of All Saints-style combat trousers as a compromise…I don’t think I’ll be revisiting either of those pieces somehow but hopefully I can find something that is both 90s and 2013 “me”! x


Such a great casual outfit, hello 90’s, it’s good to see you.
Oh and scrunchies. Still not cool. No matter how ironically worn.


This looks great, a much nicer way to wear denim skirts! Love the styling.
Personally, having been a 90s child once I have no desire to repeat the experience! Tracksuit bottoms and platform trainers? Think not. xx


I spotted a nice pair of white flatforms on Topshop’s website today but need to see them in person. I’m aware of how the 90s influences are creeping back (yes, I’m an original 90s kid) into my wardrobe, but I fear these will be a tad too Spice Girls for me. And yes, I had platform trainers first time around….I’ll forever remember falling up the stairs of failing to realise I’d need to lift my foot that bit higher than usual!

– Tabitha at scaredtoast.com x


It’s weird seeing the 90’s revival – refusing to call it ‘vintage’ I was a ’92 baby that’s not vintage yet! – this is a nice subtle way of paying tribute. Also Byker Grove?! Haven’t thought about that show in a long time 🙂 xoxo


love the 90’s reference jen!! when I think 90’s i think saved by the bell…man the girls on that show had awesome style! 🙂 xx

Retro Chick

You look great in that! In the 90s I was wearing pea coats and polo necks, so I’m not sure my style has actually changed all that much! In fact I think I’ve got the same hair!


I love this type of style very casual take it any where but very feminine and appealing as well it suits you really well


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