A £5 dress…

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Most of my clothes comes from the high street, and for some that means I surely can’t be truly stylish. Lots of industry experts believe style comes from designer labels, vintage finds and good breeding. But I think the recent surge of ‘everyday people’ blogging about ‘everyday fashion’ has created a new kind of style – style that doesn’t name drop or look down its nose.

I think style is something you’re born with, and it manifests itself in all kinds of ways. A perfectly tousled hair cut, flawless eyeliner or a set of colour pop nails say ‘hello, I’ve got style!’ much more than a Mulberry handbag and a copy of Vogue.

I so don’t believe in that age old cliche celebs rattle out time and time again – “I mix high street with designer”. It’s right up there with “I eat healthily” and “I did not sleep with that woman”. If you’re truly stylish, you can rock a completely high street look and everyone will be asking who designed it.


Vintage Vixen

You’re right there, Jen. Style comes from inner confidence and an acceptance of who you are. Someone succesful (like Kate Moss) can wear anything and look amazing whereas your archetypical footballer’s wife riding on the back of their partner’s success has no belief in who they are, hence the reason for trying to create an identity with designer labels.
Your £5 dress is truly fab! xx


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