A Dachshund a Day Keeps the Blues Away

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Is there anything better than clothing with a novelty animal print? I don’t think there is.

IMG_5028 IMG_5032 IMG_5034

Dress, Primark | Jacket, ASOS | Belt, Forever 21 | Satchel, Cambridge Satchel Company | Ring, Miss Selfridge | Converse, c/o Sarenza

The relentless grey sky and fact I’m wearing 50 denier tights in July is getting me down, to be honest. But rather than wallow in stylish self pity and take to wearing a onesie in public, I decided to cheer myself up with a new dress. A dress that cost £10, and has dogs on it. Dogs on a dress. The key to sartorial happiness.

I should point out that these dogs may not be Dachshunds. They may, in fact, be Beagles. But I’m a sucker for alliteration, so let’s pretend the title works.

Are you suffering through the British Summertime? What are you wearing to lift your spirits?



Lovely dress! I really like the pop of yellow you’ve added to the outfit too 🙂 I’m confused by the weather where I am, it seems to be sunny one moment and pouring the next, it makes dressing a pain! x


Love the print on this dress!! I also am inspired to try your dress and converses combo, can’t quite muster up the courage to do it! x


I reckon they’re dachshunds 🙂 Good enough for my sausage dog loving flatmate anyway. I really like the bright yellow contrast, you go brighten up the world! 😀


Love the outfit, I’m getting a cambridge satchel for my birthday this weekend so this post makes me SO excited to finally get my grubby mitts on it! x


Aw, was expecting to see an actual dachshund! But, that’s just my puppy broodiness talking, this is second best I guess! 🙂 That dress is super cute and I love the yellow accessories! xoxo


I have this dress! Up until now though I’ve never known how to wear it, I’m going to have to invest in some converse now. 🙂


The dress is wonderful! And all for just £10?!! Isn’t Primark just ace!


Check it out!

Forgotten Firefly

I’m wearing my bright colour, summer wardrobe despite the weather. I’ve had comments from people from work about how bright and cheerful I look like it’s a bad thing; we have to make our own sunshine.


I am positively surgically attached to my denim jacket and Docs – the jacket because I’m rocking B*witched style and the Docs because they’re waterproof AND stompy for scaring away the inevitable summer pervs (they’re like maggots who hatch in the humid weather, eww)


So cute! Aah I just went and bought 60 den tights today, so depressing. (Though part of the reason is that I thought they might last slightly longer without laddering than 40 den…but still!)

Laila x

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I am hating this summer’s weather! I got cute shoes months ago in preparation for the summer and they’re still in the box. I hate all this rain. x


One of the cutest outfits you have shown for a long time. LOVE the extra pops of yellow. COMPLETELY makes this look!


Loving the yellow. I’ve been wearing my black tights with summer dresses and cardigans. Have to get some wear out of the dresses. Dreading Reading festival if it’s going to rain 🙁


I LOVE this dress, such a bargain, novelty prints are definitely the way to go but I want some sunshine!

Maria xxx


Gah! Daschunds on a dress AND a yellow satchel AND yellow converse??
This outfit cheered me up and I’m not even wearing it! Love it.


I love the yellow pop you’ve given to this outfit, it looks fab! I like to display my brightly coloured umbrellas on rainy days. It’s even better when they colour coordinate with my outfit 🙂
R xx


I bought that dress! I’m hoping to get myself a black and tan dachshund soonish, so maybe I’ll wear it to match my dog on walks.


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