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I am so not a heels kinda gal. Give me ballerinas over stilettos any day. Brogues over wedges. Plimsols over Mary Janes. I like to stay as grounded as I can, without walking around in my stockinged feet.

I’m not, however, ignorant to the many pleasures of heel-wearing. Longer, more toned legs. A sexy (if somewhat forced) strut. The ability to see over heads. So that’s why I have a few well-chosen pairs sitting in my wardrobe. These ASOS mushroom suede platforms are new acquisitions and current favourites – they work just as well with jeans as they do with posh frocks.

Do you like a little extra height, or are your feet firmly on the ground?


Victoria India

Funny you should have this post today! I went to uni for the first time in my black version of yours. I was very suprised how comfy i felt, and i really feel like i’ve done a work out! Will deff be pulling them about again! xo


I don’t think I’ve ever seen you in heels before – those look fab!
I’m only 5’1 so I wear heels a lot – I feel so tiny without them and most of my outfits are built around being worn with heels. x


They are really nice shoes and go well with the outfit. I like them a lot!
I am tall already so it took me a long time to get used to wearing heels, I finally got the hang of them, felt comfortable and was enjoying them… then I got a short boyfriend. He’s already an inch shorter than me and when I wear heels the height difference is sooo noticeable it’s kind of funny. Still, I refuse to give up my heels now and I feel weird when I very rarely put on a pair of flats.
All your shoes are great (even the flats!), I often find myself coveting them.

Mariรฑa " La Marquesa"

It depends on the day…if my day is sad or If I feel ugly I wear high shoes and paint my lips with red!!!! and if the day is ok or I have to run a lot….falt and confortable shoes……other incentive to wear high shoes is when you are going to meet with tall people and you need an extra help…..2m are too much even to me…hehehe


I love love love heels! I just can’t wear them for walking around in the daytime because my feet hurt way to much! I can just about cope for a few hours on a night out! lol
Beth xx
(That’s such a nice outfit)


I love this whole outfit! I’m a flats kinda girl. I do wear heels occasionally (last night in fact), but I teeter along like Bambi. I couldn’t walk with purpose in them.


Love the outfit, and the heels! But I’m a feet firmly on the ground kinda gal! I need all the height I can get at 4’9” but I just can’t get the hang of walking in heels, plus I’m notoriously clumsy so it would really be tempting fate by wearing them (as much as I’d like to!)


I feel far too tall to wear heels (5″8!!) so I most definately prefer flats.
I love your thrifted skirt too – its such a pretty colour!


Depends on where, what you are wearing, and what you’re doing(A block heel is more practical and stable then a thin tall stiletto for everyday for short madams:) I’m in love with your skirt, what a fabulous and gorgeous find!



Hmmm… I like heels in theory, but at 5’10” I feel silly wearing them. I wish I was a little shorter so I could wear them in everyday life. So I therefore have LOTS of flats in various shapes and styles. I really love this skirt, I think it suits you down to a tee. And really love the shoes too, I like the ones that have a hidden sole (you see, I don’t even know the technical term for that… that’s how heel inexperienced I am!). X


I love the look of heels but prefer the comfort of flats, so I switch it up all the time! The heels look great on you ๐Ÿ™‚



I love wearing heels: I definitely prefer them to flats. They’re so much fun to wear. I love the ones you’re wearing and love your skirt as well.


I much prefer to wear heels, I feel more complete, but I’m having to compromise and wear flats a lot at the moment till I get strength in my legs again. Those mushroom suede shoes are a dream.


You look lovely in these pics!

Personally, I’m six feet tall so I quite happily wear flats whenever possible. I do like heels when I’m dressing up, but prolonged wear normally cripples me!


I’m a mix, I love flats and flat boots etc, but can’t beat a lush pair of heels. I just bought some black suede ones from New Look, gorgeous and because they are wedges quite comfy.



I do love a good pair of heels (says she, sitting here in a pair of flat brogues). I do seem to be lacking basic coloured pairs though. Must see if I can track some down.


fabby! ๐Ÿ™‚ I never wear heels unless im going on a night out, and to be honest my feet never last very long in them but I would love to find a pair that I could wear daytime that were super comfy too. you look awesome as always missus ๐Ÿ™‚ the jacket is great too xx

Vintage Vixen

Ah, you look so pretty in those pastal shades, Jen.
I’m definately a heel girl. Terribly bad for a woman with a false hip but I’m just a rebel and I whole lot more dressed with my killer heels. xxx


This is a really cute outfit, Jen. I’m with you all the way on the flats. Although I bought a pair of Clarks wedges a couple of weeks back and I’m amazed – the 1st pair of heels (ok, so they’re not all that high, but still!) that I can actually walk in and that I find comfy to stay in all day. Life-changing -because it does feel good to have that wee bit extra height, particularly in something like skinnies with legs are the focus. xx


Ah, I’ve been eyeing those shoes (or at least, I think it’s the same ones) on ASOS lately: they look fantastic, and I love them with the white tights!

I’m strictly a heels girl – in fact, I actually find flats quite uncomfortable, presumably because I spend so much time in heels. I just don’t feel “myself” if I wear flats, although I do love a good ballet flat – they can look so stylish.


Last year I had my eyes on gray suede heels from Dorothy Perkins, and I never got them because I thought I might not need them.. I can’t tell you HOW MANY times I’ve regretted since! You look great! ๐Ÿ™‚


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