A Girl and Her Skinny Jeans

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I sometimes think that should’ve been the title of my blog, because it’s certainly the most accurate description of my general approach to fashion. I love skinny jeans. I live in them. They’re like a clingy, not-particularly-comfortable security blanket.

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Jeans, Zara | Shirt, Zara | Leather jacket, Sandro via The Dressmaker’s Vault | Boots, Valensi c/o Sarenza | Necklace, H&M | Ring, H&M

I always find it bizarre that so many people just don’t wear jeans. I’ve always thought of them as an absolute staple in every wardrobe, like nude underwear or black leather flats. They’re classic, they never date, they can be thrown on in an instant and dressed up or down. My love for denim knows no bounds and if I’m really honest, without this blog I’d probably wear my skinny jeans every day.

I own about 20 pairs of jeans in a variety of fits and hues. I’ve probably bought from every high street range available, and have a tried and tested list of my favourites. If you’re still doubtful about denim, here are my recommendations – go on, try a pair!

  • Topshop’s Kristen High Waisted Jeans – classic skinny jeans with a very slim leg and high waist. This style retain their shape really well after washing and wearing and come in a range of shades. At £40 they’re not the cheapest but definitely worth the price. See how I wore them here
  • Next Zip Pocket Skinny Jeans – form-fitting skinny jeans with a mid rise in a range of bright colours. The denim on these jeans is quite thick and stiff so they can be uncomfortable, but I love the range of colours and at £24 they’re great value. See how I wore them here
  • Zara TRF Slim Jeans – slim leg jeans with a mid rise and soft, stretchy denim. These are the jeans I’m wearing in these photos. I picked them up in the Zara sale for £17.99 and got three pairs – the light wash (shown above), the dark wash and the black wash. They’re great, inexpensive, everyday jeans but do sag around the knees and waist after a few wears. 
  • Gap Sexy Boyfriend Jeans – loose fitting with tapered leg and soft denim. Despite the awful name, these are my favourite Sunday Afternoon Jeans. The tapered leg makes them much more flattering than other boyfriend jeans – I need to try them with heels! More expensive at £49.95 but very good quality. 
  • UJ Jeans – a range of styles and washes with free leg alterations in-store. I love Uniqlo jeans – the heavier denim means they sit nicely without creasing or sagging and there’s a range of shades to suit everyone. Best of all, though, is their in-store alterations service – try a pair on, get a member of staff to pin them to your desired length and pick them up 20 minutes later, the perfect length for your pins. See how I wore them here
Do you wear jeans? Which are your favourite styles? And if you don’t – why not?


Aimee (Second Hand Chic)

I love jeans. Like you say a classic wardrobe staple.

However since the birth of my massive baby son 9 weeks ago, I doubt I’ll ever get past my jeggings ever again!

I am desperate to get in my M&S indigo slim legged jeans. These are my favourite. I have massive calves and struggle to get skinnies to fit them!


Hi Blue Belle, if anything I’d say the Uniqlo range comes up a little big… my pink ones are a waist 29 and I’d usually go for a 30. One thing to note – if you order online there’s no alterations service so the leg length can be a bit long!

Mimi and Tilly

Hi Jen, I can’t believe how much your hair has grown! You look fantastic in your skinny jeans. I love jeans too, and wear a different pair every day. Skinny jeans are not my friend though due to my curves, so I wear relaxed fit/slouchy jeans with a range of different tops and converse. Anyhoo, I’ve designed and made a pair of pink opal earrings for my latest giveaway. It would be lovely if you wanted to enter. Em ♥

Naila- Stop Look Style

Skinny jeans are one of life’s essentials. They can be dressed up or down. They can be worn in summer or winter. They look good with boots or sandals. Amazing!
My favourite skinnies are the super soft ones from Topshop. They are soon comfy.

Naila (Stop Look Style)

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I didn’t wear jeans for 2 years because I couldn’t find a pair that fitted but I fell in love with the Topshop Kristens and now they are firmly back in my good books!

Maria xxx


i LIVE in jeans! they are my lounging, comfy, smart, studenty, colourful, accessory. 🙂
there are so many styles and variations for any shape, size, age.
i personally only buy topshop jeans, as well, stick with what works! i have different lengths, styles, colours. 🙂
love those zara jeans though.. second blog post iv read with them in!


I have a few pairs of jeans, but I prefer to wear dresses most of the time because its just so much easier to pop a dress on!


i own one pair of skinny denim jeans – kate moss for topshop – and they’ve not been worn for years. however, i am now inspired to maybe pop them out of the cupboard…xx


I’m jeans obsessed too – starting a blog made me realised just how much! Another huge fan of the Kristen style too – though the 4 button version they had recently was disappointing compared to its 3 button predecessor x


You look so so good in them – I can totally see why skinny jeans are your staple!

I am one of those people who never wears jeans. I love how they look on other people, but I always feel so uncomfortable in them myself.


I have a love hate relationship with jeans! If they fit around the waist they’re too big on the legs, if I buy them to fit my legs they’re either too small on my waist or they stretch too much and end up falling down…I thought I’d cracked it with the Topshop Kristens but the 14s are too big and the 12s too small! I really want to love jeans but they are getting to be more trouble than they’re worth! xx


Hi Dani, I’d say look for the softer, stretchier denim version of the Kristens (the version with three buttons… they’ve recently changed the design but the three button ones are still out there and much better!) and go for the 12. The denim will give out after a few wears without sagging, so they should fit really nicely! x


I’m jealous that you can pull them off so easily. I haven’t worn jeans in about four years and I’m nearly 19, I gave up wearing them and all trousers in general when I realised I’m really short. Also my problem areas are my stomach and incredibly curvy rear end, skirts and dresses skim over both of these in a way that trousers don’t. The closet I come to trousers nowadays is leggings but even then it’s paired with a dress/top. I think when you’re curvier you have to look more done up most of the time anyway.

Nina Piccini

You know, I also love my skinny jeans. They’re literally the most uncomfortable jeans on the planet – yet, I am always finding myself reach for them because they’re so versatile…


I wear jeans but never feel good in them. I’ve never had a pair that fitted well because of my strange proportions. I hope I’ll find my perfect jeans one day! x


I don’t own any jeans, I have one pair of denim shorts and that’s it. I don’t feel comfortable in them at all and its so hard to get a pair that fits right. I have short legs but a big stomach and they highlight all my bad points. Much more comfortable in a dress and tights.


I love jeans, my pink jeans are an absolute staple in my wardrobe. Unfortunately though I can barely ever find jeans that fit me because my legs are so ridiculously short! Miss Selfridge petite skinnys and ASOS petite work okay but even then they are still a bit too long! xoxo


I enjoyed reading this post as I was beginning to feel that as a blogger I really should wear something more exciting than skinny jeans for outfit posts so aside from coloured skinnys I have no OOTD posts of just gold old denim blue skinnys – but why not? That’s what most people wear isn’t it? It’s certainly my uniform on an everyday basis! It might not be revolutionary but they are still stylish and can be styled so many different ways!
Thanks for reinspiring me 🙂



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