A health and safety warning…

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Before viewing the following images, I’m obliged to tell you I’m wearing leggings. If you’re repulsed by the very thought, please navigate away from this page immediately. Come back tomorrow when I won’t be wearing leggings. Thank you.


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Funk Rock Nicola Tunic, Topshop leggings, Urban Outfitters cardigan, Eclectic Eccentricity bracelet, Zara Taylor Ornate Dahlia Flower Ring

Okay, okay. I’m being dramatic. You don’t really need a health and safety briefing before seeing me in leggings.

Leggings get a bad rap. Never has such a humble item of clothing been so badly abused by so many. But they’re actually really useful, especially if you’re a tall gal like me. This adorable floral tunic was sent to me by my lovely sponsors Funk Rock. It’s a tad too short for bare legs, but tights felt too heavy for the glorious sunshine that’s finally gracing us with its presence. I usually only wear these extra long Topshop leggings around the house, but they were perfect for pairing with this pretty number. So I’m won over. Leggings, welcome to my ‘real life’ wardrobe. Jeggings, however… well, they’re a different story entirely.

What do you think of leggings/jeggings/treggings (I believe the latter are trouser leggings… although how they differ from plain old leggings I don’t know. If anyone can enlighten me, please do!)? Couldn’t-live-without-them wardrobe basics or oh-God-no-my-eyes fashion disaster? Do tell.

PS – If you haven’t already, go have a peep at Funk Rock. Lots of pretty, pretty things on there and free delivery if you spend over £25! Lovely stuff.

PPS – It’s giveaway time again here at Little Bird (how I spoil you!) – have you entered yet?


Laura Jaye

Personally I adore them, as i’m a massive fan of long vest tops/tunics and hate my legs/always manage to rip tights.

I’m a huge fan of floral leggings too 🙂


Vintage Vixen

Ha! Love it! Your leggings look great and as long as they’re good quality ones and not those baggy and balding buggers you get off the market I’ll let it go.
I refuse to use the “J” or “T” word it makes me shudder,


That ring is gorgeous! I’m with you on the leggings, I’m tall too so dresses that would be too short on me suddenly become wearable with the use of leggings, I have the extra long Topshop ones too! I’m also a huge fan of jeggings…go with me on this, you can get really thick ones which just look like super-skinny jeans! Love them!



I blame the top. It’s the wrong length.
Don’t know what you’d put with it. Maybe a slim-fitting denim skirt? Short, plain skirt?

The fabric of the top is quite pretty but that’s about it. Not a fan, I’m afraid.

Leggings? It all depends…..Not a huge admirer but I wouldn’t burn them on a pyre or anything….

E is for Eleanor

Absolutely agree with you, being tall also means I can get away with dresses that would be obscene without leggings! They refresh your wardrobe as it means you can wear different shoes- i.e sandals that you couldn’t wear with tights!


The way I see it leggings are not an alternative to trousers! By this I mean as long as your tshirt/dress etc covers your ass they are fine! What I don’t need to see is teenage girls strutting their stuff down the street with bum and camel tow on display, no thank you!!! By the looks of it Jen, you are nicely covered up so the leggings win =)


trinket box

I personally love leggings. They’re so wearable! The tunic is really pretty and really suits you. I also love the ring 🙂 x


I love leggings! I went through a phase where I didn’t like, but now I love them again. I have a pair of jeggings, but they’re just like normal jeans but have a stretchy waistband! They have pockets and the denim is a nice weight. I’m in love with them. All jeggings are definitely not equal, I will say that. You look great!

Fashion Bandit

Yes I too am an avid wearer of leggings, I just wear then instead of tights and just like you, when a dress or top is a little on the short side!

Also have to admit I have some jeggings too! Just think of them as light weight skinny jeans – I agree with Hannah though – the ass must be covered!



I’ve always been a big fan of leggings. I understand why some people aren’t, and a lot of people do abuse them, but I think that as long as your bum is well and truly covered – they’re ok.
Jeggings – they will never be ok.


Do you know what? Viva la leggings!! 🙂
I love them, and yes I have “jeggings” stone washed beauts that look rather perfect on. I’m not going to get stuck in camel toe land but I’ll wear them damn straight.

Lovely tunic, and that ring is pretty lush.

xx x


I love leggings – I never wear trousers so leggings/jeggings are a must-have for colder weather. I’m really short so can get away with wearing a long top as a dress with leggings which is one of my favourite looks for when it’s not quite warm enough for bare legs!
I love your pretty ring and the blue nails. And you look fab in the leggings so no need for health warnings in the future 🙂 x


I love black leggings – can get away with wearing short things with them underneath. Love the floral tunic. xx

fritha louise

I like leggings, as long as they fit properly and aren’t see-through. I even wear them with shorter tops sometimes I’ll admit! You look really nice in this outfit 🙂 And I love your ring and nailvarnish!

Gem Fatale

They look lovely on you! You have amazing legs for them!
I think leggings are a must in anyone’s wardrobe. I think they look really good on plus size girls too, under a dress (NOT as trousers, I might add!). My little sister is a big girl, but I can’t seem to persuade her leggings are the way forward just yet.
Only just read your reply to my wardrobe dilemma re: lace! I couldn’t find a link to your Formspring on your main page (unless I’m a blind bat) so had to search-box it! Your idea about the cotton body under my mesh shirt, with jeans sounds perfect! Will hopefully buy one on Friday (payday) depending on whether I get paid enough!
Thanks Jen, very helpful 🙂 ♥


ERGH. I saw at least 4 girls wearing leggings and crop tops. Seriously ladies, cover it up!

I like leggings, but as a tights alternative, and for tops that are too short to be dresses!

Lou x – craftyandquirky.blogspot.com


Im a bit wary about jeggings and I have no bloody idea what teggings are… although I am a regular wearer of leggings! Or ‘bum tights’ as David calls them. Lets face it, sometimes its better when your top gives you a little bit of coverage, rather than girls you see walking down the street with small tight tshirts on and leggings. Nooo! 🙁 Loving your combo tho, hardly ever see you wearing leggings missus 🙂 S’lovely! ♥ xx

Disco Goth

I adore leggings, always have warmer than tights in winter, cooler than tights in Summer and as long as you wear something over them they are incredibly flattering.
Interestingly (or not), way back in the 80s I experimented with what would happen if I made footless tights out of stretch jersey, they appeared on the catwalk some time later.



I’ll admit it, I’m a leggings hater. I love thick woolly tights, and feel like they give me enough coverage if a dress is short but does cover my bum and a little bit extra. If a dress is any shorter than that and doesn’t look right over jeans, it can’t come home with me. I’m very strict on this matter.


I love leggings, but I feel strongly that leggings are not pants, so any time they are worn the bum must be covered, a long t-shirt at least. I see plenty of girls wearing them as pants, it makes me cringe. Your outfit is soo pretty, wearing leggings perfectly I must say. 🙂
♥ Jess x

Chloe, Butterfly Cupcakes

I can’t say I’ve ever gotten into the whole leggings thing and definitely not into the jeggings thing, however I do agree that they go with this outfit. I think your ring is cute.


Oh I like leggings. As everyone else has mentioned, not to be worn with a top that’s any shorter than bum skimming, but they’re such a handy thing to have in the wardrobe. I don’t get the same feeling of security from tights under a shortish dress/top – there’s something different about flashing leggings-clad thighs than tights-clad thighs, should the dress decide to fly up and reveal anything!


haha. i love leggings and jeggings! i always make sure i wear them with tops that cover my bum, though 😉 i still don’t know what treggings are!


I love leggings, and I think they look great on you! Being a pale and pastey girl, I wear them most days to cover up my ghostly white legs. They can look oh so wrong though, and I’ve seen many disastrous looks involving them.
I’m not really into the whole jegging thing personally, but I think leggings will be a staple of mine for a long time!

LadyBugSays ...

I love leggings, though I do stick by the rule that leggings are not a substitute for trousers and you should wear something on top that covers your crotch! Love that floral tunic on you!


i dont really know what to say about leggings, some people can make them look lovely, like you… but i think a majority of people who wear them look silly. you have to be tall to pull them off, and they should never be worn instead of jeans, you always need something over them! But jeggings really do make me want to put my face in a blender. i really cant think of anything worse! (apart from crocs)
that ring is beautiful!!
steph x – lemonadeandlimedrops.blogspot.com


I really don’t mind leggings. I only ever wear black ones though, I avoid coloured ones and even worse the printed ones!
But all in all I think they are a useful item of clothing. & I think they work perfectly with your outfit :)x

Danni and Maria

Leggings don’t play a huge role in my wardrobe, I tend to wear them as pyjama trousers with a big t-shirt, as they don’t ruche up everywhere like trousers or under a couple of dresses that are too short to not wear them with. I think the only problem is when people think that they are trousers- I hate walking around and literally seeing EVERYTHING, leave something to the imagination! 🙂

Maria xxxx


I LOVE your ring! It’s amazing.

And leggings are good- I have thick legs though- so I stick to black. Skinny, leggy girls can wear all kindsa wonderful leggings though. Like leather! And shiny hot pink! Luckies.


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