A Little Lace

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Max C dress, Missguided waistcoat, Topshop pumps and ring, H&M belt

I really wanted to wear my new Zara boots with this outfit, but thought the pairing of florals, lace and cowboy stylings was probably a step too far. Sometimes it’s easier to just throw on things you know will work together, rather than trying to ‘push the boundaries’ all the time.

I know fashion is all about creativity, innovation and developing the ‘look’… but honestly, it’s exhausting. This week I think I’ll go back to basics with some of my much-loved classic pieces. Think stripes, florals, denim and leather.

Do you feel the pressure to look constantly cutting-edge? Ever feel guilty wearing jeans and a tee? Come on – whip off those harems, ditch the crop top and let’s kick back together. I dare ya!

Disclaimer – this does not mean you can wear your velour tracksuit in public or stop showering. We’re looking for comfortable, not crazy! 😉



I think the boots would have been great.
You are a style icon, m’dear.
You owe us boots and razzle dazzle!
No pressure or anything.

Roo Paprika

I think cowboy boots are a classic item and would have looked wonderful with this outfit.

I must admit I have lost track and interest in trends and what is currently cutting edge. Since I stopped buying fashion mags and just start reading a rather eclectic selection of blogs, my personal style has developed a lot more and I have stopped wanting to follow trends


I always feel guilty if I wear a very simple outfit, but as long as it’s pieces I like, then I don’t worry about it. Plus I’m a bit restricted with what I can wear to work 🙁

You look super cute though! I love the dress!

E is for Eleanor

I wear what I like and feel comfy in, but yes, I always feel under pressure to wear more fashionable items. But if they don’t suit me, I won’t wear it! Love that little lace waistcoat! x

Style of a Fashionista

The boots would of looked awesome but the pumps look just as great. I really love your lace vest so cute.

I love dressing up and I try to be fashion forward and inspiring every day at work so that my customers want to buy our clothes xoxo


I’ve just spent probably about an hour or so looking over your blog after finding it (glad!) and i must say i find it so sincere and your posts very easily to relate to, you seem very down to earth and friendly.
Plus love the name of the blog.. love all things birds really haha.

Jaymie x

Vintage Vixen

I definately think the cowboy boots would have looked fantastic with your pretty frock, Jen.
I never feel under pressure with my clothes as I only owe what I love and adore dressing up. I’m not really interested in what the current trends as mostly it’s a rehash of stuff that’s gone before it. xxx

Em x

That dress is so lovely Jen. This week i’m embracing comfy as i’m in the middle of moving so need it! x


Today I could not be arsed and threw on a baggy tee, grey skirt and leggings. Some days it’s hard to feel inspired but most days I try because I enjoy looking different from the crowd. That might make be sound a bit arrogant but the reason I’m interested in fashion (as most people who reads this blog I imagine) is because I enjoy styling up outfits, pushing boundaries and experimenting. But you’re right some times is just easier to stick to what you know.


PS your outfit is looking great today and just because something isn’t ‘cutting edge’ doesn’t mean it isn’t fashionable. Fashion isn’t just about keeping up with the latest trends and having all those pieces that sell out in stores straight away its about expressing yourself through style and thus wearing the appropriate clothing to do that best. Fashion is for fun and your style is fantastic Jen x


yeah it can be difficult especially on a fashion course / working on placement at a design house! It’s made even worse when you’re a poor student and some of the other students clearly have rich parents so are always wearing latest trends etc. At least it makes me more creative and a bargain hunter! 🙂 x

BTW it aaalways seems to be nice weather where you are!


Love that dress on you. The print is gorgeous. I actually am spending more time in jeans and tees than anything else these days! I feel so much more relaxed, hehe.


I think this is actually a more different choice than teaming it with boots. Feel free to shake your head at me if I’m wrong but I seem to remember you quite often teaming a pretty dress with those lovely Chockers boots so for me at least, the cute pumps are a really nice choice.

I don’t think I ever try to look cutting edge. I’m just not brave enough! I wear what I fancy on the day.

ps – it’s never velour trackies, hahaha!


I know exactly what you mean. Think I’ve only taken one outfit pic in the past 3 weeks. It’s been jeans pretty much every day. xx


So with you with the exhausting bit, I’m glad you didn’t ‘push the boundaries’ with this nevertheless loveely outfit. Go with what you feel is most comfortable, that’s your true style anyway huh 😉

Sowwwy for missing you out from the list btw!!


The little lace waistcoat is adorable.

I used to always focus on accessories, thinking the more I wore the more I looked more fashionable…I soon learnt the infamous less is quite often more rule x


I know that feeling. Sometimes I can’t be bothered with creating a fab outfit. Especially not just when I’m doing the food shop and mooching in the house. Jeans and a tee it is. Usually with hair pinned up haphazardly. And funny enough that’s when the man thinks I look best. Strange things.

You look fab here, love your hair at the moment. xxx

And don’t forget to enter my giveaway punk!! 🙂


I couldn’t agree more! And definitely having a fashion blog increases the stress of whipping out more stylish and ‘out-there’ outfits!!

I would love to embrace the idea of kicking back! You look so adorable in this relaxed outfit:)


claire (jazzpad.)

I very rarely look the ‘height of fashion,’ at my best I manage to wear one or two things that people seem to notice, but at worst, I’m a proper jeans and tee sorta gal 🙂 Love the dress here, that’s the focal point for me, you look so pretty! ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad


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