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eBay trousers, Gap tee, H&M belt, New Look sandals, elsiebelle necklace, thrifted bag, Rayban sunnies

Between the ages of 11 and 17 I wore nothing but jeans. Jeans are easy. They go with everything, they’re comfortable and when wearing them you’re in the fashion safe zone – you’re neither edgy nor tragic. Your denim-clad behind sits happily on the fence.

When I started uni I branched out into skirts, dresses and shorts, but I always went back to jeans in the end. My faithful friends never let me down. Even now, denim is a wardrobe staple and I build so many of my outfits around a pair of classic blues.

But recently, I’ve had a flirtation with something else. My love affair with tailored trousers feels like more than a fling. Whether fitted, hareem, flared or cropped, I think trousers and I will be firm friends for life. Although jeans will always be my little bit on the side…

Do you wear tailored trousers for everyday outfits, or are they languishing at the back of your wardrobe, waiting for job interviews, jury duty and meetings with your bank manager? Are you surgically attached to your jeans? I’d love to know!



I wear tailored trousers every day for work. I’d love to find a nice casual pair to wear on a weekend a la Jennifer Aniston! x


I love tailored trousers, and I love wearing them… but do often put them aside for formal occasions! If only I could break the mindset of thinking certain clothes certain occasions!

Denim as you rightfully said is and will probably always be a staple in many a girls wardrobes 🙂


As a dreary council worker I’m found in tailored trousers every day, unless I attempt a skirt – not very often! I love casual trousers at the weekend though, I have the perfect pair of beigey linen ones that I’m living in at the moment!

Jeans are very much my first love though!


We have a “no denim” dress policy at work so I’m in trousers (usually black) most of the time and intersperse them with some skirts and dresses. I’m trying to think of ways to get away from boring black trousers. At the weekends I live in jeans because I miss them sooooo much during the week.


I only wear trousers for work (I’m wearing some right now as I’ve not yet got changed!). I don’t really like them. I would like some cigarette style pants though.

Em x

I hardly ever wear jeans.its really stange as a little girl i never wore them, i used to refuse and its followed to my adulthood. I love dresses and skirts. TBH i just don’t look that good in jeans and i can’;t actually fit in mine now anyway! x


Jeans were my staple through many teenage years. Skinny, baggy, ripped, studded. Then same thing as you, something changed. I got brave I think!!
Love those trousers, and pretty photo location.



I love the trousers and the sandals are fab too! I never wear jeans or trousers – I’m really short so they just look wrong on me. I stick to shorts or skirts with leggings in the winter and bare legs in the summer. I do sometimes contemplate buying trousers but my wardrobe is so build around skirts and shorts that I’d have no idea what to wear them with! x

Miss N

I went from Jeans to dresses & skirts. Still go back to jeans as old faithful but don’t wear them as much as i did as a teen (im 26)
I always associated tailored trousers with work as ive had a few office jobs. would love to start wearing them in a casual context as alternative to jeans.
great post x


I revert back to jeans a lot. I never think I could wear tailore trousers for everyday wear, but you have mastered it, I love the look!

craftyandquirky.blogspot.com x


I tried on some trousers like yours from Zara and when I closed my eyes they felt wonderful, so comfortable! But alas when I opened my eyes they made my hips look ridiculously large so I will continue to admire them on you – you work them so well! 🙂


Ooh, I really like those trousers! I’ve been looking for the perfect pair of tailored trousers for ages, I guess I’ll have to hit ebay too and see what I can find, the high street has failed me thus far… Or maybe I’m jsut too picky…


They look great on you Jen!

I think I own one pair of trousers now that the wardrobe purge has taken place, and they’re cords so I don’t know that they can really be classed as proper trousers.

I have mixed feelings with trousers really. In principle I love them but only when they’re a really good fit and decent material. I can’t bear the shiny polyester black trousers that are all some shops seem to sell. I shall live in hope of eventually finding the perfect pair in a nice classy material!


Definitely surgically attached to my jeans! I can never seem to make tailored trousers look casual… Clearly you don’t have this problem – that outfit is fab! x


Tailored trousers are a bit of a luxury for me, I never ever get the chance to wear them! and when I do, Im so very worried about crushing their lovely smooth appearance when I sit down 🙁 I think a nice light pair of harems for my summer holidays will be a must! Loving the aviators Jen :p haha you look like tom cruise when he was in topgun xx


Trousers just don’t suit me. It’s either skirts or jeans for me. I have really arbitrary rules, like for work I wear A-line skirts, but for anything smarter I wear pencil skirts. I never change it up! I wore a pair of trousers to a job interview on Friday actually (I haven’t done any washing for about a month) and it totally threw me off my game!


you look super cute! lovee the trousers! i’m starting appreciate trousers much more than when i was younger, too!i think they’re actually quite versatile depends how you style them..i have a pair or two sitting in the closest, got them but never wore them, guess its time to explore more options!

A Thrifty Mrs

Gosh I so very rarely wear trousers. Actually I’m not sure if I even own any that aren’t for running etc.

I like your outfit though, it suits you. I especially like the shoes.


I LOVE my jeans, but I also love trousers. The problem I have is finding an interesting pair that can be worn casually. WARDROBE STRUGGLE.


I am SUCH a jeans girl. They’re always that reliable fail safe when you get up in the morning and you have a million and one things to think about – aside from what to wear. I always feel far too serious in trousers, maybe that’s because I’m not used to them? And I worry about hemlength with skirts and dresses (aah yes, I’m also a leggings girl)


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