A Very Special Dress for a Very Special Party

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In my last post, I wrote about my Moroccan Christmas under canvas. A very special evening that required an equally special dress… one that deserves a whole post of its own!

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Dress, Badgley Mischka rented c/o WishWantWear | Heels, Guess c/o Sarenza | Beaded clutch, M&S | Jewelled cuff, Zara

I’m quite new to the concept of renting clothing… it seems a bit weird to spend £50+ on an item you’ll only get to wear once. But for a special occasion, it’s different. I bet I’m not the only one with a wardrobe full of once-worn party dresses. When Christmas, a birthday or a celebration looms, I hit the high street like a woman possessed, looking for the ever-illusive ‘miracle dress’ – one that makes me look thin and beautiful and Hollywood-esque. Shopping trips like this almost always end in frustration, despair and FAR too much money spent in Whistles.

This is where renting something starts to look appealing. After oooh-ing and aaah-ing my way through pages of black tie dresses on WishWantWear, they very kindly offered to waive the rental fee for a dress I could wear to the Papa Kata Christmas party last Friday. The concept is simple – choose your dress, your size (and a back-up in case it doesn’t fit) and your date and WishWantWear will send your goodies out in the post, along with a prepaid returns envelope. You get to keep your outfit for 4 or 8 days, paying a charge based on the value of the dress and the length of time you need it for. When you’re done, just bundle it into the envelope (no washing or dry cleaning required) and send it back.

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I chose this seriously sexy Badgley Mischka Foxxy bodycon dress – not my usual style but I loved the art deco beading and longer sleeves. It was an utter dream to wear – the fabric felt so luxurious and comfortable (something that cannot be said about the Spanx I had on underneath). Teamed with simple heels, a coordinating bag and a blingtastic cuff, I felt fabulous.

Once you’ve got your head around the concept, renting a dress for a special occasion makes perfect sense. The initial cost is probably what you’d spend buying a dress from the high street, but the piece you receive is much better quality and design – great for knocking the socks off the accounts team at your work Christmas do. And I love the accessories too – this Mawi necklace would look amazing with a simple LBD, and if you REALLY want to go for it, how about a vintage Chanel 2.55 Classic? Drool.

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I’ll leave you with one of the MANY photo booth shots from the night… this is the first attempt and therefore most composed. They got steadily more raucous as the night went on!

 What do you think of dress rental? Would you hire something special for a fancy-pants occasion?

Heads up – I was sent this dress to wear (and return!) for free by WishWantWear but was not paid to write this piece. 



I can totally see the sense in this: I am only this evening about to sort through my wardrobe and have a ruthless clear out of the many dresses I have bought and worn once to weddings, parties and so on. Like you say, it’s such a waste. We rarely wear them twice (ever after an excuse to buy a new dress)and then they languish forlornly at the back of your wardrobe forevermore. I’ll certainly be looking into rentals with more interest from now on.
Oh and by the way, you look PHENOMENAL in that dress, absolute siren!

Maddie xxx

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I always thought that it was a bit mad, but this was when it was mostly handbags and shoes that were being rented, both things that I use over and over. But dresses are different, especially if you run in small social circles where everyone will see your ultra special dresses more than once. I have loads of dresses I love, but very few I wear over and over again, so renting makes way more sense. And like you say, you get more for your money. Even if you bought something for £100 intending to wear it once and sell it on eBay, you’ll probably still only get £50 back for it – save the hassle and rent!



I’m not an impulse shoppper and tend to buy things only if they fit me perfectly and I feel like I can’t live without them. But for a really special occasion, rental seems like a great idea! Like my prom dress- £160 and I’ve worn it twice in six years! Total waste!


Exactly, Lauren! I have so many pretty dresses that cost so much but have been worn a grand total of… twice! I am a total convert to renting.


You may have noticed that I left my ‘Hubba hubba’ comment on the wrong post…see this is a result of reading things on my phone and attempting to comment later on! You look fab! I’ve seen a lovely Missoni number on the site, never feel like I have anywear special to wear these sorts of things though!


I think for a special occasion this is a great idea! With statement dresses like this, they are so pretty and memorable you can only really wear them once anyway (in my opinion) so renting one statement dress is a good idea. This dress looks faaaabulous on you Jen!


Ahh dress looks amazing. I love this idea. I would only do it for a very special occasion, but such a treat to be able to do it. Mentally thinking when I can rent one now!


I like the idea of renting a designer piece for a special event. I would definitely consider it for a special party or something. The process all sounds very easy!

You look stunning in the dress you chose.

Juicy Satsuma

That dress is DIVINE on you! Absolutely perfect!

I spent £300 on a very special dress for my best friends wedding. The next day I hung it on my bedroom door to remind me to take it for dry cleaning. My cats malled it to smitherines!!! I actually cried for half an hour! It’s times like that I wish I’d just rented something special instead!!! x


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