Alternative Autumn Essentials – Sequin Pencil Skirt

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The humble pencil skirt is a staple in workwear wardrobes the world over. Most commonly seen in muted tones of black and navy, it’s the perfect partner to a crisp white shirt and a mid-heel court shoe.

Thanks to fabulous ladies like Joan Holloway in Mad Men and Maggie Gyllenhaal in The Secretary, the sensible pencil is shedding its goody-two-shoes image and developing a reputation for being ever-so-slightly sexy. For my third look in the Alternative Autumn Essentials series, I’ve ditched the subtly and gone all-out with sequins. Well, why not?

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Zara sequin skirt, cashmere jumper via charity shop, Primark collar, Bertie boots via ASOS, Butler and Wilson ring c/o QVC

I don’t know who came up with the rule that sequins were strictly for eveningwear, but clearly they had never owned a sequin pencil skirt. I plan to wear this every day FOREVER (okay not really, but I am rather fond of it). To tone down the Strictly Come Dancing factor, I paired the skirt with a fine knit cashmere jumper (part of yesterday’s charity shop haul and a steal at £5), added detail with a jewelled collar and finished the look with my beloved ankle boots from yesterday’s post. Not sure about sequins during daylight? Swap the jumper for a grey tee and the boots for heels for a perfect drinks-and-dancing outfit.

What do you think – is the sequin skirt already on your A/W wishlist or is it just too magician’s assistant for you?

Autumnal dressing can get a bit repetitive – we all have the ubiquitous knitted cardigans, wool coats and knee high boots in our wardrobes. So this week I’m choosing my alternative autumn essentials to create a sartorial survival kit that’ll get you through the colder months with style. Chunky knits need not apply.



I much prefer sequins as daytime wear than evening attire, it’s a bit too obvious at night-time. Looking at that skirt I’m wishing I hadn’t flogged my trousers on ebay last month. x


looking as lovely as ever, jen! the sequin skirt is wonderful, love the jumper tucked in, too.

i personally don’t think i could wear so many sequins in the daytime or evening, i definitely couldn’t pull it off as well as you and susie (take out in couture!)



Oh oh! I adore that sequin skirt on you, it’s such a fab find. It’s such a great look and you look amazing. Loving it!


Awesome bargain on the jumper! This is a fab look, loving your boots from last post too, great winter wardrobe! 🙂


Love this skirt. I have a sequin skirt that I got for £2 in a charity shop and I always wear it in the day. I definitely prefer sequins for day wear, makes them look a lot less “try hard”. x


I can’t wear pencil skirts as I don’t have the right body shape, but… I’ve been rocking sequinned shoes all day!


If i saw this on a rail I probably would have thought debbie daniels but it actually looks gorgeous on! It’s really flatering and great to brighten up the dreary clouds that have been refusing to budge lately.


I agree with Vix, I much prefer to do sequins as daywear so I love this look.

Very excited to see that the collar isn’t part of the jumper, definitely popping to Primark tomorrow to see if they have it in stock.

Reena Rai

We must share a brain, Jen! I have a sequin skirt from Zara that I wear to death! It’s a bit shorter but scarily similar. Sequins are too pretty not to wear during the day.

Miss Raj

I love this ensemble, possibly one of my faves i have seen you share on here. I like the sequin skirt, the way you’ve toned it down with the sensible jumper makes it very wearable during the daytime… but maybe a sexier top could help you swing it for the evening too.. definitely a very versatile piece, you wear it with aplomb! 😀


LOVE it!! I do love a bit of glitz, something I picked up from my nan I reckon, she loves a sequin.
I’ve got a blue pencil skirt that I’m wearing out quite a bit, sexy and classy. Perfect.


Amazing skirt, you look fabulous in it Jen. Been making a few sparklies myself recently. Check out my new handcrafted jewellery for something sparkly to go with it


your Pencil skirt is really very gorgeous…I like the grey and black colour combination of your outfit very much….you are looking great in the pics.. 🙂

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