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I go through very distinct ‘stages’ with my sartorial choices. Just like Picasso and his Blue Period or when Kate Moss went all boho in 2002.

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Right now I’m in an ‘American Prep’ stage. I’m all about J.Crew, shirts under jumpers and massive, bejewelled earrings. Oh, and a top knot. Of course.

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Although I adore J.Crew (who have just opened a two stores in London and currently offer free deliveries and returns in the UK), it is a little pricy. To indulge my American Prep period without breaking the bank, I’ve been picking up pieces from Gap, Uniqlo and even Accessorize – it seems my favourite look is currently hot on the high street, too.

If you’re moving from your 90s teenager period into a similar American Prep style, here’s my failsafe formula for quirky collegiate dressing…

Are you going through a particular fashion phase at the moment?



I love a bit of prep, personally I’m a little more Connecticut prep as our weather gets colder. A layered camisole under cashmere v-necks under peacoats and sweet bow headbands topped off with a strand of pearls is pretty par for the course at work. Those shoes are totally adorable!


There’s a reason why some outfit styles are fail-safe! BTW just wanted to say I LOVED your wedding posts. I’m not the wedding type but it looked absolutely beautiful and I bet it was great fun, well done on all the hard work it was totally Pinterest worthy ;-P Hannah x

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