Amongst the Leaves

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Photobucket dress, MNG blazer via car boot sale, Topshop faux fur stole, Primark tights, belt, ring and brogues

I won’t blather on about how much I love this season, but seriously. Look at those colours! Stunning.

Collecting conkers is an age-old autumnal tradition that I refuse to give up, even at 24. There’s something quintessentially British about gathering up those chestnut spheres, sometimes popping them from their spiky shells. Although I’m sure people the world over are nodding in agreement!

At this time of year, I’m happy to embrace the twee. Tea from china cups, craft fairs, homemade jam, nature programmes and reading The Sunday Times by a crackling fire – all things I’m willing to forgo my fashion cool to enjoy.

How are you celebrating the season?

(Okay, so maybe I did blather on a bit.)


E is for Eleanor

That last paragraph was my Sunday down to Countryfile on TV! Perfect season.

I love conkers, we went to a conker championships on Hampstead Heath last weekend, it was brilliant and got me in the spirit for Autumn! x


I love conker collecting! Filled my wooden centre piece up with the bad boys.
I am loving autumn and winter, the crispy leaves, the fresh air, rich beautiful colours.
You look amazing Jen, check out your legs! One thing would make this perfect….chestnut hair!hehe


Em x

Gorgeous outfit, i love the colour of the tights and dress together.
Autumn is my favourite season, i love the rich jewel colours and the return of tights season x


Absolutley love this outfit, I can never get skinny belts to work but I keep cracking them out, being inspired by you!


You look like autumn personified. Love the tights and brogues and the faux fur looks amazing teamed up with the blazer.

I went for a big walk in the park yesterday and kicked some leaves. It made me happy.


I love the jacket and stole – I thought that was one item before I read your post! Such a perfect autumn outfit 🙂


I love the faux fur stole. I like autumn for the colour of the leaves, the change in temperature to being crisp and cold – but I don’t like the rain! I’m wrapping up warm and drinking hot chocolate mostly!

Pea Green Kitty

I am in total agreement, Autumn is THE best.
I am also forever sacrificing my ‘cool’ by secretly watching things like Countryfile and Autumnwatch and whipping up pots of Jam and Toffee Apple crumbles!


I LOVE those tights Jen! I agree with you about the conker thing, I always used to collect them when I was about 6, and its such an Autumn thing to do! xx


Oh I love the colors you’re wearing here! I’ve never heard of conker collecting, what do you do with them once you’ve collected a whole bunch? Roast them (over a crackling fire?) I’m not trying to be funny, autumn is very ‘new’ to me because I’ve only ever experienced about 4 autumns and winters! I really hate the biting cold, but I love the sound of all the traditions you listed – it may be twee to you, but it’s such fun for me to hear about it! 🙂



i love the tights.. you’ve just reminded me that i need to stock up at the weekend on colourful tights..
love that fur stole…gorgeous..
very cosy autumnal outfit. !!


I love the colours in your outfit, perfect for this time of year! Wrapping up warm and enjoying autumn is one of the best things in life x


Conker-collecting is a strange tradition lol, I’m not sure if it’s only in Britain that we do it but I remember year in year out collecting god knows how many conkers when I was little for no feasible reason, I’ve never seen a conker fight in my life yet everyone I know ran around picking up any in sight. It’s strange watching my little brother and his friends do it now.


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