An off day…

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Topshop jeans, Topshop cropped tee, H&M grey tee, Primark boyfriend blazer, Primark tights (cut down to socks!), Primark pumps, thrifted bag and ring. Nails courtesy of Pale Blue by Barry M.

Ever have those days where you just really, seriously, honestly can’t be bothered? Yep, today is one of those days. I feel decidedly dull in my grey, cream and black combination… although these cute polka dot tights/socks do cheer me up. As do my blindin’ blue nails. Barry M, I salute you. 

I received a little Etsy parcel this morning – something utterly darling from Super Duper Things. It goes so perfectly with today’s outfit I popped it on straightaway and have been admiring it all day. I’ll upload some photos of it in all its handmade glory when I get home.

So maybe not such an off day after all. How are YOU today? Feelin’ fine? Do share.

PS – In a fashion flap and need a stylish solution? Tell me your clothing conundrums on Formspring and I’ll do my best to help. 



I’ve got that blazer! In fact I’ve got it in three colours. Great minds think alike, obviously. Glad you like the brooch! x


I have that jacket! Does that make me officially stylish? lol!
Great nail colour, I’m looking to go brighter now the weather has finally warmed up.
I’m still noy sure about the cropped tops as they leave my “problem” area exposed. I think i’ll leave them for those with more toned tums like youself.
Vicki xxx


Considering you couldn’t be bothered I think you look remarkably well put together! I love your used-to-be-tights 🙂


Primark tights cut into socks – why did I not think of this?! Definately going to purchase another pair now 🙂
Also glad you love the brooch I posted on my blog 😀


I rarely see you in jeans… I don’t think I have seen you in jeans at all. But you look freaking awesome in jeans. Love this laid-back and relax look… so very California. xoxo


Of course we do, I’m sure everyone has off days!

I do adore the dotted crop top and your nail polish colour, so lovely:)


Anna Jane

I don’t see this as a “can’t be bothered” outfit at all! I love the clean, tailored look and the matching polka dots. Very well put together Jen 🙂
Loving the blue nails too!

– Anna Jane xxx


Great idea about the tights into socks.
It’s nice to see a casual little bird, still look fab though.

X x

p.s your comment on my post really made me laugh.


Isn’t it funny how people post pics of their “off” days and I always think they look stunning? Case in point here – effortless layering and delicious muted colouring. You look great Jen!


ahh i seem to be having one of those days everyday lately! haha. the socks definitely cheer this up though

Cafe Fashionista

I had one of those days myself just last week; nevertheless, you have managed to retain your stylishness. You look phenomenal, Jen! And…I love, love, love, that nail polish – the color is so bright and cheery!! 🙂


I completely know what you mean, and sometimes it’s tricky because I feel like I’ve set myself up as someone who loves fashion and *always* puts effort into my outfits so to not do so would be a travesty!

I lvoew your chilled out outfit though, it’s very cute and interesting while being relaxed as well.


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