An outfit my boyfriend doesn’t understand

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Zara trousers, Gap tee, New Look blazer, thrifted bag, Primark socks, eBay wedges, elsie belle necklace, Super Duper Things brooch, Me and Zena ring 

Do you ever step back from your mirror with a satisfied smile, knowing full well you look a) stylish, b) chic and c) all round fabulous? You shimmy around the house, admiring yourself in every shiny surface. You hear your beloved’s keys in the door and turn eagerly, awaiting the shower of compliments sure to come your way…

Only to be greeted by a furrowed brow and the question, “why are you dressed like a park ranger?”

Honestly, dear followers. Most of our male counterparts just don’t understand the intricate workings of style. Harem pants, high waistbands, clogs (must admit I don’t really get their sudden reappearance either…) – they’re all about as attractive as Sex and the City repeats to the average man. 

But we won’t let this deter us from our fashionable path. We’ll strut our stuff in shoulder pads, jumpsuits and double denim. Because really girls – what do they know?

Disclaimer – My lovely boyfriend often reads my blog so I’ll point out that he’s always fabulously complimentary about my outfits, even if he doesn’t always understand them. What a sweetheart.



haha i totally understand you. the amount of times my boyfriend puts his nose up to something i point out in a shop as liking. it used to put me off when i first got with him, but now i don’t care as much

Danni and Maria

My boyfriend is well trained 😉 Yesterday he asked “Do you want your coral coat to go with your lipstick?” and NO he isn’t gay 🙂 xxx


this is so true – the other day i was feeling fabulous in navy shorts, a white and blue stripey tee, navy boyfriend blazer and gorgeous anchor necklace from eclectic eccentricity and my oh so charming other half said I looked like a gay captain pugwash! how rude…

Holly xx

p.s. i love your blog, it’s the only one i read and so inspirational!


My boyfriend actually LOVES my harem pants…crazy eh?

However there are definitely outfits that cause the dreaded furrowed brow and confused stare. But hey, we don’t dress for them do we? If so I think I know what we’d be wearing most of the time…x


My bf is like this too.. sometimes he just doesn’t ‘get’ things. But sometimes I don’t get some of the stuff he wears either. e.g. things from All Saints that are £100 and look like a moth ate away half the cloth.

Pierrot le Fou

hahahah awwww

i remember when i wore a sporty outfit to college – vintage basketball top, denim shorts, high tops, gold chains and a bandana (inspiration taken from new york 1977 hip hop scene) the guys remarked how i wasn’t dressed like ‘an alien’ for once


I think me and my boyfriend are the wrong way round. I can’t stand his obsession with double denim! Ugh, I have Bruce Springsteen to thank for that one.

He also used to be a park ranger, and I used to laugh at his uniform because the boots were gross. 🙂 (Needless to say, you look nothing like a park ranger!)


Haha, this post made me laugh so much because I totally get what you mean! When I wear leggings with long tshirts or little dresses, david is like ‘oh no, its the bum tights again!’ haha cause so many girls wear leggings these days with nothing long over the top. fair enough if theyre thick, or jeggins even. But david insists on calling them bum tights. Boys eh 🙂 Victorias comment about all saints made me giggle too xx


ahaha this is so so true. my boyfriend always does this funny hesitate like he waits for me to say first before he says whether he likes it or not… so cheeky! boys will never understand though, they live in jeans and shirts! 🙂 and those trousers suit you so well, it’s a lovely outfit xox


My boyfriend hates the majority of my clothes when they’re on hangers but once I’m wearing them he sort of changes his mind haha
I love those trousers, definately going to try and find some similar this week!


Park Ranger?! Err, I think not. Personally I’m not mad keen on socks with wedges but with this outfit it all works so nicely 🙂


Although I think you look fab, the park ranger comment did make me LOL! That is such a thing my man would say to me as well! Ah, men. Love them! I really do love those shoes and I’m sad you got them from ebay cause I want them too! xox


Park ranger! Haha too good! Men can be so blatant, can’t they?
I think the outfit is fabby, especially the top & necklace! x


Hehe, Men! What do they know about fashion lol? I’ve had my bf looking confused at some of the attires I donned in the past. But he’s usually complimentary too, like your bf:)



Park Ranger?! I love it!! haha
You totally don’t though.

I love those trousers, have a really similiar pair from DP’s that my boyf doesn’t get. I’ve worn them down the pub and his mates don’t get them either “You look like Biggles!”
*sigh* they’ll never understand will they.

X x


This post is so TRUE! ha. They just don’t get it do they.
I used to own the most amazing fake fur leopard print coat (discounted in primark to £5 maybe that was trying to hint at something) and my boyfriends exact words were:

‘Why are you dressed like Pat Butcher?’

Personally I think if the park ranger look, looks this good then maybe you’ve just started a whole new trend of your own 🙂


your outfit is so lovely. the zara trousers are amazing, i’m thinking of buying myself a pair, and the thrifted bag is so cute!

thank-you for your comment, have you ever been to the v&a before? ohh, yes, i think you should spend a day in london, let me know if you decide to!

love, jazzabelle. x

Lexy @ Quirky Explosion

The “OH HEY. I LOOOK FIIIERRRCE” is ALWAYS a fantastic moment. It definitely affects your confidence, your mood and, consequently, your day! C’est fantastique!

And those pants are awesome. They’re hard to rock, but you certainly do!

pip a la chic

Ah I love this post!!! so so true. that feeling that so great, you’re going to kill it when you walk outside and then BOOM…. the boy has to give his opinion. Been there numerous times… great post.


I love this post! My boyf is the same, he doesn’t understand shoes!! He loves the classic pointy hi heels, he doesn’t see the point of peep toe… and quite often I have to ignore his comments as I love shoes and don’t wear very daring clothes, but tend to illustrate my fashion creativity on my feet!!

Love these trousers, feel I can’t wear this style though as I’m so short they tend to just swamp me!


Love your outfit and this post! I love harems and when I wear them (Stylish or not) I get asked by my hubby “Are you going out with your PJ bottoms on today then”? So dont understand women and there fashion LOL!


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