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H&M jeans, New Look vest, Primark tee, Primark waistcoat, Polished Sense brooches, thrifted bangles and ring, New Look wedges

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I get a lot of style inspiration from everyday things. The colour of my Mr’s morning coffee, the pink flowers on my orchid plant, a birthday card with a 50s glamour puss on the front, for example. But much of my inspiration comes from fellow bloggers. I love to see a sneak peek of a new dress, a hat worn at a jaunty angle or some truly expert layering. Reading daily fashion blogs sends me scuttling to my wardrobe to rifle through my clothes, looking for some way to pay homage to my favourite fashionable fillies. And today I did just that.

Christina from Second Skin has such a solid sense of style, it makes me feel almost joyous. She rocks pretty hats, should have a degree in belting and has the most wonderful selection of coats I’ve ever laid eyes on. But my favourite fashion quirk of Christina’s is the way she wears socks and sandals.

Once the whispered fashion faux pas of grandfathers and hideously uncool dads, socks and sandals have become a signature look amongst the indie fash pack – think Alexa Chung in bobby socks and peep toe brogues and you’re on the right track. When I saw Christina rocking this very look here, I knew I had to try it for myself.

I wasn’t brave enough to go for anything but black socks, but I think a pink pair would set this outfit off perfectly. Maybe next time? What do you think? Are socks and sandals for you, or will you leave them to the older (and more masculine!) generation? I’d love to know!



I wore peep toes and jeans with very thick black opaques last week and my mother was apoplectic at such a heinous fashion faux pas! I might try the sandals and socks things, it looks cool!



Wow you are looking really great here – gorgeous figure! I love the socks n shoes thing but I bet a million quid I couldn’t pull it off! x

Vintage Vixen

Socks and sandals rock (apart from when it’s snowing).
I’m like you with inspiration, a song on the radio, a glimpse of someone passing by, an interview on breakfast time, a late night post from a favourite blogger, the weirdest things remind me of something lurking in the depths of my wardrobe.
I don’t recognise that pretty waistcoat…you haven’t fallen off the wagon have you?


I love socks and sandals. Don’t shy away from them and I really like contrasts, (white anklets with dark sandals or shoes or black socks with light colored shoes). I keep my socks thin and they work well with dressy shoes. But I don’t know why so many people are so scared of it, other than so many people are terrified of anything slightly different. But you should have lots of company this spring. Pink should be good and can’t wait for warmer weather so we can wear them with skirts and shorts!


I nearly wore tights and wedge sandels on Saturday but changed my mind at the last minute! I love this outfit it is beautiful, you look amazing.
Vicki xx


I really do like the way you dress up jeans 🙂

I don’t think I could do ankle socks and wedges unless it was under jeans but I’m quite tempted to try coloured tights and wedges – might be brave enough to give it a go soon!


I love the idea of socks and sandals, but honestly find it really hard to walk in them. Your combination of skinny jeans, socks and sandals is great and makes me feel of summer. You rock them, Jen!


Love this!! The waistcoat is so pretty! and Primark!?

Socks and sandals – look great together! I agree pink would have looked great, but black don’t look bad! Or maybe even some creme crocheted style socks?

X xx

Pink Flower

Loving the flowery top! I couldn’t personally pull off the socks and the sandals look – grew up with my dad doing that too many times it’s left an ugly image in my head!

Have a great week!


i love the wdges and the colour of the vest ^6 i havenmt seen it in new look 🙁 >.<

its normally so crowded with ppl knowing what they want to buy I get confused and intimidated XD

also what blusher do u use? It’s a really nice shade of pink and looks so dewy and pretty ^^

Amy Marie

I love the socks and sandle look. I have a pair of flat gladiatorish sandles that I always wore with black tights last year and a pair of peep toes that I always wore with coloured socks. I thought I looked cool but I bet I looked like a prat. You totally carry off the socks and sandles, it even looks like a pair of shoes rather than sandles with socks underneath!

Love, Amy Marie.


Love it, you look great! I haven’t tried the look yet, my sandal collection is a bit abysmal, but now I really want to!

Second Skin

So sweet and SO cute! You are such a doll!! I love how you did the skinny jean! I think I have something similar cooking up in my head for tomorrow! Thanks for YOUR inspiration girly!


I love the floral prints you’ve been wearing lately! I’m really wanting one just like that vest you have on, it’s gorgeous.

I’m down with socks and sandals, but agree that it has to be done in a very particular way. Tube socks and teva’s, not so much, haha! You can pull it off well as usual 🙂


I think it’s one of those tricky trends tbh, and I’m not sure if i would be brave enough to wear it!
But those wedges look great how you’ve teamed them with this outfit 🙂
and it’s way too cold to go without socks!!


Hey jen,
You look fab here, I really like the waistcoat! Also hope you dont think Im being cheeky at all but I was thinking the same as someone else, have you lost a bit of weight? Not that you needed too of course, your just looking super trim!
You rock the sock/sandal look, to try it myself I would really need to buy some new socks as most of the time I nick the hubbys – thats bad isnt it!


Hmm, girls like Alexa and Cassie from skins have definitely made me loving the socks and sandals combo! I wish I could try it out here but it’s just too hot to wear something like that!

Do try it out with the pink socks next:)

Cafe Fashionista

Please, please, please, Jen – for your many bloggy admirers – try the shoes with pink socks! Oh, I believe it would make for such a stunning effect! Loving this look on you! Those wedges are perfect – they remind me of the Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent Luella Wedges that I have been coveting for ages!!

Personally, after seeing the runways, I quite like the way ankle socks look with open sandals – it’s adorable!! 🙂


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