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Topshop blazer via charity shop, Zara dress, Topshop leggings, boots, Me & Zena jewellery

My As Inspired By… posts usually feature bloggers – I’m hugely inspired by the style and creativity of my fellow bloggers, and they shape my wardrobe daily. However, I also love street style. I’m often guilty of openly staring at people I find intriguing (something the Mr tells me off for constantly), noting the way they put pieces together. Models don’t do it for me – it’s all about real people.

After a girls’ night out in Nottingham on Friday, my friends and I dropped in at a local pub for a hangover-busting breakfast. With tired eyes and serious bed head, I wasn’t expecting inspiration to strike, but behind the bar one girl’s style caught my eye. A simple striped tunic, paired with a loose-fitting blazer, leggings and Chelsea boots. Perfect for lazy days spent chilling with friends (and working the Saturday morning shift at a pub, obviously).

Who’s inspiring you today?


Victoria India

Soon as i saw these pics i thought of What Katie Wore! 😀

I wore a really similar outfit yesterday, i wasn’t sure on it but seeing it on you makes me like it a lot more. Loving the boots. xo

Pretty Polly

I love this style!! I bought a dress like this in H&M the other day and I never thought to wear it with a blazer… i’ve just been wearing it with cardigans. Love it! xx


I love how inspiration can come from sometime when your not expecting it! I always seem to try and take in how someone is wearing something, and try to take a mental note. 🙂 xx


WHat a great sunday outfit! Also, I know I’ve said it before but I really really love your haircut on you! It just looks fab in these photos!


I love looking at strangers for fashion insoiration (that makes me sound weird). Love the outfit. It;s a perfect look.


Cute outfit, I love people watching to get some outfit ideas aswell!
oh and, gustav klimt! awesome.

Kyrie x


Great outfit, I agree!!
I really need to get a proper blazer, they’re so versatile, but I find it so hard to get one to fit just right.


You look great Jen! I was admiring many of the outfits on show at the vintage fair yesterday but trying to recreate them would involve me buying a new wardrobe so it’s not an option just yet!


I’m loving your hair at the mo! Great idea though, I totally steal people’s style all the time…


I love how you were inspired by someone who will probably never know they had inspired someone that day at work. The boots and blazer work perfectly and the stripes add a lovely contrast x


Love the boots. Sometimes simple is best!

It’s nice to see a blogger from Nottingham. I have recently moved back after living in London for three years and its great to see some cool outfits here!


Wow, you look so different in this outfit and I love your hair! Super chic and stylish! I love how you can wear absolutely anything at all, so definitely you’re inspiring me:)



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