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This week I’m inspired by the wonderful Jessica of What I Wore. Actually, it’s not just this week’s style that Jessica inspires. What I Wore was the first fashion blog I discovered and it’s been a must-read ever since. I adore Jessica’s easy, breezy American style – she always looks utterly at home in her outfits and her NYC backdrop makes for fantastic photos.

Unfortunately, the courtyard of my flat isn’t quite so stunning, but it’ll have to do! By the way, I’m totally blaming Grace from Style on the Run for the rain in today’s shot, too. It’s not always nice weather here, Grace! You jinxed it!

Today’s outfit is based on this delicious ensemble


Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Thrifted skirt, blouse and bag, Primark cardigan, TK Maxx sandals, Zara Taylor vintage timepiece pendant

Are you completely blown away by the necklace? Yep, me too. The fantastically talented Zara Taylor very, very kindly sent me this vintage timepiece necklace along with my order (I adore her jewellery) and I cannot tell you how beautiful it is in real life. It works too – you can wind it up and marvel as the cogs turn and the hands tick. Gorgeous.

I love the simplicity of this outfit – the yellow of the skirt works so nicely with the crisp white blouse. I had to add the cardigan because hey, this is England and July is apparently more like October.

So, do we have any more fans of What I Wore in the house? Or are you taking inspiration from elsewhere today? Tell me all about it!



Cute outfit, its a really good representation of Jessica’s and that necklace is wonderful! I read What I Wore but it isn’t one of my top ten blogs but I agree that her American photos look very exotic when compared to dreary England. Recently I’ve been finding The Clothes Horse really inspirational, I love all the pretty dresses and socks n shoes outfits =)

Fashion Bandit

never visited the above site, but just popped over nd love it so thanks for the recommendation!

LOVE the necklace it is just beautiful!!! x♥


Oh my goodness, the necklace is gorgeous! I adore that skirt too, everytime you wear it I think ‘that really is a mighty fine skirt!’


I must apologise Jen, the weather is pretty miserable in Manchester today too! I salut you for braving bare legs in the rain though 🙂

Love the striped skirt and striped cardi together, I don’t think many could pull that off like you can x


The time necklace is really special and goes wonderfully with your lovely outfit. I’ve never heard of What I Wore before, so gotta pay a visit… xo


What a stunning necklace!

I’ll be honest, I read Jessica’s blog for a while but it wasn’t my cup of tea. I just find her outfits a bit plain and lacking in fun and I’d much rather get inspiration from girls like you who mix and match and accessorize things really well.


The bag and the pendant steal the show. I am a huge fan of the bag as you already know. Perfect detailing on the pendant.

Thank-you for the advice on the clothes I don’t wear! I am very much thinking the lace dress will look amazing on display, I just need to find the perfect old looking coat hanger and voila a wall piece with a difference! :)x


You know what, your style is so similar to Jessica’s style! I hope it’s a marvelous compliment for you as you are such a big fan of hers!

I draw my inspiration from romantic french bloggers like the cherry blossom girl and pandora:)


I really like Jessica’s blog – as much for the shots of gorgeous Brooklyn brownstones as the clothes! Have a great w/end. xx


I am loving your ‘inspired by’ posts! I have not heard of ‘What I Wore’ so I will go and check it out 🙂
The necklace is stunning and I love that skirt! x


Love this outfit, so cute. And that pendant is amazing!! I saw a similiar one in Topshop the other day and marvelled at the working detail at the back.



I truly adore your necklace! It just bring me back from old english films I often watch on BBC! 🙂 Your bag is gorgeous too gah…

Weather these days are not that great here in Dublin too but anyway I still wish you a happy weekend! xx


Wowweee! That timepiece is incredible, never seen anything like it!
And yes you should go to Bristol! ven for just a day theres enough to see


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