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One of my favourite blogs is Wish Wish Wish. I love Carrie’s girly vintage get-up – her photos are always poised to perfection and her posts are interesting and insightful. So when I saw her rocking one of my ultimate fashion faux pas, I was intrigued. A size 12 gal in *whisper* baggy jeans? Merde!

But of course, she looked fabulous. And I was inspired. If Carrie could pull it off, so could I! I took myself off to purchase said items of questionable flattery, and went about creating an outfit. At first glance, I decided they would become house jeans, never to be worn outside the confines of my flat. The walls would protect me from the jeers and laughter that was bound to follow a walk down the street in these babies. But I persevered, and eventually settled on this…

Primark jeans, thrifted shirt and bag, TK Maxx sandals, Funk Rock necklace, vintage belt

Okay, so I’m not entirely convinced I don’t look like MC Hammer in a Levi’s store. I’m wary of the sheer volume of fabric around my hips which, let’s be honest, need no help in that department. But I like it because it’s something a little different, and if you read Tuesday’s post you’ll know I’m all about trying new things. What do you think? Yay or nay? Should I keep on with the more ‘directional’ stuff or go back to what I know – florals and flats? Do tell.

Blogs are a constant source of inspiration for me, so I plan to turn this into a regular feature. Let me know which blogs inspire you and hey, you could even nominate your favourite in the Cosmo Blog Awards! If that favourite was me I’d be ever-so grateful, but it’s your vote, so use it wisely.

PS – There’s only a day and a bit left for you to buy one, get one free over at Max CRead the deets here!


Em x

I like it. You have to keep trying new things or else you’ll always be in the same clothes x


I think baggy jeans look absolutely fabulous on you, Jen; especially combined with the white shirt and the high-heel sandals. Please promise me to wear them! xoxo


I used to live in baggy jeans; I love the comfort and the style. But I know they are not always flattering. I think the white shirt looks perfect teamed with them so I think you pulled this look off regardless of any doubts/preconceptions of baggy jeans!

I’ve just read about 5 posts concerning the Cosmopolitan awards. How exciting :). You my dear get my vote.

p.s I’m still smitten by the bag x


It’s as if you read my mind! I’m a size 12 and have been thinking, should I…shouldn’t I…

I’m going to try out the look this weekend.


I think it’s good to experiment with fashion! I don’t think there’s anything wrong with stick to what you know though. But it’s important to spice things up every now and then. 🙂

Either way, I actually think these jeans look really good on you!


I think you look so… sophisticated, oddly. In my mind ‘sophisticated’ and ‘baggy jeans’ do not go, but that’s how you look! I’m enjoying seeing you try new things, but I like the flats and florals too.


Okay, I’m going to be brutally honest… they look better on you! They go with the white shirt which smartens them up – it’s also nice and fitted which is the key I think with looser trousers. And they really don’t make your hips look wide, which would always be my fear. 🙂


Have just discovered your blog and it’s great! This looks great on your and that bag is adorable, I’ve been searching for one of those for months!

E is for Eleanor

How did I miss your post about that bag?! It’s AMAZING! I’m so envious of it! haha.

And you rock the jeans, with the sandals they look chilled, comfortable and ultra stylish!

Chloe, Butterfly Cupcakes

I quite like the look on you, its great with the simple white shirt so it doesnt look too over the top. I definitely wouldnt say they were unflattering, you are your own worst critique afterall.

I’m also trying to experiment with my style at the moment, I feel like I’m going through an evolving period and its quite exciting actually.


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