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Max C London dress, MNG blazer via car boot, H&M tights, Primark brogues, Rocha John Rocha satchel via car boot, Topshop ring, nameplate necklace

September is all about going back to school for me. I used to love walking through those gates after the 6 week break, catching up with friends, showing off a tan, a new haircut, a new pair of shoes, and telling tales of the summer, often with a wistful look and a sigh.

I left education in 2007 (and school even longer ago!) but this month makes me yearn for a new pencil case filled with sharpened pencils, clean rubbers and pens with their lids on. I want shiny new school shoes, a plastic lunch box filled with cucumber sandwiches and a wool jumper with my name sewn in the label. The new PE kit, complete with hideous gym knickers and hockey socks, can stay firmly in the past, however.

What are your memories of September? Do you think of crisp autumn leaves or crisp white shirts?



this outfit has just got me a bit more excited about autumn. i’m such a summer girl but everyone seems to be raving about the new season. the colours are lovely and earthy here though. loves it. xx

A Thrifty Mrs

September leaves me feeling the same. I am still (technically)in education and play on that by shopping for leather boots, tartans, pencils and notepads.

Great outfit.


I did massively enjoy the stationery shopping part of the back to school experience. Everything else, not so much.

Ah, how I love that blazer. It’s so gorgeously preppy and stylish. The whole outfit is a triumph really. The shops are not filling me with joy for autumn because everything is so drab but the colours in this look are perfect.

Vintage Vixen

That style of dress really suits you, Jen.
Back to school? Tell me about it. We were nearly late for the car boot sale this morning with the yummy mummies brigade driving their little Tarquins 100 yards to school and holding up the


This is possibly my favorite outfit of yours yet! I used to go back to school in August, so September holds no meaning for me in that way, but this is the first year that I am not going into any sort of education and it feels really strange!



That outfit is amazing πŸ™‚
You can’t help but think of school when you think of september, especially all the back to school stuff advertised everywhere! x


I’m so in love with your dress!
For me, september was always the crazy month when I had to actually wake up in the mornings, concentrate for a WHOLE day & remember which classes I had & where. Definately don’t miss those days. xo


Lovely combo. Dress, tights, jacket, flats. School? Yep, 3-5 days a week for 39 weeks a year on and off since 1960. Reckon I’m an expert by now! Ought to be. I’m a teacher! I go back in city shorts, black jersey top and bits’n’pieces.


I’m actually starting 6th form college on Tuesday, so I can’t join in with the reminiscing, but… you’ve given me an idea for what to wear on day one, thanks πŸ™‚ x

Bows and Butterflies

September for me is that horrible feeling in the pit of your stomach at the thought of having go back to school but as soon as your there its like you’ve never been away as soon as your back with your friends


I heart this outfit jen, your blazer is gorgeous! I loved going back to school as well…we are little geeks haha!! I think my love for shopping started back when every August I got to go and pick shiny new shoes, a pencil case, lovely scented gel pens…ahhh life was a simpler time! xx


I graduated from Uni last year, so this is only my second year where I’m not going back to school. I used to love it as well though.

I love your dress and the blazer definitely suits you.


This is one of my favourite outfits of yours.

Seeing as I’m 17, I’m still at school, so it really does mean new shoes and sharp pencils for me! This year is my last year, so it’s pretty scary. I’m applying for uni too this year, so it’s all systems go when I go back on Monday. I’m still excited for new sixth form clothes though. I’ve told myself I will look smart this year. Wait until March rolls around, I probably won’t be half as smart…



Both! Plus skirts with knee-high tights. I used to try & sneak my Converse on at all because I hated wearing shoes & got away with it every single time. Some things never change!

I love that Max C dress, I always think if it as the Little Bird dress :]


Love this outfit!!
Hmm, well I tend to think of school too, but as i’m starting Uni on the 27th I guess thats what’s on my mind πŸ™‚



Love it! I went on a hunt for those brogues but only found shiny black ones – rubbish! I think you’ve inspired me to do the floral and blazer thing. And I have a belt just like that. And the ring I love! Gosh.

September and back-to-school is summed up for me thus: the Heartbeat theme kicking in at 9pm and a sense of total dread in my stomach. I loved school and was pretty good at doing all my homework, but that Sunday night before a Monday start of term used to make me terrified! Thank god all that is over!


Being Scottish, we all went back to school mid August, but now I’m at uni I have to wait another two weeks till I can go back! And I seriously can’t wait! A trip to Tesco for stationary is in order (seriously, how cute are their notebooks?)

I love your blazer, it’s a wonderful colour. :)x


Ha, that’s such a coincidence. i’m starting sixth form tommorow and i’ve got an extremely similar outfit ready to wear πŸ™‚
a little floral summer dress, a vintage brown belt, a grey blazer, some black tights and some cream brogues from river island.
Quite strange really :, i prefer yours though tbh πŸ™‚


This is what I want to look like, all the time. Literally my ideal outfit! Not sure if that makes me delusional or not, but I just love the preppy, girly style the brogues and floral combination lends the outfit.

xxx Maddie


Oooh, I love this outfit – what a great autumn look! Sadly the version of this dress I won off you ripped in the wash at the shoulder, so maybe I should start wearing it with a jacket to cover that up…


I love this outfit! It’s all perfect together, but I especially adore the jacket!

I used to love showing off my new shoes when I went back after the summer holidays – goodness knows why; they were invariably sensible and flat, but there was always something special about them being shiny and new!

Sarah x


love the color palette in this look!…and for september..must say the memories of starting school and the nervousness with new classes and professors lol


Jen you look so pretty in these pics. Little beaut you.

I loved going back to school, was so exciting seeing friends and chatting about what we’d done. Sigh…not the same as going back to work is it. πŸ™‚

Now, I hate the start of school term, the roads are chaos around my way!



I wish I wore such smart + pretty combinations way back when I still go to school!

I definitely still yearn for new stationery too, especially those cutesy ones that are not too useful:)



Fab outfit – I love the dress and blazer combination.
This is the first September that I won’t be going back to school. It’s a weird feeling as this time of year seems to mark new starts for me far more than the calandar does. And I’m sad not to be getting new stationary too! x

D-May VT.

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I must admit I love it when all the new stationary comes out ready for School, I don’t know why but it is just so appealing.

The blazer looks immaculate, and the satchel is by far wonderful, I’m still on the continuous hunt for one x


This is my last year of back to school times as am going into my third year of university.. next year will be very strange indeed!! Am totally scared but looking forward to it too, I think a new pencil case and notebook will make me feel better too πŸ™‚

Your dress is very very cute by the way! x

Em x

I love September, it makes me want to go out and buy new stationary. I had a bit of a shock when i realised a few days ago that i left school 10 years ago!! Though i was in education until 2007 like you.
I love your dress xx


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