Simplicity is key

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Primark dress, H&M tights, vintage scarf, Primark brogues, Primark belt, thrifted ring

Dress – check. Tights – check. Belt – check. Scarf – check. Fabulous shoes – check. What more does a girl need to look great?

I love this jumper dress. It’s so versatile and seems to go with every pair of tights, every belt, every set of shoes. It’s really comfortable (a major factor when choosing my outfits) and I just love it. Definitely a best buy of the season.

I’ve currently got a house full of boys playing shouty computer games and drinking beer, so I’ve retired to the relative calm of my bedroom with a bowl of pasta and Look magazine. Hope you’ve all had fab Tuesdays. 🙂


Hello there!

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Welcome to A Little Bird Told Me… My new blogging home! Don’t you just LOVE the design? All thanks to my very talented Mr. I’m transferring posts and looking forward to a fresh start – see you tomorrow when outfit posts resume as normal! 🙂


Sunday style

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Thrifted jeans, Primark jersey top, Primark cardigan, Fossil bag, Primark brogues, thrifted ring, Primark bangle, vintage scarf

Over the next few days I’ll be transferring Pretty Penniless to its new home, right here. The basic premise will be the same – style without the spend – and I hope you’ll all find me okay.

I’m also slowly cajoling my lovely and oh-so-talented Mr into giving me a blog makeover and fab new look for Little Bird. And I’ll be syncing my Twitter so you can have a nosy at what I’m up to. How exciting!

For now, here’s today’s outfit post. A tried and tested approach to dressing – jeans, top, cardi, bag. The brogues are a fashionable touch and after a five day hunt for my size, I couldn’t wait to get them on my feet!

One more thing… for brunch today, Mr and I tried pink pancakes:
Strange. But delicious! 🙂


Hear me roar!

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Reko dress, M&S tights, Primark cardigan, Primark boots, Primark belt, necklace

Sometimes I long to wear my pretty going out dresses for the everyday grind. I have a whole section of my wardrobe dedication to ‘fancy’ dresses, but they just hang there looking dejected and unloved. Sigh.
Well, continuing on from yesterday’s ‘why not dress a little inappropriately?!’ theme, today I decided to rock one of my favourite party dresses. I needed the extra attitude for a trip to the dentist (had my first filling – ouch) so this fierce leopard print was perfect.
Wearing a simple black vest underneath and teaming the dress with a casual cardi, boots and tights really ‘normalised’ this look, I think. The shiny fabric gives a lux feel I really wanted to play down, and by jove – I think I’ve done it! Do you agree?

Good little housewife

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I very, very rarely bake. I’m a pretty good cook and can knock together an evening meal without much fuss. But baking? Hhmmm.
Well, when I woke up to torrential rain, no water due to a burst pipe and a horribly debilitating head cold, I felt a strong desire to bake super sweet cupcakes. So that’s what I did!
Check out my cute vintage kitchen stuff…

After much faffing and a wobbly moment when I realised I needed the bowl again but had no water to wash it with (solution – an antibacterial wipe and vigorous drying), they came out like this…

Result! Then for the fun part, and what better colour for cupcakes than pink?

I had no piping bag, so settled for spreading with a spoon. And yes, I did lick the beaters! 🙂