Free love

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Thrifted dress, Primark cardigan, M&S tights, Dune sandals, Fossil bag, H&M belt

First of all, let me say – I have fallen in love with this dress. I picked it up at a charity shop a few months ago and was pretty disappointed when I got it home – I couldn’t think of a way to style it, it didn’t seem to go with anything in my wardrobe and it’s a really clingy jersey fabric so I didn’t think it could ever be flattering! I put it down to an impulse buy after a long day hunting and threw it in a drawer.
Last night I decided to take action. I tried it with a few different things and ended up at the outfit I wore today. Because the dress is so clingy, I used the cardigan to disguise my lumps and bumps and belted it to give shape. The tights are purple (they always look black in these photos!) and the accessories are tan, both to bring out the colours in the dress. I think it works pretty well!
PS. How AWESOME are the shoes?! I have to admit, I didn’t wear them for work… they’re waaaay too high! I wore vintage green leather Mary Janes instead, but think these look loads better.

Black and gold

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Primark dress, Accessorize tights, H&M cardigan, thrifted shoe boots, thrifted ring, thrifted necklace

Most of my tights are from M&S but I bought these yellow beauties from Accessorize and think I’ve been converted! They’re SO comfortable and the colour is deliciously rich. Like my legs have been dipped in yellow paint! Wearing yellow makes me feel so happy and smiley. Happy Wednesday! 🙂

My dirty little secret

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Now, I’m a pretty organised girl. I never have chipped nails. My handwriting is neat. I always remembered my P.E. kit at school. So why does my wardrobe look like this?! I can only blame it on my creative mind… ahem…
I’m a habitual clearer – every three months I pull everything out and I’m brutal with my eBay/charity shop/bin piles. When that’s all done, I fastidiously organise my wardrobe, line up all my shoes and admire the results. Lovely.
One week later… see photo. Anyone else have similar problems?

Sharp shooter

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Zara dress, Primark blazer, Primark belt, M&S tights, ASOS pixie boots

I really love this outfit. The dress is a classic wardrobe piece that I wear time and time again. Starting this blog has made me really think about what I’m putting on every morning – I don’t have a HUUUUUUGE collection of clothing, which means I often wear the same things again and again. The trick is learning how to make each outfit look fresh and new. Coloured tights have been my saviour, I’m building up a mighty fine collection that I can mix and match with different dresses.
This blazer was a summer purchase. It’s a fab, slouchy jersey material but has the tendency to swamp me and look a little… saggy. By belting it like this, I got a nice, sharp shape that looks pretty modern. And it makes my lovely floral dress look brand spanking new. Outfit win!

Ahoy sailor

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Matalan vest, H&M skirt, Primark cardigan, M&S tights, thrifted shoe boots, thrifted ring, thrifted necklace

Another day, another dollar. Or pound, as the case may be. Today’s outfit is a tried and tested favourite of mine – what’s not to love about stripes, red tights and flamingos? Nothing I tell you, absolutely nothing. I originally paired the flamingo vest with my new high waisted tulip skirt but felt too dressed up for work (and the skirt is quite tight and not particularly suitable for a day spent sitting at a desk!) so changed to my failsafe.