Boutique Run – For Women Who Don’t Enjoy Sport (that’s me)

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I’ve already made my confession. back in February, I wrote about my passion for running, despite a complete hatred for all things ‘sporty’. I run because it makes me feel good and keeps me fit. But I don’t enjoy it. It’s hard and boring and tiring and it hurts. But I keep slogging away, because at least if I’m running I can still eat garlic bread. And Mini Egg yoghurts (yes, they exist). And pizza.

So when I was contacted about Boutique Run 2011 – official tag line ‘sport with style’, unofficial tag line ‘for women who don’t enjoy sport’ – my toes twitched. I’d been struggling to stay focused and motivated with my running (remember this?) and Boutique Run sounded like the perfect goal.


I know – I’d never heard of it either. Boutique Run is a women-only 5k or 10k run in Battersea Park on Saturday 9th July. Much like other organised runs, you collect your vest, warm up, run the distance and get a medal for your achievement. But that’s where similarities end, because Boutique Run is sports wrapped up in a big, girly bow.

The Boutique Village is open from 3pm on the day, so you have plenty of time to get ready, style up your leggings, work out if there’s a flattering way to wear a sweatband, put on lipstick before you realise that’s ridiculous and wipe it off, etc. At 5.30pm, you’ll leave your bags in the dressing room and take part in the warm up, and then it’s race time. When you complete your 5k or 10k run, it’s back to the Village for a hot shower and a quick change into your evening attire. Yep – evening attire. This is where it gets really interesting.


As a reward for your awesome sports-based achievement, you’ll be treated to an evening of pampering. There’ll be nail bars, blowdry stations and make-up artists ready to turn you from red-faced runner to stylish socialite. Then you’ll need to limber up for the final part of the day – champagne, music and dancing. Maybe dancing from your seat if you’re really knackered. But still.


I love the idea behind this event – motivation is the thing I struggle most with, so to have my hard work rewarded in such a fabulous way is a real kick. I’ll be making my way to Battersea Park, trainers in hand and nervous expression firmly in place, on 9th July to take part, and I’d love to take some Little Bird readers with me…

The giveaway

I have TWO free entry passes, worth £38.50, to give away to Little Bird readers. Entry includes an ASICS vest, Vita Coco drinks and the exclusive Boutique Sport ’bouti’ (see what they did there?) bag.

To be in with the chance of winning, just tell me why you’d like to take part in Boutique Run by leaving a comment on this post. Do you struggle with motivation and need a kick up the ass to get training (like me)? Just started running and need a goal distance? Want a free makeover? All perfectly acceptable reasons.

The rules

  • Boutique Run is girls only, so this giveaway is not open to those of you with the Y chromosome (that’s the dudes)
  • The run is taking place on Saturday 9th July at 6pm at Battersea Park, London, so you need to be free and able to get to the location on that day
  • You will need to make your own travel/accommodation arrangements if you live outside London 
  • Make sure you leave a method of contact in your entry comment (link to your blog where I can find an email address, actual email address, Twitter handle)
  • You must be over 18 on the day of the run to take part
  • The giveaway closes at 10pm on Monday 25th April and winners will be announced shortly after
Got a question? You’ll probably find an answer here. Good luck!


Fashion Junkie

I’m trying hard with the running, it’s so frickin’ tough! Recovering from a twisted pelvis and hip and knee problems associated, and I beginning to think signing up for something could be the only way to push forward.

I’d love a chance to take part because as much as I know the running is necessary, I’m not a woman who likes sport, and this could be a way to finally find some joy, and not run because I know I should or because I’m so angry I don’t know what else to do.

Thanks for posting about this- awesome idea!


Wow – this sounds utterly incredible 😀 What a wonderful idea!

I’d love to win a pass as I’d love to be able to look at a race photo of myself and not utterly hate it. When I ran my 10k last year, I just felt disgusted with how I looked and I love the fact that this race will have time to let me glam up a bit (and will even encourage it!) before I run.

It would also be a perfect mini goal as part of my training for a 10k and the Great North Run, both of which I’m running for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust (both my husband and my sister in law have Cystic Fibrosis) and I’d hopefully be able to shake a little more sponsorship out of my friends at the sheer craziness of a previous running hater (who was told she’d be in a wheelchair by 16 but is running strong at 24 years of age) running 3 races in 3 months 🙂

Hope you enjoy your training 🙂

Katie Styles

Hi Jen, I would absolutely love to win this prize. I’m one of those girls that complains about wanting to get fit and healthy but never gets round to doing it. I’ve got really bad Chronic Fatigue Syndrome so I find exercising really hard to do, as I can only manage about an hour before I get knackered. I’d really like to take part in this race although it may take me a while to finish it would be such an accomplishment. The makeover at the end would probably be the only thing keeping me going! I’m so glad you blogged about this, can’t wait to tell my friends and family.


Please may I?

What a fantastic way to get motivated for a run.

I’d love to be entered please. I won’t say I like running because that would be a lie. I do it for the same reason as you and still begrudge loosing an extra hours sleep to do it. This would be an extra push to ensure the training continues before my three peaks challenge.

X x


Hi Jen! This sounds great! I’ve been wanting to start running for a while, but am strangely intimidated :s any chance you could do an intro to running post? Especially if you have any advice on trainers! I haven’t a clue! Sophie x


I love running but like you, Jen do need a kick up the back side to start! what a great incentive to start, count me in!



Hi Sophie!

Here’s a link to a post I wrote about running – It’s by no means comprehensive, but it documents my experiences and might be helpful!

The place I go for real running inspiration is Bangs and a Bun – Her posts on running got me started and keep me going. Definitely worth a read!

Hope that helps 🙂


Hi Jen,

I would love to win this prize. I have been running for a few years now and I find it helps lift my mood and beat my blues. Running has such a positive effect on mental health and the more women we can get out in the fresh air and (sometimes) sunshine, the better!

Even if I don’t win, I will enter anyway to I hope to see you there.

Good luck to you and all the lovely ladies running it xx

Audrina Attic

Hi Jen I would love a pass because I have got to that stage in my life where I think enough is enough. Today I have started a healthy eating plan and now I need the motivation for the exercise side of it! The Boutique Run sounds like it will give me a reason to start running again and wow what a way of doing it!

Thank you so much for offering this opportunity to your readers.

audrina.attic at


Enter me please! I read about this in Glamour and was going to enter it but keep making excuses….I think it’d be a great challenge though so even if I don’t win I definitely want to enter a run this summer!


Oops don’t know how I missed that post Jen! Thanks for both links 🙂 Sophie


i did read about this the other day but didn’t enter because it seemed a little expensive so im glad there is a competition =) ive only been running for a month now and i absolutely love it. signed up for the nike+ half marathon in september, im pretty mad like that lol

Bow Dream Nation xx

claire eloise

This sounds amazing, and definitely a great way to get women motivated! Unfortunately I’m on holiday otherwise I’d be desperate to go x x


What a great idea! I’d love to give it a go!

I started the Couch to 5k in October, and stopped when it got too cold. I’ve just started up again, and this would give real motivation to have a goal to work towards.

I have a spinal condition and I was discouraged from sports as a youngster. It’s nice to be doing something again.

Please count me in!



This sounds like an awesome event! I’m supposed to be doing my usual Race for Life in July, but I’d love to do this event as well – R4L is more about the charity for me, so it would be nice to do a run for the sake of running!

(Lets pretend that I’m already training for R4L – in reality I’ve not put on my trainers since the event last year!)


Oh that is so much fun – I love the idea of an evening of pampering and fun after all the strenuous activity of the race.

Don’t bother entering me though – I walk and I swim, I do not run!


So funny. I was reading your blog and was so sure you are from US. Before I read a line that says the event is held in London, I was so sure something that good should probably happen somewhere else. Anyway… If it was two days ago, I wouldn’t even be writing here – I never consider myself good at writing convincing comments that I am worth giveaways. But now, quite for a while I’ve been depressed, all in tears, not even sure about the reason… 🙂
So, why not, I thought. I have nothing to lose. I do love running. I do love girly things. And I’ve been so stressed out lately, that I feel a white zebra line should come after the black one now :))


Sadly I can’t enter because I’m in Edinburgh that day but WOW this is such a good idea! I run (a little bit) because I can’t really afford the gym. I’ve always struggled because I like keeping fit but not really the actual effort part.


I would just sodding well LOVE to enter. I do try to run but tbh, I will find ANY excuse to NOT go out: eating, cake, shopping, dusting, cake, watching paint dry.. you get the picture! so to have to opportunity to train and aim (ooo that rhymes!) for something would be a great motivational task!!! please enter me… I need it!

Renate c-b

Hi Jen, that looks like an amazing prize. I’m training for a Half Marathon in september and that run would certainly make for a training incentive.
Getting a hot shower and champagne certainly beats munching a cereal bar whilst standing in the freezing cold waiting for your family to bring your stuff (yes, that’s what happened to me last time I did a run and I ended up getting a chill- not glamourous at all).

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