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Zara khaki trousers, Primark tee, thrifted blazer, TK Maxx sandals,vintage belt, Zara Taylor timepiece necklace

Contrary to my countryside-like photo backdrops, I actually live just 2 miles from a bustling metropolis. My horizon is lined with skyscrapers, I can get sushi at 2am and there’s a Starbucks on every corner. Yep – I’m a city girl.

My current job has taken me away from my beloved city, but my new one will take me right back to its centre. I can’t wait to eat lunch at a pavement café and watch the world go by. I can’t wait to sip cocktails at Happy Hour. And I can’t wait for late night shopping!

Today’s outfit sums up city living perfectly for me. Functional, simple and chic. Neutral colours toughened up with a sharp black blazer and a statement necklace. I’ll be wearing this in my first week for sure!

Are you a city gal or country dweller? Are you more at home with traffic jams and commuter trains or is it all about sweeping fields and winding lanes for you? Let me know!


Danielle @ Antiquated Treasures

I agree, this is the most perfect city outfit!! I live in the suburbs of New York City, probably about a half hour from the core of the city. I don’t know if I’d exactly consider myself a city girl but I’m definitely no stranger to traffic jams and commuter trains!!!


I love your outfit, the trousers are lovely 🙂 I’m not sure if im a city girl or a country one. I think I’m more country though because i live kent, which is aparrantly the garden of England! But i’m only 5 mins from the town. I would love to live in the city when i’m older, but i think i would always have to come back home to be surrounded by fields and less traffic! xxx

E is for Eleanor

This is the look I am trying to pull off at the minute Jen! I need to buy some khaki trousers badly!

I’m a city girl through and through! I feel lonely if I can’t hear the traffic! x


I’m a country girl at heart but, in reality, I live in the city. Can’t get more city living than where I am. I’d always assumed you lived further out, how wrong I was! This outfit is lovely, perfect for work xx


Fantastic outfit. I am a total city girl, I love living in London. I love being able to walk down the road and being greeted by busy shops, trendy bars and hoards of people. London gives me inspiration and whilst I would love to live in a little village some day at this time in my life I love nothing more than to hop on a 22 bus and watch the city go by. The city just offers so much more than you could every possibly imagine plus how do you go out dancing at 2am in the country side?


Lovely outfit 🙂

I’m definately a country girl at heart but at the moment I couldn’t bear to live anywhere but the city! Everything is on my doorstep makes life so much easier but I will definately end up in the country =)

Style Goddesses

Love the trousers, Nice outfit! I’m a city girl at heart but live in the country at the moment! I’ll about 20mins from the nearest city so not to isolated at least! Millie xx


i love the modern simplicity of this outfit. you look wonderful (as usual), jen! i’d definately say i’m a city girl, i’ve lived in london all my life so it’s all i really know.

i adore the fact that there are always people around, a starbucks on every street and the hustle and bustle. of course there are many negatives but i’m trying to love where i live more. i regularly go down to bournemouth, it’s like my city getaway. bournemouth is lovely, have you been? so many cheap charity shops and you are in walking distance from the beach, perfect!

i went to pure london on monday, erika and cat from funk rock invited me. the lovestruck display was so pretty, i can totally why they are one of your sponsors. girly and vintage inspired, words which describe the brand and your style. they have some wonderful cardigans which may be in stock soon, lots of beading and lace, so pretty! i shall post a few snaps when i’m back to blogging.

thank-you fo your kind comment on my latest post, and sorry for rambling 🙂

love, jazzabelle. xxx


City Girl 100%! Not to say I don’t dream of a little country cottage in the middle of nowhere sometimes, but then I remember how much I like broadband and starbucks, and late night shopping, and just shopping in general, and not having to drive everywhere because there are no trains and… well, I decide I’m a city girl really!


Definately a city girl 🙂 i have lived in the Northern Quarter in Manchester for the past 11 months but will be leaving in a few weeks once my lease runs out on my flat. I love having a balcony, a cityscape for a view, a never ending supply of new restaurants and bars to try and of course great shopping!

I think you’ve inspired me to write my tonight’s post on the best places in Manchester 🙂 thanks Jen! x


Lovely outfit!

I’m longing for the day I get to settle down in a cute little cottage in a quiet country village. I’d like a garden full of flowers and a country kitchen filled with miss-matched furniture. Cities scare me, with the exception of York, but that’s my home away from home so it doesn’t count. hehe.



I love this jacket on you, so flattering.
I have very similiar trousers from DP’s never thought of wearing them with a jacket like that though.


Sam Harvey

the jacket is awesome. i wouldn’t pair it with the casual pants though. happy to know you love the city. i do love the city too. you can get visual feedback from casual peeps.


Im definately a city gal!! I live in Belfast and go to uni in Newcastle and I am in love with both my homes.

The country is nice for a bit of a break…but I cant imagine not being able to pop to topshop on a whim or grab a late night dinner in a nice restaurant!

Ps. Love todays outfit, so chic!! xxx


My dad’s a farmer so I’m a country girl by default! I quite like the hustle a bustle of cities, I live quit close to London, so Ihave the best of both worlds!

That blazer is amazing! An excellent thrify find!

Lou x –


Love the outfit, I actually wore something almost identical last week! I work in a small town and wish that I worked in a city! Instead I visit Newcastle (I live in Durham so I small city!) as often as I can as I love it so much. I miss my proper coffee!


great outfit! I’m definitely a city girl, I grew up in Shanghai, China. Super crowded and I loved it. But I live in the suburbs in US which I dislike 🙁

~ Lily


Ooooh, look at you Ms City Slicker! You look amazing – can’t believe the blazer is vintage as it looks so incredibly modern. You look very cool and very professional in this outfit. xx
PS I’m a city girl through and through. Edinburgh born and bred, Glasgow uni, served time in London then back to Glasgow for work.


Love the outfit!
I grew up in the countryside, but I’ve so turned into a city girl. However living in Vienna is great as the countryside is only a few stops away. From where I live it takes 15 minutes to be in the city center and 15 minutes to be in a forest. Not that bad I guess. Living in the city just means being able to choose form a great range of events, museums, gigs, shopping possibilities, restaurants and so on.
I also lived in London before and even it’s one of my favourite cities in the world it can’t keep up with the quality of life you have in Vienna. It’s cleaner, less busy, it doesn’t take that long to travel from A to B and so on. I also lived in Swansea for a while and it was great having beautiful beaches and the sea right in front of you, but then again I really enjoyed the city atmosphere on day trips to Cardiff.

Gemma Barnes

Loving this style Jen. I must get myself some of those Zara trousers for Autumn.

Living in Sheffield you can be a city girl and a country girl at the same time. A stroll down Ecclesall Road can satisfy the cafe culture and boutique shopping I love, but just a 10 minute drive away is the stunning Peak District. Best of both worlds – perfect!


I’m definitely a city girl! I live 10 minutes away from central london, so how could I not be? I really love your trousers.

LadyBugSays ...

Gorgeous outfit! I live on the outskirts of a city(a very small one!) so I guess technically I’m a city girl, but the thought of living somewhere like London etc scares me a little! Love the trousers and blazer!


I love this outfit because it looks smart, sophisticated AND stylish. I dream of one day living in the countryside but for now it’s the city! x

Pea Green Kitty

Do you know what! I love both!!! and that is what is SOOOO fab about LEEDS!
You are only a few miles from the bustling city centre to the beautiful Yorkshire countryside, best of both worlds.
Dontcha think??


I love living in Leeds because in 10 minutes you can go from the busy city centre to trees and fields and sheep! I love the mix. Ideally I like living in the peace and quiet with the option to have the hustle and bustle if I want it 🙂

I love this outfit.xx


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