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After a stressful couple of weeks, not enough sleep and a distinct lack of sunshine (I know, I know, it’s shining in London. Sucks to be northern!), I wasn’t feeling particularly cheerful when I forced myself out of bed this morning. But rather than wallow in self pity and black clothing, I turned to my wardrobe and picked out some pieces to cheer myself up.

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Topshop jumper, Zara shirt and jeans, Gap blazer, flats c/o Sarenza, F21 necklace, Emma Fox bag via TK Maxx

The coral-orange jumper was a January sale buy – it’s so soft and cosy, but the bright colour makes it perfect for spring. The minty green shirt was a recent impulse buy but I love the light and airy feel especially when paired with heavier fabrics. And the grey blazer, flats and spike necklace you’ve seen many times before, but they’re perfect for pulling an outfit together.

The real star of this show is my new Emma Fox bag, which I bought from TK Maxx earlier this week. I’m a sucker for coloured leather and just love the gold hardware and two-tone style. Plus, the little gold fox is adorable. With this beauty swinging from my arm, I can’t help but smile. What more could a girl possibly want from a new handbag?

What do you wear to lift your spirits when you’re feeling a bit blue?



Loving that blazer jen, it’s a proper staple. And the tiny little fox on the bag is so cute! Off to look at her bags now! x


I always turn to nautical themes to pick myself up. Pop on a skirt and my striped anchor wedges and I’m instantly happy 🙂

Shame it’s grey in Leeds. Sun’s shining brightly in Newcastle, it’s almost unheard of!

Katie xox


i love the jumper-shirt-necklace combo here, really lovely. i always reach for lipstick when i’m not feeling too chirpy, the more obnoxious the shade the better. x


Ooh colour therapy can do magic things, such a great idea for picking yourself up:)I like how in balance this outfit looks, especially the bag))As for me, I wear more white colour, because it makes me feel like life is light and easy.


Love that jumper!! I’m so into coral as a spring colour atm, it just seems to work wonders for everyone!

That bag is lovely…yet another example of why I should give TK Maxx another whirl rather than categorising it as ‘not for me’!


I absolutely adore that shirt, it’s so pretty and that sweater is so pretty with it, I didn’t even realize that the shirt was green until you put that. Haha, shows how much I notice. Lovely outfit 🙂


I’m such a girl but I love to wear pink, it always makes me smile, so if I’m feeling down I wear pink to cheer myself up.


That bag is gorgeous! Love the little fox.
I tend to wear my favourite jewellery when I feel blue, looking at a bracelet bought by family, or a ring bought on a trip to Cyprus bring back lovely memories.


Ooh I was *this close* to buying that same bag in TK Maxx yesterday! It’s gorgeous, I’ve never come across this brand before but I liked all their styles that my local branch had in stock.


I’d never heard of Emma Fox either, but I just LOVE the cute details and you’re right, all the styles I saw were gorgeous. Buy it! 😉


I wanted to say how much I love the bag, but that doesn’t seem very original after reading everyone else’s bag lovin’. Oh well, I still love it!


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