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eBay skirt, Missguided top, We Love Colors tights, Primark brogues, Mango ring, Models Own polish in Fuzzy Peach

I have a long-time love affair with eye-wateringly bright colours. At Fashion Week it was wonderful to see the odd flash of canary yellow (like Poppy’s trench), splash of hot pink (like Laura’s clutch) or swipe of pillarbox red (like Gem’s lipstick), bobbing along in a sea of black, camel and tan.

If my 30 for 30 picks are anything to go by, however, I’ve swapped neons for nudes. So I did a little digging (my tights drawer is just out of CONTROL. Any tips for taming a denier jungle?!) and unearthed some traffic-stopping tights, which I paired with a contrasting cocktail ring (shame so many of the stones are missing, eh Mango?) and my peachy manicure.

Are you wearing bright colours this season, or is it still about the LBA (Little Black Anything) for you?

PS – I know, I know – this skirt needs heels. My outfits are suffering from 30 for 30 fatigue and a broken washing machine.

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I adore the colour of your nails! Definitely a much needed colour pop to counter act the horrid weather at the moment.


Those tights are such an amazing colour and I am so jealous of that skirt everytime I see it. I have been looking for something similar for ages! Lovely colour nail varnish too!


I always go for colour! I do wear black but always with some form of a colour pop, much more flattering I think! 🙂

Maria xxx


I fold and roll my tights, then put a hair band round them (not too tight), they sit in quite neatly then, and when you fill one row, start another! HEHE. Its shoes I have a problem organising!


I LOVE colour. Being plus sized you are *supposed* to wear black because its “slimming”…well SOD THAT! I give a resounding two fingers up at that and often look like (as my mum says) a bag of skittles!

I adore what you’re wearing – I have a top just like that one but by Joanna Hope.


Gorgeous ring!

Re the tights things, I gave up any hope of keeping mine organised in a drawer. I roll them up and stash them in a vintage suitcase now. It’s much neater and means I actually know what colours and patterns I have, rather than only being able to see the ones on the top of the pile.


that skirt is not really flattering for the curvy figure.. if it was shorter or less high-waisted, the proportions would be a little better, but not so much as it is.


I love that ring, love it, bloody love it. You know what I’m like with a chunky jewel.
I try to add a pop of colour mainly from accessories.



I need to start wearing more colours now as well. This weather is just too depressing.
I love the tights, and love the leather skirt! It looks so good on you.

Em x

You look fantastic in this Jen.
I kind of keep my tights under control by rolling each pair up from toe to the top of the thigh and then folding the elastic waist bit over and making them into a ball. That the best i can describe it! x


I luuurve the tights and nails Jen but I think the proportions of this outfit are a little off. Perhaps a shorter hemline or a different top might have been better – it must be hard to be so limited with just 30 pieces to wear! You’re a brave girl!

Anyway, sorry for the negative comment 🙁 I love your style and you’re one of my favourite bloggers so keep it up and have more comps that Aussie girls can enter too xx

monster cakes

Well hello fellow pixie cut wearing remixer! Just wanted to say hello to someone with that rocks a short ‘do and is kicking this 30 for 30 challenge’s butt! Love your blog!


I LOVE the bright tights! You’ve inspired me to go for my teal ones tomorrow (I have no clue what with, hopefully I’ll have come up with an outfit by the time I need to leave for work…!) 🙂 x


Gorgeous top and gorgeous nails. Not sure about the skirt though. Its too much for your frame. Love the ring and shoes too.


ive worn a lot more colour this season than i have in the past… i have worn bright yellow, bright pinks and reds..
when i was in work we had a very boring charcoal grey suit from Marks&Spencers.. i use to either wear a pair of bright teal tights, or electric blue.. somtimes i would tone it down with a pair of polka dot grey ones!!..


Great look! I’m terrible when it comes to colour, my wardrobe is full of black, grey and blue- and not much else! Trying to embrace more colour for spring 🙂


inside la senza

That’s an ebay skirt? I *love* it. My last (and only) leather skirt got trashed when I decided to wear it swimming on Brighton beach. Very late and very drunk. Great post Vicky x


I love the ring, but it would really pee me off that so many of the stones had fallen out. Not cool, Mango. Speaking of not cool, yesterday the zip broke on my Max C handbag. I’m so sad about it, it was my go-to handbag and it wasn’t cheap.

Luckily, I just bought a bright green leather satchel! It eases the Max C related pain. I’m so excited, it arrived this morning and I love it. So that’s my pop of colour.


I know this is going to seem a really random two-month-old comment, but i’m taking inspiration from your 30×30 as I am halfway through mine and needing inspiration!

about the tights thing – i found this amazing coat hanger that has four bars ( which i hang my tights over. you can see them slightly better than when they’re all screwed up, and they can hang in your wardrobe too. I covered the bars in scotch tape to save snag-paranoia, but it seems to work pretty well! a lot easier than rolling tights, which I found works for a month before i thought ‘screw it. i’m not wasting my life rolling tights!’
hope that helps!
and thanks for the inspiration!

annah xx


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