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River Island skirt, H&M tee, Primark polo neck, H&M tights, Primark pumps, Miss Selfridge ring
And the details…

Have you ever bought something so utterly wonderful you couldn’t wait to slip it on and strut your stuff? No matter that the ‘thing’ you bought was a pair of sequined knickers and it was a freezing cold January morning – you had to put them on because you just couldn’t wait for the next appropriate opportunity. Sound familiar?

Yes, well that was my feeling exactly when I opened my wardrobe this morning. I bought this gorgeous lace skirt in River Island for the grand old price of £7.50. I had been saving it for dinner and dancing, cocktails with girlfriends and sky high heels, but with a pittance in my pocket and a good few weeks ’til payday… well, let’s just say something this special shouldn’t be left high and dry.

There’s an art to dressing down – take it too far and you look mismatched and ‘bag lady goes to Topshop’. Too little and you look ready for a night on the town/shift on the street corner. What is it about wearing eveningwear during the daytime that just screams hooker? Hhmm. I knew today’s outfit had to be an exemplary example of the daytime dress down, so here are my top tips for making those after dark outfits work for the daily grind…

Let’s talk textiles
The skirt I picked out this morning is made from a heavy lace fabric with a full lining – it’s really luxurious. To balance this out, I chose a simple cotton tee and cotton polo neck which toned down the impact of the lace.

Tees please
A laidback, loose-fitting tee adds instant ‘can’t be bothered’ cool to an otherwise prim and proper outfit. Look for vintage prints and rock ‘n roll colours – you could even try customising your tee by slashing the neck or rolling up the sleeves.

Cocktail hour
Although they were once worn strictly after hours, the cocktail ring has made its daylight debut in a big way. Magpie girls should keep an eye out for interesting shapes, glimmering jewels and decadent colours.

Feet on the ground
The easiest way to turn your party piece into office attire? Swap heels for flats. Teamed with thick opaque tights, pretty pumps finish off a dressed down look perfectly.

So, what do you think? Did I cover everything off? Do you have a tip of your own? Let me know!



Is the bow a belt or the waistband? Either way it looks great.

I’m really jealous of the ring too. My hands are a bit fat with short fingers so I can’t carry cocktail rings off.


Polished Sense

Such a cute look for you! I love the bow on the skirt! Fabulous 😀 and that ring is to-die-for, I love it! Thanks for your kind words in your comment. It’s one of my goals, but I need a photographer to shoot me…someday!

Take care *XO*


Vintage Vixen

Oh lucky old you! I spotted that skirt in River Island yesterday but sadly it wasn’t my size – it’s such a pretty piece and the quality is fab – a great standby for years to come.
Great “dressing-down” tips – I wear a vintage skinny leather jacket, some distressed denim, an old band tee or a knitted beret with lace and satin dresses to make them more casual and worn-in.


I think this is my fav outfit you’ve worn. It’s simple but such a great outfit.
Love the skirt, good bargain!

I love a rock tee, and always try to get mens sizes and cut the neck and sleeves. Layering pretty dresses with long sleeve tops and rough looking boots always looks great.

X x

E is for Eleanor

bloody hell that skirt is lovely!

Regarding the packages at work thing, I laughed so hard when I read what you had written! The exact same thing happens to me! And I have to open them in front of everyone, becuase everyone I work with is so nosy, and then they all give me their opinions! Whether I want them or not. So mortifying.



Love the skirt! I haven’t been able to take full advantage of the sales this year after recieving a whopping tax bill (eeek!)

I usually pair my lacy dresses with leggings and flats, and a long cardi. It pretty much works for all ‘dressy’ dresses I’ve found!


That skirt was really £7.50!!! A complete bargain or what!
I love how you mix things up, ways I would never ever think of wearing things!

Perfect outfit 🙂

Noelle Chantal

you are totally right! that river Island skirt looks very luxurious. the beautiful lace embroidery, the big bow and the texture looks really fine. this is something that i will def buy! too bad we don’t have River Island over here. i so like that store abroad! and i love how you paired the skirt with a simple contrasting tee.

very chic outfit and lovely huge ring!


Oh I think you got it all down to a pat! I need to learn the art of dressing down lol, you’ve taught me a lot today:P

I love the lacy skirt and with that bow, it’s a winner all right! And the ring is so sweet too:)


Cafe Fashionista

I quite love this post, Jen – it’s fantastic! I agree, when shopping for cocktail rings it’s fun to play with shapes and colors. I have one shaped like a giant bug with stunning glittering stones decorating it. Loving the heart-shaped piece you’re wearing here; and that bow about the waist of your skirt is divine!! 🙂

pip a la chic

That is hilarious your aussie co-worker said “Happy Hump Day!” It must be an aussie thing. I never knew what it was till last year. I see alot of people write in on their facebook status so I googled it as well… God I love google!

Aya Smith

Oops, I’m actually 24 as well! My b-day was in Nov, but I never changed it on my profile.. hah! Thank you for your comment :))

You look so lovely in this outfit, btw!!! I love the layering and the bow at the waist 😀


Loving your top tips 🙂 so helpful! And that skirt is absolutely gorgeous. I always get nevrous about wearing tees tucked into skirts as I feel its a look I cant quite pull off with how small I am heightwise 🙁 But this is really pretty.

Haha aw your comment made me laugh! I cant wait to meet my little bro or sis too 🙂 Exciting times eh? Does your friend know what shes having? x

Anna Jane

£7.50?! Really?! I don’t believe you. Haha just kidding, that’s definitely the bargain of 2010, for sure.
Great tips as well – I love the tshirt/polo neck combination, it works so well! This look makes me think of Paris for some reason! Maybe its the sophistication of the outfit, and the addition of the cocktail ring and cute pumps 🙂

– Anna Jane xxx

Samira :)

you dont have to apologize!
actually its my fault, because im not understanding it.

but now i do, thank youu 😀
well, they are famous football player or famous comedians.
xoxo samira ♥


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