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Fellow four-eyes will know, there’s no joy quite like getting a new pair of specs. The world is crisper and clearer, with no scratches or thumbprints to spoil the view. After receiving these beauties c/o Pret a Voir, I watched the new Game of Thrones in wide-eyed excitement – Westeros has never looked so sharp!

buying designer glasses onlinedesigner glasses pretavoir
Glasses, Dior c/o Pret a Voir

I’ve written about buying glasses online a few times – I’m not always entirely convinced it’s the best way to shop for specs, and do generally prefer the safety of an actual opticians when choosing my glasses. But when Pret a Voir got in touch and I clocked the MASSIVE range of designer frames on their site, I was more than convinced.

I am a total snob when it comes to specs and much prefer the pricier designer frames. My theory is, they’re basically my eyes and surely my eyes deserve Dior? Yep, I think so too.

cheap designer spectacles

I chose this Dior pair – they’re quite a lot bigger than the frames I usually go for but I wanted something a bit more dramatic. It’s always a risk not being able to try them on first, but Pret a Voir offer free returns for 7 days after you’ve received your specs, so if they weren’t right I’d be able to send them straight back. Plus, the prices on Pret a Voir are BRILLIANT – the frames are very reasonable (£163 for Dior!) and single vision lenses are free too. Much cheaper than your high street optician.

They’ve taken a bit of getting used to, but I’m delighted with my new ‘eyes’. I didn’t get chance to snap a pic of me in them, but here’s a specs selfie (gonna coin that term right now) so you can see what they look like on. Love them!

Have you ever used Pret a Voir? These Miu Miu sunnies are next on my list…



A specs selfie- a spelfie? I saw your instagram snap earlier this evening and immediately went to check out Pret a Voir. I’d love a pair of designer specs but they’re sadly out of my price range even at the much lower prices that they offer. It’s certainly a URL to put by for when I can afford to treat my eyes to the Alexander McQueen’s they’ve been lusting after!


I recently got my eyes tested and tried out a few frames… Of course, I fell in love with the most expensive frames in the shop. I walked away empty-handed as couldn’t justify it (although do believe that my eyes deserve a bit of VB too!) so will definitely check out Pret a Voir!

Becks xo

Andrea Farmer

Oooh, many thanks for the link. I agree about designer frames. If you are unlucky enough to have to wear glasses all the time, then treat yourself! I was (horrified to be) quoted £350 yesterday in a high street optician for Vogue frames with transition lenses. The frames were the best of a bad bunch. I didn’t purchase so your post is timely. Many thanks.


Oh look another post to showcase something you were given for free or paid to write. The only blog posts you seem to do anymore. I appreciate you are a busy person, but I think recently you have begun to insult the intelligence of your readers, especially ones that have been with you since the early days, with your posting only when you have something you’ve been paid to write about, which is out of budget for most of the those readers who were attracted to your thriftiness. I for one will be pressing the unfollow button.


Hi Anon,

I wasn’t paid to write this. I was given the glasses for free, sure. On the very rare occasions I’m paid to write something I will disclose that fact in the post.

Maybe take a look at the two posts I did before this – I wasn’t paid to write them and they both feature things I bought with my own hard-earned cash.

I’m not a particularly thrifty blogger any more and nor do I claim to be. I started this blog when I was 23, I’m now 28. Surprisingly, my life, tastes and the way I work has changed dramatically in this time. I think they call it ‘maturing’. If you’d like a list of thrifty bloggers to follow I’d be happy to provide some recommendations for you.


Got to love how the person making a complaint didn’t actually have the guts to identify themselves. I’ve seen plenty of blogs where ALL of the posts are about items they’ve received for free and this isn’t one of them, everything you review is relevant!


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