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Despite my freelance status, I work from a studio and have my own proper desk space (which I wrote about here, if you’re interested). Getting up and heading out every day does wonders for my productivity, and having a desk away from home means I can leave work when I leave the building… in theory. Not always the case, but it’s nice to have the option!

As my studio is in the city centre, almost every night is an opportunity for after-work drinks, meals, events, karaoke… I love winding down after busy days with a glass (bottle) of red wine. And after sitting at a desk for 8 hours, I like to refresh with a few beauty essentials. Which is where my Desktop Beauty Booty comes in.

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I carry my cosmetics in my handbag, so my desktop stash is dedicated to products that wipe away a day’s work and get me ready for a night out. I have the basic essentials – deodorant, hairspray to keep curls intact and dry shampoo to resurrect my limp locks. There’s also a mini pack of face wipes for when makeup retouching goes awry and a hand sanitizer to keep germs at bay (keyboards are truly disgusting places).

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Then comes the fun stuff – hand creams from Neal’s Yard and Clinique, mini perfumes from Clarins and Hermés, an emergency Topshop lipstick for those awful days I leave mine on my dresser and a teeny pot of L’Occitane’s wonderfully-titled Precious Cream, which smells divine and is great for soothing chapped lips.

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Having some home comforts on my desk makes the transition from day to night much easier. These products help me shake off my working day and keeping them stationed on my desk means I never have to make a mad dash to Superdrug to get my hair looking halfway decent.

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I’ve given my desk a bit of a spruce so I thought I’d show you around. I love having things on display and will always pick up a cute postcard to stick above my iMac. The NYC map is by Herb Lester, bought from the fantastic Colours May Vary which is on the ground floor of my studio building.

The milk bottle vase and cactus plant are both Ikea, and the wooden ampersand was an eBay find. The grey felt coaster is part of a pack from BHS – I really recommend BHS for gorgeous homewares at really decent prices. It’s also where I found the white wicker heart basket that my desktop beauty goodies are stored in.

What beauty essentials do you keep on your desk?


Peacock's Hat

Jen your desk is so lovely and organised, I am jealous! I mean I don’t even have a desk at work, but I know if I did, it would not look like that. I do have the milk bottle vase though, I love having just one type of flower in them, they have a way of making simple bouquets look amazingly chic.

Lily Lipstick

I’ve been meaning to take in a little box of products like this since I started my new job, rather than rely on remembering them when I’m off out after work and then failing to do so….x

Kelly G

Looks lovely, organised but still lots of personality.
I desperately need to sort my desk at home, it’s slowly getting higher and higher with junk, paperwork and products. Nightmare.


A beautiful desk area and Duke studios looks very stylish! I love ampersands, so may have to do a little search on ebay for something similar, I have always regretted not picking up the Primark home one when I first saw it! I imagine as a freelancer it’s great to have a more work like environment.


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