Do You Buy From Blogs?

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‘Influence’ is a word much-used in the world of fashion blogging. Bloggers with large audience, high visitor stats and big social followings are ‘influential’. Bloggers on the front row at Fashion Week are there because of their ‘influence’. Those bloggers flown around the world courtesy of a brand’s marketing budget are ‘influencing’ someone.

But what does all this ‘influence’ actually mean? Do the big bloggers influence us to follow a brand on Twitter, to think more positively about the brands they promote, or to actually make a purchase based on a recommendation? 

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Dress, ASOS | Striped tee, H&M | Cardigan, Topshop via charity shop | Brogues, Somerset by Alice Temperley c/o John Lewis | Necklace, Primark | Ring, H&M | Glasses, Orla Kiely | Lipstick, Topshop’s Rio Rio

I bought this dress after seeing it on Lily. It’s not a dress I’d buy during a general shopping spree or internet browse – the shape isn’t one I’d usually go for, as big boobs and high necklines aren’t usually best of friends – but I loved it so much on Lily, I thought I’d try it for myself. And I’m very happy with my purchase.

The transition from ‘blog reader’ to ‘online purchaser’ is over in a matter of clicks. I’ve succumbed to the lure of internet shopping via blogs many times – as well as Lily, Kate, Lily Pebbles and Kristabel have all pushed me to purchase. The jump from reader to shopper is so simple, it’s easy to see where that ‘influencer’ tag comes from.

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For me, the big bloggers – like The Blonde Salad, Susie Bubble and The Man Repeller – are Brand Influential. They reposition luxury labels in a way that makes them more accessible, boosting recognition and visibility. Seeing The Glamourai wearing Isabel Marant booties may encourage me to add them to my mental wishlist, but I won’t drop £500+ on shoes just because a blogger wore them. On the other hand, blogs like Wish Wish Wish and Jazzabelle’s Diary introduce me to brands and products I wouldn’t necessarily pick out myself, but at £20-50 a pop I can afford to give them a go. From my purse-point, these more budget-focused blogs are Purchase Influential.

What do you think – have you ever bought something after seeing it on a blog? Which bloggers have you reaching for your Visa? And what do you think of blogging ‘influence’?



I really love this post, i agree with what your saying about the transition of being a blogger to shopper over in a couple clicks. I do think bloggers whether big or small really are influential! Glad your happy with your purchase, the colour REALLY suits you! x

Caramel Latte Kiss

I feel the same as you, some bloggers are more influential in an aspirational way; I see a big-time blogger in the latest Marc Jacobs coat, say, and I might take note of the shape, or colour and be influenced that way, but bloggers who wear high-street items in my budget, I do buy based on their influence.
Actually, I bought the Matalan polka dot jeans after seeing you in them.


I have bought products after seeing them on a blog, but never incredibly expensive ones. They are very influential, a lot of my products I own mainly because I’ve seen reviews of them! x


I end up buying lots of bits because I either see them on a blog, or from being linked to the site, so it’s definitely influential to me. Like you it’s only the ‘budget’ ones (sadly my bank balance won’t allow otherwise).

That dress has been in my ASOS wishlist for a while, sadly its sold out now 🙁 Looks great though!


As a recent twitter chat touched on the subject of ‘blogging pressures’, although I have made a number of fashion & beauty purchases on the whim of a bloggers review, I wouldn’t say that I take everything that they say as the holy grail and feel the need to buy every ‘new’ ‘wonder’ product out there..
The purchases I have made through blogs have always lived upto their reviews,
Dress looks lovely on you.. I recently bought into the smock style dress after seeing Lily in hers, but I just couldn’t buy this colour and stuck with plain jane Looks great on you, really suits you. 🙂


Great topic – this dress looks gorgoeus on Lily and on you. I definitely agree there are blogs I read because I love the high fashion but would never buy it, and blogs that influence me to go and buy something different from the highstreet – which I have definitely done before and will do again. I think I like those sorts of blogs better because they challenge me to think about clothes I wouldn’t normally pick out myself, and get me out of my comfort zone!

Elizabeth @ Rosalilium

Absolutely. I am always inspired by the style choices of my fellow Bloggers. Being able to see clothes on a real person rather than a mannekin or model (ok, I know they’re real but not my size or shape) helps me to see clothes in a different way. I often click through on items featured on blog. Plus, if they blogger is part of an affiliate scheme then I know they’ll get a small commission and that’s what makes the Blogging world go round. Share the love, and all that.


Joanne Mallon

My favourite pair of boots are ones that I bought after seeing them on this blog – they’re a pair of Bertie ankle boots with a pointy toe. I like looking at blogs for reviews and ideas for things to buy. That said though, there are a lot of terrible blog reviews around, usually when there’s nothing much to say about an item or when the blogger hasn’t put much thought or time into it. But for the blogs who do it well, they can be incredibly influential.


“I saw Cady Haron wearing army pants and flip flops, so I bought army pants and flip flops……”

I saw Rosie Londoner with a beaut Prada bag, so now I’m saving up for said Prada bag…x


A really interesting post 🙂

While I appreciate the beautiful photography that does quite often go with blogs showcasing the more expensive, luxury items, it’s not within my price point and I admire them more like I admire the expensive fashion shoots in a magazine. Like you, I’m much more likely to buy something I’ve seen on bloggers like Lily, Lily P, Emma (milkteef) and Kate because it’s more realistic spending.

Bloggers are much more influential to me than magazines. I’m forever telling my friends while we’re in shops that I need to find something because I saw so-and-so wearing it online. Bloggers have clothes that are in stores now and if they’re not, they often manage to give you more information as to when you can get your hands on it than magazines that so often feature items which won’t be in shops for a few months.

And if this mammoth response didn’t answer you well enough, I’ll leave it at this….my bank balance went drastically downhill the day I started blogging. And it’s not yet recovered.

– Tabitha at x

dolly mixtures

I think blogs are inspiring if they lead you to finding your own version of a ‘look’ but not if they lead you to copycat buying. Loving the shiny brogues and ‘up-do’ in this post xo


I’d say that bloggers now influence me more than TV adverts and magazines! It’s nice to see clothes on real people who are going to be honest with you, and show you how to style it. Blogging is a new breed of marketting altogether, I think it’s exciting!
And I have to say, the girl who can make me buy anything, has to be Lily. Just, unf.

Claire || Sitting Pretty

I had never really thought about this before,but now I do I realise how much my own style has been influenced by blogs! I do still find it a little bizarre when I get comments saying ‘I’ve just ordered this thanks to seeing your post’ as I don’t class myself as an influencer at all!

Jenny Stradling

One of the main reasons I started blogging was because many bloggers influenced me, and like you said, made me look at brands I wouldn’t have considered before. I created my own blog recently to hopefully output the same thing 🙂


Strangely enough, as a fashion blogger it’s beauty bloggers who have the most influence on me. I know clothes but am clueless about beauty and makeup products and so am more likely to buy things they suggest.

Panty Buns

I love your pretty ASOS Smock Dress In Jacquard Tree Texture. You asked a lot of questions! My answers are mostly yes. I often look at the links in fashionista bloggers’ posts and also look what else is carried by the sellers of the fashion if I like that style before posting a comment. I probably would not have looked at brands like Asos, Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, American Apparel and others if I hadn’t seen them modeled by bloggers. Just in this post I took a quick peek at: (she did a lovely job on her nails) and
I’ve been lusted after some of the lingerie I’ve seen on Frou Frou Fashionista Luxury Lingerie blog I haven’t bought anything from them yet but I suspect I will eventually despite the fashions being pricey. If they leave kind comments on my blog it will be more likely. Is that wrong?

As for my own blog, I don’t accept any form of compensation for anything or for fawning over what I review. I tend to review things I like and want to share about it. I think most fashionista bloggers are consumers, though obviously some do get compensated – not me. I just like letting readers know what I’m wearing and reviewing and hope they’ll look and let me know what they think. 🙂

Generally if I don’t like what a blogger’s outfit I don’t comment. If I love what they’re wearing I say so – and, yes, it does influence me when I see really pretty feminine fashions I can imagine wearing. I’m more likely to buy that brand or that look or check out that store.

Laurina Kennedy

I really loved this post!

I don’t know if I have ever bought anything that a blogger has worn (especially not in the last 2 months, I’m not shopping for a year! Check out my blog but I definitely try to recreate their looks with what I have in my wardrobe.

You have inspired me to wear yellow today! Xx


I love this dress, I’ve been very tempted to purchase it too after seeing the red version on Lily.
I don’t think I’ve ever bought a specific item based on a blog post but reading other blogs has definitely influenced by purchasing habits! x


I purchased a H&M coat late last year after seeing it on Jenny from CrazyStyleLove. I’ve worn it many, many times so am happy with my spontaneous, blog influenced purchase. I got into reading blogs a few years ago looking around the internet for reviews of certain Anthropologie items. It’s good to get an idea of fit, colour and proportion from normal girls, rather than a 6ft model (when I’m only 5ft 5in), who also work full time and blog on the side. I’d never let the influence of a blog override the influence of my bank account or lifestyle requirements though!



Completely unrelated, but how did you get your hair up like that with your extensions in? Have you put the extensions in the other way up or something? I can’t figure out how the clips wouldn’t be lumpy at the back! Tutorial?


It’s quite tricky! Yes, I clip them in the other way so the hair falls straight off my head rather than down to the sides… if you know what I mean! Maybe a tutorial would be a good idea 🙂

Sarah Maria Klitgaard

I read a lot of blogs and really appreciate their styles and get a lot of inspiration, but I can only think of one thing I’ve ever looked out for IRL because of a blog (an AA corduroy circle skirt – I now have it in 5 colours). To be honest this is probably just because a I’m older than most bloggers (27) and have a job to dress for, so a lot of the stuff I see on blogs isn’t right for me anyway.

I really think there aren’t enough mid 20s/30s professional but still creative fashion blogs with decent writing. One of the reasons I like Little Bird!


Thanks, Sarah! I totally agree with you – there are too few blogs focused on a more everyday, mid-20s style… which is why most of my blog-influenced purchases are accessories and beauty products! Glad you like things round here 🙂

My Passport to Style

Great post Jen! Having a background in styling means I have an prety good understanding of what styles of clothing work for my bodyshape,so I might be a bit more careful about buying into a look another blogger is wearing, however fashion bloggers are a great source of inspiration for me all the same.I more inclined to want to pick up an accessory they are wearing. I recently bought a pair of earrings via a blog tweet by Italian blogger KcomeKarolina. The biggest purchase I made was after reading you feedback about your choice of camera! x


I bought the Urban Outfitters bag in this vlog the minute I saw it. Bloggers are hugely influential. I think because they are real people showing things being worn in real life.


One of the reasons I stopped reading magazines is because I feel I get so much more from blogs. I know the term ‘real women’ is thrown around dismissively but models in magazines do not wear clothes like real women. They’re clipped and taped together at the back to make them fit! If I’m thinking about buying something, I want to see what it looks like on a NORMAL girl, and that’s why I like blogs. And that’s why I buy things after seeing them on bloggers.


I purchased the Tanty Bertie boots after seeing them on this blog and falling in love with them. They are beautiful and one of my better purchases despite the price <3

Thanks. x

Juicy Satsuma

I would say that blogs inspire rather than influence me. I don’t think I buy things just because Blogger X has it but bloggers have made me aware of brands & products I wouldn’t have known about otherwise. & I’ve seen items on a blogger which look great but on the hanger or on the website they looked hideous or I wouldn’t have known how to wear it to make it work!


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