Even more proof that size really doesn’t matter

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Thrifted skirt, Gap tee, Primark brogues, belt and ring

A few months ago I wrote about two pieces I bought from my favourite charity shop. A size 20 kaftan and a size 8 skirt, both of which fitted perfectly. Today, I’m wearing another thrifted skirt. Funnily, just like the size 8 one I wear all the time, it’s by Topshop. And it’s a size 16.

Now, how does that work? Granted, the two skirts are different styles, but surely the simple principles of measurement still apply?

As soon as I saw this floral fancy on the rail, I snapped it up. The size on the label doesn’t really matter to me, and for just £2 I couldn’t refuse. But I don’t think I’d pay £30+ for something so badly fitting.

What do you think? Do you have issues with sizing in any high street shops? Does it bother you, or would you rather go up/down a size to ensure the perfect fit? I’d love to know!

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Back in cute skirts. Marvellous.
Those shoes are so shiny. I do like shiny shoes.

I can’t afford to care about sizes and I don’t. I like things loose anyway. It doesn’t bother me. I am wearing some massive 16 shorts that fall off me but I have plenty of 16 stuff that’s too tight. C’est la vie.

E is for Eleanor

Most of the time, I too ignore the sizing. If it looks like it might fit, I’ll try it on. I have some size 10’s in my wardrobe which is about 3 sizes too small! The one thing it never seems to work with though, is trousers!

Love that skirt though, such lovely print!


Size labels mean very little i think. like you, i have stuff from size 10s to size 18s that fit me perfectly, its just bizzare. sizes within shops can even vary massively. I tend to just buy what fits rather than fret over the size label. topshop does depress me however, as their biggest size is a 16 but in reality is clearly a 12.
Holly xx

Skyline Eyes

I do find it really strange how much the sizes in shops vary. I find Topshop come up really small and Primark come up really big.
Oh and I have those Primark brogues and I practically live in mine, so comfy, so cheap <3


I’m so small that i tend to just look an item and can just tell if it will fit me or not. You look fab although that is a massive difference in sizing… weird 🙂


i love your skirt, what a bargain! it’s extremely cute. 🙂

about clothing sizes, in measurements i am a size 4/6, but i wear clothes of all sizes. some of my favourite items are ‘too big for me’. because i’m rather lanky, i actually haven’t worn jeans or trousers for over a year, i just can’t find any to fit. i think it’s rather silly about the whole ‘size zero debate’, as shops can cater for people who are very overweight, yet they can’t cater to people that are underweight. i think it’s extremely unfair, really. what do you think about this?

great post, and thank-you for your comment on my artwork 🙂

love, jazzabelle. xxx


Yup, I’m not too bothered about sizing either. I know, even within shops, that sizes are always different.
That skirt is such a great buy though. I love the print.


I find it really annoying when sizes vary so much from shop to shop. I’m not really one for trying stuff on so do like to be able to pick up my size in any shop and have at least half an idea that it’ll fit! Not always the case though 🙁


I never go by sizes when Im buying, I just buy whatever looks the right fit, my wardrobe goes from size 6 and XS to 20 and XXL pieces! I started shopping like that ages ago, sizes vary from shop to shop too much for me to be able to get a “right” size!


i think the only thing i go by size is probably fitted dress and jeans..otherwise…im pretty much roaming between size 4(my size) to size 10 since i wear loose, flow-y pieces most of the time..and sometimes i would even get few sizes bigger shirt so i could wear it with a belt as a mini dress 🙂

Vintage Vixen

Can’t say that I give much thought to sizing. There again most of my stuff is cheap second-hand gear so I just buy what I like and find a way to improvise the fit.
You look like an Indie-Tracks Indie girl in that sweet outfit.


Sizing is always difficult and can often send me off into a sulk! There’s nothing quite as disheartening as not being able to fit into a supposed ‘size’

Great find, I haven’t found any clothing bargains for quite a while x


Wow, thats a bit of a difference! I know the feeling tho, I just about sussed what clothing size I am in whatever shop, then I realise my feet no longer fit size 7s in some places – and I sure ain’t a size 5.5 H&M! Cute skirt tho 🙂


Thats crazy! I’ve used a few vintage patterns before and what was a size 10 back then is certainly not a size 10 now. But I feel the high street really takes the piss sometimes when it comes to sizing. Your posts prove this perfectly! And plus, it makes people really down 🙁 Getting a size bigger than usual, or trying desparately to squeeze in to something far to small, just because of the number on the tag (rather than how it looks or feels) Its super strange xx


I definitely think that as long as it fits and looks good it doesn’t matter what size it is.
But i did get quite upset in Miss Selfridge one time when I couldn’t fit into a size 16 pair of shorts when I was wearing a size 12 pair of jeans at the time. The thing I hate more though, is how much it actually did upset me.

Also, the new issue of Heat magazine has got my blood boiling. I just saw it advertised on TV and it’s a ‘body size special’. How ridiculous is that?! We all come in different shapes and sizes, get over it!



When I’m thrifting, I generally disregard sizes in pieces like skirts. When I’m shopping on the high street – I’m generally a different size in every shop so I tend not to label myself!


H&M are the worst for sizing, in tops I go from a size 8 to a 14, and the bottoms never ever fit me, even the biggest sizes are too tight. I don’t have a problem anywhere else. I guess H&M don’t like big butts…


urgh sizes are SO weird! in dorothy perkins & next i’m a size 8 but in other places like topshop i’m a 10. in h&m i can be anything from an extra small to a size 14! crazy.

Roo Paprika

I have thrifted items in my wardrobe that range from size 6 to size 16. Clothing sizes are absolute bobbins. That is a very lovely skirt


I don’t care about size – as long as I like it and it fits well, it doesn’t bother me.
I do know people who refuse to accept they have to go up a size, even if it’s just the shop’s weird sizing!
I have the problem with shoes I can range from 5 to 8, which is very draining when trying to find shoes!

Lou x – craftyandquirky.blogspot.com

Anna Jane

No, I don’t think sizes matter either. It totally depends on the store, the garment, the fabric and probably so many other factors as well that there’s really no need to fret about your dress size. I have a very petite frame, yet I borrow my mum’s tops all the time (and she’s apparently 4 sizes bigger than me, so there you go!)
That skirt is adorable by the way 🙂

– Anna Jane xxx


That’s very strange. Sizes normally keep consistent (does that make sense? It doesn’t sound right…)no matter what shop I go to. They only thing that REALLY bus me is when they do S,M,L sizes. They just don’t sit right at all!
I love the print clash, btw 🙂 Tis gorgeous! x

Lavender hearts

I’m having exactly the same problem. I’m on a health kick so I reckon I’ve lost a few inches as I’ve gone from a size 16 to a size 12, but in some shops I’m still a 16 while in others a 12 is loose! it’s just bizarre. I don’t fret about it because if it looks good I wear it! 🙂


It’s not so bad when inconsistancy with sizing is between stores, but when you have items of size 12, 14 & 16 from the same store (Dorothy Perkins) which all fit fine, that’s when it annoys me.


Ah the vagaries of clothing sizing. I’m finding Gap is quite generous when it comes to sizes at the moment and in places like New Look I can be anything from a 12 to an 18 depending on style and cut (always have to go for a bigger size if it has a zip in it for some odd reason).

But anyway, this skirt looks fab on you. Would never have guessed it was a 16!

LadyBugSays ...

I do find it frustrating having to take various sizes into the changing rooms as I seem to vary between a size 6 and a size 12 depending on the shop and the item!

Love that floral skirt, great find!

Tete en l'Air

On the whole I’d prefer to buy a size 16 pair of jeans (and cut the tag out!) and look svelte and gorgeous in them, than have the 14s create overspilling love handles on me.

As LadyBug says, it’s annoying having to take lots of sizes into the changing room, especially when you’re tall and unsure whether you need just the long length or the actual Tall version. I also find that the sizes change between these lengths too, so a 12L will be perfect but half-mast, but a 12 Tall will be the right length but too big.

Same with sleeve lengths, I often have to go up a size and compromise on the fitted-ness of garment, just to ensure the sleeves are long enough. Grr.


hello! just came across your blog… love it 🙂 I was actually just talking to a bunch of friends about how it always depends on the store when considering sizes… I’ve never understood that. But the skirt is lovely on you!



It looks great. I don’t care about what’s on the label, but it makes ordering clothes online so difficult when you’ve no idea what size you will be which I hate! Sort it out retailers!


I think it’s best to find pieces that fit you in a flattering way. There’s no need to worry about the size! As long as you feel good, that’s all that matters!

And you look fabulous! The floral skirt is so cute and I love that you mixed it with stripes!


I don’t mind about what the label says, what annoys me is not being able to rely on it to know which one to take to the changing rooms… Primark is far and away the worst for this, you just can’t buy anything without trying it on first! I once grabbed a few pairs of pants there, all with a 10-12 label, and when I got home noticed that one pair was 4 inches wider than the smallest… crazy old Primarni!


OOwww I just posted a waaay huge comment and then it was deleted! 🙁 I shall learn my lesson and click ‘copy’ before ‘post’ just in case… anyway….

Firstly, I love the breton/floral combo, it’s always a clash which in theory shouldn’t work, but it totally does! Hope you enjoyed the sunshine and weren’t too bummed out by England’s poor poor poorrrrr performance today 🙁

Claire @ Jazzpad


Just seen this: sizing in clothing is absolutely up the swanny, for many of the reasons already stated by the other commenters – people have got bigger since e.g. the 1960s (or even 1980s) and clothing sizes have simply moved up with them rather than increased, different shops work to different scales, etc.

However, I also have a great chart in my Metric Pattern Cutting Book (awesome) which shows the two womenswear European size charts used in the high street. Yes, two.

Because of the rise of young adults/older teenagers (just to let you know I don’t want to sound patronising as I write this) and their disposable income, certain stores – such as Topshop, Primark, H&M, etc – are more likely to use one measurement system that has ‘younger’ measurements: generally smaller bust, slightly pear shaped but adolescent. Other shops, like Gap or Marks&Sparks, would use the ‘older’ measurements: larger bust, hips, wider waist but shorter torso length.

So, essentially, why do they even label the damn stuff?


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