Fashion Bloggers – What Do You Really Wear?

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Sometimes, catching up on the blog posts in my Google Reader gives me a complex. I look down at my jeans/floral dress/flat shoes and think ‘damn, I should be wearing more bracelets/higher heels/a scarf tied in a knot the Scouts would be proud of’. As fashion blogging gets more and more popular, it seems the outfits get more and more outrageous. But what are bloggers really wearing? I mean, Jeffrey Campbell Litas are hardly Tesco-appropriate, are they?


Vintage Levi’s 501 cut offs, Primark tee and accessories, H&M cardi, shoes c/o Bertie

Now, don’t get me wrong – I love getting dressed up. As my friends will confirm, any occasion is an excuse for a new outfit. I’m going camping this weekend and have a clothing shopping list, for God’s sake. But I don’t wear costumes. The outfits you see here are the ones I wear all day, for whatever I happen to be doing. If all I’m doing is sitting in the garden persevering with an ‘outdoor office’ despite threatening clouds and high winds (that was yesterday, and this was my outfit. Yes I was cold) then I’ll show you what I’m wearing to do that. Little Bird has always been a representation of what I actually wear.

You’ll never see a photo of me in my PJs, or wearing sweats, but that’s because I only wear PJs in bed and sweats are strictly reserved for illness/extreme hangovers. I rarely wear jeans and a t-shirt without a necklace or stack of bracelets, and I’m probably the most overdressed person in my local Lidl. But my wardrobe is for wearing, not posing.

What do you think of clothing as costume?



I love this post. I wear such dull outfits that I never post them. Often I look at outfit posts on other blogs and think ‘really? Did you really wear that?’ x


Because I try to be honest about what I’ve genuinely worn I don’t post every day because I know it’d just be me in a plain t-shirt and jeans. So when I feel like making an effort, I’ll post!

A Thrifty Mrs

Jen, this is why I frickin’ love you.
I actually covered something like this in my BA dissertaion and could rant and rave about projected female perception all day long. Blogs provide a good modern day case study.


Snap im the same as you the outfits i post are the outfits i wear. The only thing i am guilty of is before taking a picture is put a little bit more make up on than i normally would ! i dont want to scare all my readers off !


I always wear shorts and a T-shirt. Except when teaching and then it’s slightly smarter shorts and a slightly smarter T….

But then I’ve only ever posted one OOTD and that was more to do with tights than anything else.


I love that you said that and that the commenters all agree!! I only post outfits rarely because i often Don’t feel “fashion” enough! Xxx


Love this post Jen. You just summed up one of the many reasons I’ve been reading your blog for so long.

You keep it real, and I like that.

Loveaudrey xxx


Hmm I kinda like the ‘costumey’ aspect of blog posts! Although yeah, my outfits are what I actually wear, but its nice to see something remixed differently than how I would wear it, even if it does involve heels and swishy skirts that would be no use for doing the food shop! 🙂


This is a great post, Jen. Since I started to post more outfits on my blog I have felt concious that I don’t fit in with the rest of the fashion bloggers! My outfit posts are always what I actually wear and I’m using my blog to experiment more with my wardrobe not just post outfits that have no actual purpose!xx


Definitely with you on this one. I only post stuff that I actually wear and when I happen to be wearing something absolutely ordinary, that´s not even worth the shot (talking bf jeans and a checked shirt or something equally lazy), I just don´t post about it. But let´s be completely honest, this does happen quite a lot. That´s why I post one or maybe two outfits every week…because who´d wanna see me wearing the same stuff all the time, right?

Also I think putting stuff on and posting about it only for the sake of being able to post about is a bit lame…and definitely false.

On the other hand, though, there are bloggers out there that look amazingly chic wearing absolutely basic clothes so I guess the line is really rather thin…

But anyway, you´re absolutely right. As a reader, I´d hate to think that a blogger that I adore and have been following for ages doesn´t really wear what the posts are about in real life. That´s be pretty disappointing.


Great post! I tend to be quite experimental with my clothes day to day, but I definitely wouldn’t post all of them on the blog. Some experiments are destined to fail! The outfits I post are a mixture of what I actually wore, with a few ‘what ifs’ thrown in for good measure. Fashion is a little bit of fantasy after all right? xx

Lucy Nation

This is an interesting subject. I think the phenomena that is the outfit post became so hugely popular because it represented the anti-photoshoot and therefore gave genuine inspiration for real people’s everyday wardrobes. I love that some people go to so much effort with their everyday outfits but I also enjoy seeing hastilly posed, just got hom from work, camera phone in the mirror outfit shots! 🙂


Such a great post as ever Jen. I’ve always found fashion blogging an interesting platform and notion to be part of, I personally only post outfits that I’ve worn! I typically write about my day and discoverings on my blog and would feel like a cheat if I blogged an OTT outfit that wasn’t very “me” in real life. xx

Fashion By Alicia

Great post! I always post outfits I wear. I don’t wear a lot of heels so you won’t see me in them and I do jeans and t’s all the time. Like you, I sometimes feel like I should be wearing fancier items to compare to the other bloggers. But what I like about you (and a lot of the blogs I follow) is that you know it is what wear and you ARE NOT putting on a costume. 🙂


EXACTLY why I love you Jen 🙂 you are the most ‘real’ fashion blogger/writer I have ever had the pleasure of reading. You really are inspiring, have always thought that and always will xx


Why did blogger make me anonymouse?! This was me! 🙂 xx

This is a great post, Jen. Since I started to post more outfits on my blog I have felt conscious that I don’t fit in with the rest of the fashion bloggers! My outfit posts are always what I actually wear and I’m using my blog to experiment more with my wardrobe not just post outfits that have no actual purpose!xx


I always think you have a lovely, chic style no matter what you’re wearing Jen. And you accessorise really well which is half the battle when it comes to making basic outfits look great.

With my outfit posts, if I blog it then I’ve worn it. It might sometimes be covered up a bit with a boring cardi or work fleece for part of the day because my office is COLD. Even in the blazing heat I can’t cope with just a little dress on. And sometimes compromises do have to be made with shoes due to the nature of the building I work in so I might switch between heels and flats but I’ll still have worn them for at least part of the day.

A lot of the time I’m just in jeans and jumpers though so I don’t blog those outfits. I don’t pretend I wear frocks every day and I think that’s clear to my readers but I choose not to blog what I consider my dull outfits.


Fantastic point as always Jen! When I see bloggers posing in their 6in clogs whilst on a bicycle I’m like really?! I don’t think I’ve ever dressed up in something for the sake of a blog post and for me that’s the reason I like blogging, to see what real people wear on a daily basis. It’s nice to look at these crazy outfits sometimes but they aren’t the best source of inspiration when you’re getting ready for work.

Bow Dream Nation xx

Funny Little Frog

I totally agree with you. I always post outfits I actually wear, I wouldn’t have the time to get dressed up just to take photos never mind anything else xxx

Miss Raj

It’s funny you wrote about this – I stumbled upon one such blog just yesterday and I was sat there thinking, gosh, she looks exquisite… but is she really going to go and buy a pint of milk and the paper wearing that? Clothing is meant to fit into your lifestyle, your day-to-day routine; and i definitely can’t be bothered with clothes that don’t facilitate me in my busy life – they have to be comfortable, practical and look good all the same time. Guess it’s about finding the balance! x


I’d never get dressed up just for a blog post! I only post outfits I actually wear but probably only photograph 2 outfits per week due to either running late and not having the time or due to the fact that I inevitably have to repeat outfits. Some days I definitely feel like what I’m wearing isn’t “good enough” to blog about…I hope I get the balance right between being honest about what I actually wear and showing nice, interesting (I hope) outfits on my blog. x


and this is one of my favourite outfits you’ve worn. It has that effortlessly cool but nicely coordinated look. And those shoes! I’d wear those flats every day if I was their proud owner.

Yep, to what you say. Yep, indeed.


I only ever show outfits that I actually wear. Don’t see the point otherwise!

Love your hair Miss Jen x


Love this post! I, too, sometimes wonder how… practical some fashion bloggers’ outfits are.

I post only what I’m wearing that day, but as I generally post when I’m going to work people do mostly see the smarter side of me rather than the ‘chilling on the sofa’ side. I’ve broken out the denim and revealed my fetching decorating outfit to the world before now, though, as I felt a bit strange about presenting an always-fairly-smart image to the world.


Half of the time I see really great outfits on blogs but they’re just not very practical for me. Like a leather jacket over a pretty dress with high heels. If it’s warm enough to wear a dress with bare legs, then it’s too warm to wear a jacket and the heels just make me seem overdressed in my sleepy London suburb. Most of the time I can’t wear heels everyday even though I love the effect they give, seems that most high flying bloggers don’t have to walk 10 mins to the station and commute for 2 hours per day…


I only post outfits I genuinely am wearing that day – whether to go out somewhere nice or just to tescos! And I totally agree – no PJs or Sweats for me unless I’m sleeping/running.

The one thing I will admit to is popping on a pair of heels for an outfit photo, and then swapping them for flats before I actually leave the house.

What can I say? I’m a total outfit post cheat! Feel free to shun me as appropriate!


I wear all the outfits i post on my blog, ive never been an appropriate dresser though! im one of those people that likes to be presentable 24/7. I never wear jeans or sweats or dress down purely because im at home! sometimes i wear leather shorts just to sit in my house all day and do the cleaning! I wear heels alot more since being a blogger but i doubt thats the effect of blogging its probably more like i realized how short i was and need to stop looking like a 14 year old!

I do look at some blogs and be like ok did you actually wear that? but i look at myself, someone who does like to be a little self indulgent and wear ott things for the sake of it and think OK maybe they did, If they want to wear their litas to tesco then kudos to them!


Love your style and how real it is, I only post what I wear, I’m not that adventurous! When buying heels, comfort always comes first!


So glad to know I’m not the only one! What I wear depends on how I feel, if I’m staying at home I will stay in jeans/sweats because I can’t think of a reason not to. I love dressing up, but I can’t be bothered if I’m not going anywhere! xx
Sirens and Bells


You are so right. I sometimes wonder where some bloggers wear their over-the-top outfits. Comfort is key in an outfit and I make sure I’m comfy when I get dressed. I love this post. 🙂


I definitely 100% agree with this. I often wonder if some bloggers really go out just to the shops etc in what they show on the blog.
Most bloggers do look ‘normal’ though and I never photograph something I’m not already wearing on the day.


Love this post!

I sometimes wonder if certain bloggers just buy items to wear them for outfit posts. Some shoes / clothes just seem to be too impractical for “real life”.

Keep on being yourself! That’s why your blog is so special! 🙂



Always wonder if fashion bloggers actually wear their outfit of the day, ESPECIALLY the ones with towering heels. More because I don’t understand how you could walk around in them all day…

northwest is best

I’m definitely a little more on the costume side of things, but genuinely wear the outfits I post my blog. Even to the supermarket and such. But one of my biggest considerations when getting dressed is cycling, so you’ll never see me in heels.


I kept thinking how to phrase this in order not to offend you, because that would be the last thing I would want to do. So I will just go ahead and say it, hoping that you will take it in the positive manner that I’ve meant it…you are not a super model type. You are a regular girl who dresses in normal clothing. And, at least for me, that is the appeal of your blog. There are thousands of tall, thin, mile long legged with gorgeous hair – type of girl bloggers out there…and everything looks fantastic on them, so they try harder and harder, to be outrageous, to stand out. You are different, because you are a regular girl, who does her best to look great in normal clothing on a normal budget. I have taken outfit ques from you…not so much from the glamourai :))

Madame G

I suppose one person’s ‘costume’ is another’s ‘everyday’. I wouldn’t post photos of what I wear to work because to me, it’s just basics. However, others may think of it as over the top.

I don’t want to see what most people wear on a daily basis – I can walk down the high street for that. I want to see outfits that are carefully put together by intelligent and interesting people who inspire me.


I did infact wear my Litas to Morrisons, I’m sure this counts! haha

I love the costume part of blogging, but at the same time I always post what I would wear on a day to day basis. On the opposite side when I come across a pointless OOTD I kinda think what was the point of that?

I think if you are happy with the person you are putting out there, you are the only person that needs to feel truly happy with it.


for outfit style posts, I wear what i always wear and i wear what i feel comfortable in. And if I wore a “costume”, i’d feel (and would most definitely look) awkward. But I do enjoy looking at other people’s daring outfit choices. x


Great post, some bloggers are everyday outfit posters and others just show an extra special outfit they have styled on themselves.


Thanks for all your comments guys – some really great opinions from both sides!

@Andreea – I’m not at all offended! I would never describe myself as a supermodel, I’m very much a normal girl of normal weight/height/looks with possibly abnormally sized feet (UK 8!). I think you summed it up perfectly – some blogs are very aspirational and make us dream of being a 6ft size 8 beauty with flowing locks and the ability to make anything look fabulous. Others are just normal people showcasing everyday style. I definitely fall into the latter! 🙂


I love this post, you’ve simply wrote what a lot of people were already thinking. I cannot help but feel intimidated by some of the outfits people wear on here, and in comparison I barely look dressed. I generally don’t post outfits most of the time because of this.


Love this post! It’s so true. I too, though, only post outfits I’ve actually worn, although once or twice I’ve photographed a dress with heels on and then changed into flats to go out, ha! But a little bit of embellishing is fine, I think, no different from adding makeup before you turn the camera on. 🙂


i buy less and less now and stuff that i’m pretty sure i will like in a year or two too. but saying that i have some pretty radical printed/patterns/colours in my wardrobe too. as long as i feel comfortable and don’t look too generic i’m all set


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