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TU jumper, thrifted polo neck, Levi’s black jeans, Office boots, Topshop ring

And the details…

Today I definitely dressed for comfort rather than style, but I think it turned out pretty well!

I’ve never really ‘got’ supermarket chic. Buying clothes alongside frozen chickens and pints of milk kinda takes the magic out of it. The harsh overhead lights, whirring refrigerators and trolleys with wobbly wheels are constant reminders that you’re not cosseted with fellow fashionistas in a Topshop haven. Whereas shopping for clothes is a joyous treat, being inside a supermarket just reminds me of the daily grind – I find it hard to escape to the dressing room in my head and imagine what I could do with that skirt, or those shoes.

A trip to my local Sainsbury’s on Saurday was no different – wobbly trolley, check. Harrassed mother with screaming child, check. Bag of parsnips, check. I must’ve took a wrong turn, (that or my wayward trolley decided to cut its own path) as I found myself wandering through the TU section – Saunsbury’s very own foray into fashion.

Most of it was as you’d expect – functional, simple, cheap. But a few things caught my eye… Firstly, the nightwear was excellent. What girl doesn’t love leopard print slipper boots and floral dressing gowns? Then I found a whole rack of beautiful leather riding boots. At £50, they weren’t cheap but neither were they expensive, and I would’ve snapped them up if they’d had my size.

Finally, I landed at the knitwear. This is where I was most impressed. Gorgeously soft, cosy knits in loads of colours and cuts, with cute and kooky embellishments to boot. I could’ve bought about 5 jumpers and more than a couple of cardigans, but restricted myself to the cable knit cutie you see in the pictures. With its gold buttons and regal shade, it’s just the nautical nicety I’m fond of and at £12 I really couldn’t resist. I’ll definitely be taking a trip down that aisle when I next need a loaf of bread!

PS – As as engagement present, my mum, stepdad and grandma bought Mr and I some beautiful Le Creuset cookware. Aaahh! I L.O.V.E Le Creuset and already have the big version of these adorable heart-shaped pots. We also got a cast iron dish for casserole creations.


Vintage Vixen

Gorgeous! Love Le Creuset….You’re looking great, definately NOT a case of comfort over style in my opinion. Loving the little bird ring. I’m with you on the supermarket shopping, it’s an odd experience, not at all luxurious but one of my best bikinis ever was found when I’d run into Asda for a pack of butter.

E is for Eleanor

agh! love the creuset set! amazing.

And the topshop ring and argyle tezture on the jumper!

and totally agreed about the snow, its a nightmare in London. Fun and pretty to look at, so NOT fun to walk around in! hehe. x

Em x

You look fab, i love the ring. I’ve never got anything from Tu as my local Sainsburys doesn’t stock it but i love George at Asda x


I LOVE that ring! It’s beautiful!! does it wobble?
And the Le Creuset pots, so cute, what a lovely gift.
Sainsburys do some good clothes, I HATE food shopping and get really stressed doing it, so buying something pretty takes the pain out of it. 🙂

The snow is getting tiresome. Lovely and pretty but a pain in the ass when you have to travel and generally get on with life. Roll on 23rd!

X x

Anna Jane

Those heart shaped pots are simply adorable.

I can totally emphasise on the supermarket front – I too find something slightly odd about finding clothes one aisle away from food! But seriously, it’s well worth keeping an eye open during the weekly shop, I’ve managed to snap up some gorgeous nightwear, underwear, and even partywear from places like Asda and Tesco before!

And yay for Gucci glasses ;D

– Anna Jane xxx


Oh I love the casual comfy look, the cable knit sweater is a great buy indeed!! Well, sometimes you find some gems in the most unlikeliest places:)

And your engagement present is too sweet!!


Yey … we are super alike … I love all kinds of shopping EXCEPT grocery shopping! The hubby used to do it for me but this year, his schedule has been just a mess soooo I’m the one stuck with getting food! Ugh.


PS You are so chic having gone to the supermarket in that attire! Clap, clap, clap! If only everyone in the supermarket I go to dressed the way you did, it wouldn’t be such a chore to me!


Supermarket shopping rules! The Le Creuset set is an amazing gift – love it. And your birdie ring… Gorgeous! x

Cafe Fashionista

I love the fact that you bought fashions in a supermarket! A friend of mine bought tights in a drugstore the other day! Isn’t it amazing how we can now buy stylish pieces almost anywhere?! Your leather riding boots sound heavenly – what a great find!! And your bird ring…love!!

Oh, I am in absolute adoration of your engagement present! I want!! 🙂

Second Skin

WHAT!??? They have things like that at your grocery store! That is freaking incredible! Leather riding boots and parsnips?! you gotta be kidding me! That sweater is so amazing and your story is unbelievable! WOW. Where are you? The UK? Clean up the guest bedroom, I am flying over. 😀


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