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As well as clothes and shoes and accessories and charity shops, I also love gadgets. I’m a diehard Apple fangirl, I get shamelessly caught up in hype and I’m fascinated by technological innovation.

I’d like to think I enjoy technology because it enriches my life. I appreciate the huge difference small details can make, and I take the time to understand how things work. Yes, the most important part of technology is that it works well, but it is nice when gadgets look good.

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SA-700 Vintage Couture headphones c/o RHA 

Now, this won’t be a ‘OMG-so-pretty-I-die’ post. Although… OMG so pretty I die! I love these headphones. They were sent to me by RHA, an English company based in Scotland. For their Couture headphones, RHA collaborated with designers and illustrators to create this unique style. Very pretty, yes. But are they up the job of actually delivering music to your earholes?

In a word – yes! I recently started commuting via public transport (something I haven’t done since uni) and these are brilliant on the bus. The moulded ‘earcups’ block out even the loudest toddler tantrum and are so good, the woman behind me in the queue at Co-op had to physically shake my shoulders to get my attention (I’d dropped my bananas). I’ve used them on my way to and from the studio as well as at the gym and I am thoroughly impressed.

My one slight issue is due to my own terrible eyesight – after a while, the pressure from the headphones on the arms of my glasses does start to hurt my head a little bit. But that’s something I can live with on my 15 minute commute, and wouldn’t be a problem for anyone with 20:20 vision/contact lenses.

The RHA Couture headphones are available on Amazon and cost £49.95, but the lovely people at RHA have created a special discount code for Little Bird readers – just enter LITTLE50 at the checkout for 50% off, making them a very affordable £25 (ish). Bargain!

Are you a fan of gadgets? What do you think of these headphones?


Ms Wanda

2 things I don’t understand why it took the world so long to invent – suitcases with wheels and nice looking headphones!


I’ve totally just treated myself! I’ve been looking for some new head phones for a while and they are just too pretty! Hopefully I’ll get some street cred with the kids at school, decent headphones are a must for a music teacher!


Haha well this sucked me! They are stunning and I managed to create a need for them…oops! Thanks for sharing 🙂



They are incredibly pretty, I’ve never been a headphone fan in that style, and prefer the little ear plugs, however struggling with them plopping out when I run at the gym and not blocking out noise makes me think these would be great.


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