Favourite Colour Combos – Peach and Turquoise

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Vintage blouse, Topshop jeans, shoes c/o Bertie, Primark bangles, H&M ring

I love discovering new colour combinations. After wearing peach and turquoise in Sunday’s outfit, I realised it was a pairing made in heaven and vowed to wear it again at the next available opportunity. Which was, erm, Monday.

I’m a little bit matchy-matchy when it comes to colours – a habit I picked up from my Grandma who always matches her handbag to her shoes (it’s a life skill every girl should learn). A great colour combination + denim = outfit, done.

Favourite colour combinations, everyone?


Alice, Pretty Confused

That is such a beautiful colour combination! I’m just getting ready to go out this evening and I think I might have to incorporate it into my outfit. Those shoes are absolutely adorable too, I have a soft spot for anything called Bertie, can’t wait to check the site out 🙂 xo


I have those exact same shoes. But mine were from Office about 2 years ago. They’re identical! How strange x


I love those colours. For autumn I love plum with either mustard or cobalt blue. Loads of jewel tones all together!


Green, green and a bit more green. Haha, I do mix it up a bit more than that, honest. I try all sorts. Seem to be wearing a lot of autumnal together shades at the moment though.


Your mocasins are too cute! I love the idea of mixing coral and turquoise, it’s the perfect mix of Miami and the southwest.

I’m really looking forward to mixing new colors into my wardrobe this fall. I’m really into emerald and eggplant together and chocolate browns and pinks.

Miss Raj

very summery and light. the colours just seem to set each other off…. you look fabulous as always, stylish buy comfortable!


Gorgeous colour combination! Your shoes are awesome.

I really like light grey and turquoise together. Though I’m not sure if this counts because light grey goes with pretty much everything?


Turquoise is such a great colour, it has a funky contrast with peach. I love pairing turquoise with bright green for a jewel effect. I also love grey teamed with dusky pink. Actually, I just like colour in general! It’s hard to choose favourites.


I positively shuddered at the title but this DOES work! Only because they’re not ‘touching’ though…

Really pretty.


I’m loving coral with neutrals and denim. Turquoise is such a great colour to mix with, it seems to go with so much…


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