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I don’t know about you guys, but I think today is a very respectable day to put up your Christmas decorations. Which is exactly what we did! Our flat now sparkles and twinkles like a winter wonderland. I still want more fairy lights, but for now…

I hope you’re feeling just as festive as me today. We’re settling down to watch Love Actually now, with venison sausage casserole and a bottle of wine – it’s a Christmas tradition. Do you have any much-loved traditions for the season? Merry Christmas!



My mom always puts the decorations up right at the last minute, so this year i’ve put them all up in my room instead 🙂 i love christmas! haha.

Me and my best friends all gather round to one of our houses to watch Love Actually around christmas time, with a few tubs of Ben & Jerry’s and some wine, perfect tradition I think 🙂

Merry Christmas!

claire eloise

love it, especially the silver reindeer!
i love decorating my house for christmas, i make choc chip cookies and drink white hot chocolate with christmas songs in the background all day. & of course being in pj’s is mandatory! x

Vintage Vixen

We’re usually away for Xmas, first time in 10 years we’ve been in the UK. Can’t really remember what we’re supposed to do but drink ourselves silly and make the most of friends being off work.
Love the reindeer, quite fancy him as a festive necklace.


I love the baubles in the vase, I should make use of my empty vase in the same way!

I have a tacky sparkly reindeer up in my room, but that’s it for decorations so far, as I have forgotten where I put my mini tree! We’re putting the main tree up next weekend, I think, and all that goes with it!


Oh, Love actually is one of my favourite holiday movies!! And I love decorating the house with Christmas ornaments, it’s wonderful!! I’m looking for fairy lights too:P


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