Feeling thrifty for London Fashion Week

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A few weeks ago, I got an email from Helen at Vouchercodes.co.uk inviting me to take part in their purse-friendly challenge for London Fashion Week.

The aim is to prove that style doesn’t have to leave you sobbing at the cash point, and the task was to create an oh-so fabulous outfit yet inexpensive outfit.

What I’m wearing:
Dress: £5, Primark
Tee: £3, Primark
Tights: £2, H&M
Blazer: £5, charity shop
Leather brogues: £7, eBay
Necklace: £1, car boot sale
Rings: 50p and £1, car boot sale

Outfit total = £24.50

This is definitely the cheapest outfit in my wardrobe. And it’s not too shabby, right? I needed to be a little smarter than usual today as I had a client meeting, so this dress and blazer combo was perfect. Since starting my Fashion Diet, I’ve been much more aware of how much things cost, and I’m always on the hunt for ways to save my pennies. Remember my Steve Madden boots? I used a code from Vouchercodes.co.uk to get free delivery from ASOS, knocking £5 off my order. And what about my bird print dress? I got 20% off the price with another code. It’s always worth a quick search before you shop.

What’s the cheapest item in your wardrobe? Are you a bonafide bargain hunter or flash with your cash? I’d love to know!



That necklace is gorgeous!

I always look for voucher codes before buying. My boyfriend’s amazing at finding money off/complete bargains I’m learning from him hehe.



I love how you put your outfits together, and that dress is very cute!

I’m a bit of both, I love bargains and try to save money when I shop as much a possible. But if I see something I really really like I’d consider spending a little bit more than usual


I love that dress – would never have thought it was Primark! My cheapest item is a navy strapless bodycon dress from Miss Selfridge, it was reduced to £5 in the sale AND I got student discount so it was £4.50! It’s always worth a trawl through the end of sale rail – most of it will be vile but I can usually find a hidden gem or 2! x

E is for Eleanor

Amazing outfit! I love that blazer and dress together, very sharp, perfect look for work! I’m a little sad as I don’t think I’m going to get a chance to do the competition. Not very well 🙁 May just take photos of the items themselves but seems a bit lame in comparison! x


This is a fabulous outfit – even if it had cost 10 times as much – and looks great on you! I’ve got so many clothes which have cost absolutely nothing because my mum is a hoarder and has a whole cellar full of treasures – all for free!


Lovely colours on you, I’m really wanting more mustard in my own wardrobe. You (and Vix!) are the queen of making bargain clothes into fabulous outfits.

Amy Marie

I love that outfit, I wear pretty dresses and blazers quite often but you pull it off much better than I do.

My best bargin ever is a dress I missed out in Topshop and had been lusting after for ever then I found it on ebay for a meer fiver. It’s gorgeous and really flattering!

Love, Amy Marie.

Em x

Gorgeous dress and i love the layering too. I think my cheapest item is a dress i got for £1 in primark ages ago, i’ve worn it sooo many times xx


That dress is amazing! I love the necklace too. My favorite part though, is the long sleeved top underneath. That color really makes it WOW 🙂


Ah this dress is amazing, everytime you wear it I love it more.

My cheapest item has to be my wedges that cost £1.50, great for summer, or spring with cute ankle socks. 🙂

X xx


Loving all your jewellery today Jen 🙂

I have a couple of pretty printed things (one top, one dress) that were £1 each from the sale rail at Primark. I do love a good bargain – the sense of satisfaction when you snap up something at a fraction of it’s original price is brilliant.


Oooh la la! I really like the cut of your jacket, and the way your ring matches your dress so well. I love finding bargains, and I LOVE that you can create an outfit like yours for cheap! I think one of the best bargains I’ve ever gotten was a vintage Dooney & Bourke purse for $5!!! It’s big a sturdy and I was very excited to find it! Don’t you get a little high off of finding a good deal? 😀


Thats amazing! Cant believe how cheap your blazer is, a fiver is quite awesome 🙂 Lovely little combo. My cheapest item is a flowery dress from the matalan clearance store. It was £4 and looks like something from topshop! Of course it makes me completely resent buying anything from the high street now as some stuff seems ridiculously overpriced 🙁 xx


You’d never believe this outfit cost less than £25.

Just goes to show you don’t have to spend a fortune to look gorgeous!


Jen … I can’t believe that this is the cheapest dress you own … you look like a million bucks in it!

And that is, ladies and gentlemen, the trick of the day, looking effortless without even trying! Gorgeous as always, Jen!

Vintage Vixen

I love that dress on you, it was a real bargain!

Cheapest item in my wardrobe? My two 20p coats? My new blouse (20p)? It’s rare anything I wear ever costs more than a tenner.



PS I love the necklace, so beautiful and thanks for the little note, too! I’m loathe to part with it now.


I agree with Disco Goth – it’s one of your best outfits yet!!

I guess I’m torn between bargain hunter (I love sale rails, and charity shops..) and a cash-flasher, because if there is something I fall for, I have it no matter what (spoilt upbringing showing through there :S ) x


Argh, I never did get round to doing this post myself lol. God knows if I will now!

I think my best ever bargain was a classic black shift dress for £1.50 from la redoute. It was literally worn to death and is no longer decent but I loved that thing.


That’s a great outfit anyway – let alone for £25!

Char – I don’t think that’s a bad thing, there is nothing worse than someone who thinks they are stylish because they spent a lot.



Oh lovely! I appreciate the bargain-aspect as well! My best buy is a dress I bought from Primark the other day – I thought it was full price and nabbed it as the only one in my size… it was only when I got to the till that I found it was a POUND. I wore it the other day with some shoes from the Primark sale and realised the most expensive item I was wearing was my tights!!

Cafe Fashionista

Darling you look like you should be up on the catwalk during London Fashion Week – I love everything about this outfit!!

Oh, I am a bonafide cheapskate. Not really, I just like to find a good bargain. I don’t think I own a single item worth more than $50 – except for a few rings, of course!! 🙂


Oh this outfit is definitely London fashion week-worthy! You look absolutely fantastic!!

I’m not sure which category I belong to really, I buy whatever I happen to like regardless of the price:P


un petit lapin

That is a very thrifty outfit indeed! My cheapest item is probably a real leather belt I got from a charity shop for £1. I don’t wear it much. However, I do have a Chanel-esque bag for £2 from a charity shop that I use ALL the time. Best bargain ever.

claire eloise

that dress is so lovely, i never shop in primark but i might just have to start! i used to be thrifty but ever since i started uni i’ve been spending way too much money on clothes. but i’m going to follow your example and try a fashion diet xx

Lexy @ Quirky Explosion

1. You look AMAZING.
2. I love the peek of the yellow on the sleeves.
3. My life consists of thrifty items. For real. I can’t choose one. I guess it would probably be my free shirt. Because it’s free. Or even this giant wool sweater i got for $2. Haha. SOOO MANY CHOICES! (I’m frugal in a way that’s almost unhealthy!)

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Second Skin

This is MAYBE my MOST FAVORITEST outfit you have ever worn EVER!! It am FLoored by thins on soooo many levels! Great job! Holy jeeesh girl! And that care package you got in the most recent post with all the freaking lovely things and your photo shoot was just amazing!


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