Femininity – is it all about florals?

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Primark dress, Primark cardigan, H&M tee, H&M tights, Chockers boots, thrifted bag

The lovely Christina gave me a great idea for a post with her thoughts on feminine dressing. Like me, she likes to pretty up a more masculine outfit with a flash of floral or little bit of lace.

If you take a look at my photos, including the one above, you’ll see I follow a pretty solid pattern. If I’m wearing jeans, I go for girly colours, floral fabrics and shiny jewels – like here. When I wear dresses, I find a balance by adding tough boots, big belts and paired down accessories – like here.

I’m a rather feminine individual anyway – I have an irrational hatred of the outdoors (unless it’s sunny and I don’t have to walk anywhere), I like the colour pink, I collect flowery crockery and spiders make me scream. So does my femininity shine through, regardless of what I’m wearing? Would I still look dainty and doll-like (who am I kidding?!) in boyfriend jeans and a hoody? Or is our perception of femininity based on that first glance?

I’ll never be the type of girl to throw on her boyfriend’s shirt and still ooze glamour from every pore. I suck without makeup and I’m actually quite a dab hand at changing the oil on my car. Maybe not so feminine after all? I’ll let you decide as I paint my nails Baby Pink…


PS – Thank you all so much for your opinions on yesterday’s post. I just wanted to say to anyone considering or pursuing a job in fashion – don’t give up! Work as hard as you can to get the career that’s right for you and don’t be put off by stories from the front line. Everyone’s experience is different and it’s living through them that makes us better people. 🙂


Amy Marie

I’ve been eying up biker boots for a while now but I’m not convinced i’d pull them off. On you however, the whole outfit looks great!

I have a horrible phobia that I look like a boy so I go out of my way to dress feminine. I hate how I look in jeans or trousers so I always wear skirts and dresses (oh and shorts) with the exception of leggings. I went through a phase of dressing like a boy in my jeans and used to cringe at the thought of wearing a dress, now however it’s the other way around. Maybe it’s my insecurities or maybe i’m just growing up and don’t mind showing off some leg.. I know for a fact though I can’t pull off the feminine/masculine combo.. I just look confused!

Love, Amy Marie.


You are definitely a girly girl… I can’t imagine you wearing boyfriend items. I love to see you in dresses. You are so pretty.

PS…although I have an obsession with black clothes, my fave color is pink too. xoxo

Cafe Fashionista

I think that femininity is about the attitude. You could be dressed as a boy, but if you’ve still got the strut of a girl your femininity is omnipresent. Loving you in this look, Jen – you always put together the most splendrous of ensembles!! 🙂


Yes I agree Jen you always seem to make your outfits look feminine, despite the fact that personally, boots make me look far too boyish (it’s the big feet i think!) nice outfit 🙂 x

Vintage Vixen

You are such a girly girl, Jen! You always look so pretty and feminine.

My fiends always joke that I should have been born a man. Despite my long hair, penchant for killer heels and makeup I don’t like cakes or chocolate, am scared of babies and run a mile at the mention of weddings.


I love the really feminine look – however I really don’t feel comfortable in just a dress so I tend to stick to jeans a lot of the time – although not boyfriend jeans, they just make me look huge!
However if I do start wearing dresses I don’t think I could wear biker boots or anything because I just don’t think I could pull it off! You work it perfectly though 🙂


I think you define your own femininity by the way you inhabit your own body and own the style you wear. I’d love to be able to wear little ditsy florals and lace like you, but I just can’t work it!

E is for Eleanor

It’s very odd but even though my tastes are horrendously girly, I am actually quite scared to dress overly feminine on a day to day basis. I think it makes me feel a bit vulnerable. If I wear dresses I tend to harden them up with boots like you, or add tough jewellery etc.

Great discussion post though, so interesting to hear everyones opinions! x


I am very much liking the idea of boots at the moment, even though we are drawing out of winter. I just love the idea of a heavy boot to contradict a feminine item such as a dress.

I have some CAT boots, you know the brand who make workman shoes…yes I know this sounds odd, but I got them in tkmaxx wether there meant for ‘workwomen’ who knows. But i simply love wearing them.

and may I add flowery crockery sounds divine 🙂


I love the outfit. I think you can really pull off feminine styles, I generally tend to look like a seven year old playing dress up in mummy’s clothes if I dress to florally.

Same with the nautical theme that’s been in the past few months, I look like a little sailor girl!


I disagree, I think you could definitely wear boyfriend items!! Maybe you should give them a try. The trick is to wear them with something form-fitting – the shirt with a short skirt and tights or leggings; the jeans with a flattering shirt, etc.

Also, I’m pretty sure balloon make static worse… I seem to remember playing with that as a kid. LOL


I love that you mix girly dresses with tougher accessories. It’s a really great look. I wish I had a signature look, I wear any old crap. At the moment I feel huge in everything 🙁 haha woe is me!

I loooove ur blog, it gets better and better xx


You know me – live in my biker boots. I love mixing the feminine outfits with something a bit more boyish.

I’ll never be 100% girly, I once sent my step dad back to the bar because he bought me a half when he bought all the lads pints!



I actually love those boots, adore, lust after, you get the picture.

I’m a nice inbetween I think, can drink pints with the boys and know the offside rule – yet love sparkly things and baking. 🙂

X x


Like someone else has already said, I think it’s mostly about attitude and personality. I don’t particularly want to be classed as anything – surely the mixture of tastes and styles and interests is what makes us the fabulous women we are? 😉


I’m definitely a girlie girl but once in awhile I love surprising everyone including myself by going out of my boundaries:P

I think you would look great in boyfriend jeans and the works too. I’m pretty sure you can pull anything off! Try it out soonnnnnnn!!


I think I;m a bit girly, but not overly so. I grew up on a farm, so I don’t mind working outside, I love camping and hiking, but I also love dresses and stuffed animals. I think most people are a combination.


LOL, I’m sure you do not suck without makeup! Your such a pretty girl, own it! This outfit looks super cute on you too, the shoes just give it that edge, which is so great


know what jen? with how adorable you are, you’d still look chic and ‘girly’ even with a hoody and boyfriend jeans. 😀

i dress so girly in a way but i love getting dirty too…now that i think about it, i miss the smell of dirt and grass from playing football…hehe.

and oooh, you’re dress is so cute!

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥


I recently took a test for my psychology class and the results showed that I was more androgynous, which I definitely agree. I love being girly and dressing up, shopping, getting my nails done, etc. but I also like playing sports, watching football, cars, etc. as well. And I think I look slightly dead without make up on, haha!
I love your shoes by the way, they are fantastic.


Smiley Shazza

Love the outfit – you really carry it off well. I think it’s great to even out some of the femininity with a boyish touch here or there.

Unfortunately I couldn’t never work a dress like that I just don’t think it would suit me.


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