Florals done differently

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Primark floral tee, thrifted cardigan, thrifted jeans, Primark brogues, H&M scarf, Primark ring

Today I woke up to snow. After yesterday’s spring love-in, it was a bit of a shock. I wanted to keep up my spring-themed outfits without suffering hypothermia, so I went with a more masculine take on florals. I’m not entirely convinced, but it was 7.45 and I needed to leave. How could I improve this one, guys? Skinnier jeans? Different shoes? Go on – get your grubby mitts on my outfit and make it fierce. I know you want to!

In other news, I’m wearing the second of my charity shop finds from the weekend – this blush pink knitted waistcoat-style cardigan is originally from Kookai and is a wool/silk mix. The quality is stunning and I think this would’ve been an expensive purchase for its first owner. I bagged it for a bargainous £4.99. High five!


Vintage Vixen

Great mix of textures and patterns there, Jen! nothing worse than the weather throwing a spanner into the works of a perfectly planned outfit.
I think you look gorgeous (as ever) and wouldn’t change a thing except perhaps sending that ring down my way.
More of the pesky white stuff on the way, I hear.

Cafe Fashionista

I love the outfit the way it is – so lovely. And I adore the fact that you mixed stripes and florals – what a clever idea, my love!

Perhaps to make it slightly more feminine you could use cognac-colored riding boots perhaps? Maybe that’s just me…I absolutely love the effect of skinnies, leggings, or tights tucked into riding boots! 🙂

Pink Flower

I wouldn’t change a thing – it looks perfect as it is and i’m loving the scarf. Keep all wrapped up – i’m hating this weather too, so fed up of the white stuff.

Kyla Roma

Love this! I’m a rabid fan of your shoes too, I need better ones. Desperately. And also less salt on the roads so they don’t get ruined =)

You’ve inspired me to do my first fashion post tomorrow!


Love the cardi – what a great buy! The combination is perfect – slim jeans, comfortable top all kept in shape with a belt. I also like the idea of mixing stripes with flowers. (Me, I would wear high heels, but that’s just because I pretty much always wear high heels…)

E is for Eleanor

The belt looks great- without it, i think it would need structure but i love it. Would love to see it with your Madden boots too!

I’ve just bought some bargainous leather boots from New Look, down to £35 from £80! So looking forward to getting them 🙂 x


This look is darling! Stripes with florals is genius indeed and I reckon you’re such an expert in layering! Love the blush knitted waistcoat too!

I probably wouldn’t change a thing, but maybe some skinnier jeans like you said:)



I love the cardigan – don’t think you could have improved on the outfit, looking great as always!


I love the colours here, and I think the denim works well teamed together. The cut of the cardigan looks great too.


Love the floral with the stripes.
Maybe wedges and socks would look groovy for spring? It’s a great outfit as is though!

X x

Anna Jane

I really love this electic look and I personally wouldn’t strive to improve it. Although next time if you wanted to make it slightly different you could always throw on a different scarf? The stripes look awesome with the lace and the knit though 🙂

Btw, sorry about the weird message thingy on twitter – it wasn’t me it was spam! I think it’s all over twitter at the moment 🙁

– Anna Jane xxx


Thank you for the lovely comment on my last post girlie 🙂 youre a wee star! I like this outfit, especiall the layering of your tops, bet you were nice and cosy. Is it bad that my winter wardrobe is essentially just my summer wardrobe with tights, uggs and a jacket? 🙂 haha xx


so pretty! you know i was never really a big fan of layering long sleeves underneath a short sleeves shirt/cardigan..but you always do it so beautifully!


Amy Marie

Don’t you just hate when you’re enjoying the nice spring weather then it snows! I’m still wrapped up to the nines because it’s so cold up here! You still look like you’re ready for spring.

That cardigan is beautiful, I’m loving that colour at the moment.

Love, Amy Marie.


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