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For I have sinned.

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Vintage (and creased) silk skirt, Topshop top, Georgia Rose sandals c/o Sarenza, H&M ring, Primark belt

I cut my hair. Or rather, I was coerced into cutting my hair by the hairdresser who was using me as a model for a class on how to cut short hair. So I suppose it was inevitable, really. As she rightly pointed out, people didn’t want to see the ends of my mullet being tickled by a pair of scissors. They wanted a transformation. I convinced them to colour it for me, to make up for the waste of all those months of growing, and then snip, snip, snip – all gone (practically. My neck is cold).

I must admit though – I look better with short hair. I think after years of close crops and pixie cuts, I’d dreamt up an imaginary long-haired me – long-hair Jen had lustrous, flowing locks that were naturally thick with the perfect bohemian wave. In reality, long-hair Jen has flat, baby fine hair that refuses to do what she asks and hangs limply from her scalp. So short it is!

I’m sad to have lost my only thing in common with Emma Watson (who is also growing out a crop, although doing a much better job of it than I was) but reading this piece on short hair from American Vogue in 1988 (thanks to the glamourai for linking to it) makes me feel much better about life without long locks.

Would you ever go for the crop chop?



Too busy noticing the blouse, ring and shoes. All fabulous.

I love your hair. You have a great face so should not be hiding behind long hair anyway.

Emma Watson has a slightly ‘peaky’ face which needs a bit of softening.

Rebecca's Vintage Romance

I really love your hair, especially that colour too.
I personally would never go shorter than just above shoulder length as I have before & it just looked hideous! I would love to be able to pull off a crop though.
Rebecca x


I am the complete opposite – I would look terrible with short hair so stick to the long hair. It really suits you, so yey!

P.S. please may I steal your ring? ta.

Rosie B

Cute blouse!

I know I have no right to complain about my hair (long, thick, I love it), but it is an absolute nightmare to manage. I day dream about chopping it all off into cute little pixie cut like yours 🙂 Maybe one day…

Rosie xx
Just Listen


that blouse is gorgeous, had my eye on that before too! I cut my hair short (well, by my standards!) a while back, and now I’m not sure if I want it long again – as like you I think I had this image of long gorgeous flowing hair, when really it was just flat and boring. Ho-hum! xo


Love the new hair. I think we always want the sort of hair that we don’t have (I wish I was brave enough to get mine chopped off!) but it’s great when you know that the hair you have is the hair that suits you best.
That ring is amazing too! x

Please may I?

Whilst the cut is lovely, (you always looks fab Jen!) I too was more focused on your outfit!

Loving the blouse, intact i think this one of my favourite outfits.

X x


you look fabulous! I love the asymmetricness of it. I haven’t really seen you with long hair, so I don’t have a comparison, but you look fantastic with it short!

Miss Raj

Your hair looks wonderful cropped! I really would like to get mine short but i have an extremely round face – and I just know I would like a pig in a wig! But it’s so tempting, so much easier to manage and get it to do as you say! Brave, you look beautiful! xxx


You really suit short hair, and that’s such a cute blouse!

I’ve pretty much had every hair length possible. Pixie crop, bob and long long hair down to my bum! I have incredibly thick hair which grows really quickly and I’m pretty sure it would grow to my feet! It’s currently waist length, but I’m debating going for the chop again.


What a fabulous haircut! Although I understand your frustrations…I’m growing my hair long (its about mid-length atm) and I’m sure that when I manage to, it will look flat and meh because I’ve got lots of hair thats fine, so masks itself as thick when above a certain length…

Never been brave enough to cut it all off in a short style, I’ve had shoulder length bobs as a teenager, but thats it….maybe next visit to the hairdressers I should be a bit braver…

But I agree, it took me a while to look at the hair because I was dazzled by the ring and the fantabulous outfit, in particular the shirt….yet again you’ve nailed that girly yet practical look. Fabulous!


I love your short hair! Growing out a pixie is hard, Carey Mulligan and Emma are doing a pretty good job with it. Love the outfit too 🙂


I think your hair looks fabuloso and that blouse is amazing! I am totally scared of cropping my hair- I am definitely a longer hair girl, the shortest I have ever had it is chin length for a charleston dance I did but I don’t think I’d do it again- I dread old age!


I think we all have “dream” hair, when growing it we think about having gorgeous flowing locks, in reality it can be a royal pain!! I think you suit short hair completely, but I’m sure it’ll grow in no time, it was getting there before the snip.


p.s that ring is amazing!!

Funny Little Frog

I know just how you feel. My hair used to be really long but because it’s thick and curly it was so heavy it pulled the curls out and just hung, I’ve had a cut to a bob and even though I occasionally long for long flowing gorgeous locks, I don’t think I’ll ever go back xxx


I think you suit short hair, it looks lovely on you. I’ve never seen you with long hair, so I can’t comment on that!
I don’t think I’d suit short hair, and I’m not brave enough to find out!
PS I love your blouse xx
Sirens and Bells


You do look great with short hair. I always wish I had the confidence to go short. I love your top as well! Yay for polka dots.


This outfit is absolutely adorable! 🙂

I really like your short hair. My hair has been varying lengths, but mainly short over the past few years, and is currently in a sort of bob. Just like you, I sometimes imagine myself with gorgeous bouncy long hair, but I know that the reality is hair that is too thick to do anything with that gets tied up every single day.

Yay for short hair!

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Your hair looks nice! I think I’m going mine out but I’m not sure. Usually, I cut it myself because I’m too much of a cheapskate to go to the hairdresser, plus I really dislike the whole process of going to the salon. Plus why should I pay extra just because I’m female??


Hair is such an issue for us ladies! I am the owner of incredibly thick and long locks, grrr many people cry at me but it grows at an alarmigly fast rate! I love short hair but have a very long face so it wouldn’t suit me but I think your hair looks ace!

p.s- I bought that ring y’day and LOVE it as well as a black and silver one that my mum thinks looks like a bug! Xx


I love your outfit! You suit short hair so much. I’d love to have mine short and not have to pay so much attention to it. I bet it’s great to just get up and be able to go!

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