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Thrifted faux fur jacket, New Look floral vest, H&M cardigan, Primark polo neck, vintage belt, Gap jeans, Primark brogues, Primark ring, necklace

Last night the Mr and I hit the town. We jumped in a taxi, had tea at Wagamamas (chilli chicken ramen, edamame beans, glass of wine) then strolled round the Christmas market. He bought me a vanilla cherry chocolate marshmallow – delicious!

By 9.30 we were snuggled up in a booth in one of our favourite bars, him drinking beer and me drinking Amaretto lemonades. It was such a lovely night! One thing that struck me though… there was so much bare skin on show (and none of it was mine)!

I cannot stand to be cold. At work I have a heater under my desk, trained on my feet. I wear lots of layers and always a scarf. I wear gloves to drive my car. I have an unhealthy obsession with open fireplaces. I love to be warm. So when I go out, I ALWAYS take a cardigan and a coat in the winter. I don’t understand these girls who saunter around with bare arms and legs in December… It’s December! You’ll catch your death!

Maybe it’s my grandmother talking. But for our date night, I layered up like there was no tomorrow. The vest went over a long sleeved polo neck, a cardigan went over that and the cropped faux fur jacket finished me off. I also had my vintage purple and gold scarf and my gloves on. I would’ve worn a hat as well but a girl can’t risk a hat hair situation on a Friday night. And I was toasty warm all night!

Are you brave enough to go bare in the coldest of months? Or will you join me in the queue for the cloakroom?



I can never go bare during cold seasons. And I love to layer that’s why I’m wishing there’s winter here in Manila.

Vintage Vixen

What a snuggly jacket! I’m all for revealing outfits but I need a coat, gloves, scarf and hat over the top.
Glad you had a lovely night – we’re off to Brum this evening, starting at the huge German market (biggest outside of Berlin, don’t you know!).



i love the floral vest, and i’m with you about being cold. I can’t even imagine how some people go out in 40 degree in skirts and such! I always wear a billion layers in the winter 🙂 and did you dye your hair a bit darker? if so it looks fabulous!

Cafe Fashionista

Faux fur jacket! I’m in love! I’m in love! I’m in love! Given the fact that it never gets too cold in Southern California I never really face the chilly predicament. Sadly. I want cold! 🙂

Em x

You look fab and sounds like a lovely night. I have to say if i’m going on a big night out i do go for bare legs/arms but only if i know i won’t be spending alot of time outside! x

pip a la chic

your outfit is fab! I am like you, I feel the cold and rug up big time. Everywhere I go even I always take a cardigan or jumper, yes even in winter because if I’m cold I whinge and whinge.
Thanks for the advice on the dress. I ended up finding another dress, it’s black but has alot of bright colour flowers on it so I am going with that one! x


im def with you, cloakroom always! never without thick tights and boots this time of year, dunno how girls go bare legs! i hate being cold, i have a lovely blazer from zara i got recently but i cant wear it cos its just too cold need a big coat all the time! 🙂 xx


Love the outfit! I agree, I like to bundle up! I drove past a girl walking on the street last night with shorts and flip flops on…I couldn’t believe it. It was below freezing! 🙂


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