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Wearing: Zara dress and belt, Next cardigan, opaque tights courtesy of Tightsplease, Primark shoes, Mango ring
On: Monday 17th January
For: Blue Monday

Apparently, Monday 17th was the most depressing day of the year. As I peeled my eyelids apart at 7am, I felt the gloom of mid-January hit me. From my duvet cocoon, I listed the reasons for my crappy mood. A 6-weekend month that included Christmas, my birthday and New Year (aka The Month I’m Really Damn Poor). Dark morning. No milk in the fridge. Didn’t get enough sleep. Etc etc.

So I did what any self-respecting fashion blogger would do. I put on my Uniform.

I’m convinced every single woman has a go-to outfit that is guaranteed to make her feel fantastic. For me, it’s the tea dress-cardigan-tights-brogues combination. Maybe with a flamboyant piece of jewellery thrown in for good measure. Everything about this outfit – from the darling Peter Pan collar on the dress to the colour pop pink tights so kindly sent to me by – lifts my spirits and makes me smile.

Wearing my Uniform made Monday fly by, which makes a change from my usual 8 hour grind. Maybe life would seem a little less stressful if we all took a day to wear things that make us happy.

Which wardrobe favourites make up your Uniform?



gorgeous outfit, love the dress (so cute) and the colour of the tights is lush. I think my go-to outfit would be body con skirt, bright tights, over sized tee and long cardigan, not as girly as yours but still just as easy! I need more girly dresses in my life =)

Hannah xx


I so wore a uniform on Monday as well – jeans, pretty top and a cardigan. I love the colour of the tights – amazing! I bought some amethyst coloured tights from we love colors because they looked so amazing in your outfit.


I love the dress! There is something very similar on ASOS at the moment which I have had my eye on and adore!

I agree that we do have that certain piece or wardrobe combination which makes a girl feel she can take on the world.

Mine would have to be my navy blue love sleeved dress top teamed with dark blue skinny jeans and my tan leather shoes.

I don’t know if I could be brave enough to bright pink tights.


Half Dressed

You know pink and green are my least favourite colour and I’d probably never of thought to put them together, but this really does work so well! Lovely outfit 🙂

L x


I love how you’ve styled the dress with those tights. The colours look amazing together (: Mm, I hate January.


I love the dress with those tights, you have such an eye for colours!
My to go outfit is always a dress and cardigan too. I find you can eat what you want and do what your want in a dress. Trousers dont allow you much freedom!


I think this might just be my favourite outfit of yours ever, the colours are so lovely together and suit you so well! x


The tights look so lovely and the polka dots are really unusual too in brown. Heres an outfit that has Jen written all over it, love it xx

Penny Dreadful

If only all uniforms were so pretty. I don’t have one particular outfit, but a nice pair of shoes tens to put a smile on my face. I’ve been wearing my brogues quite a bit lately and it makes me feel like Gene Kelly.


You look gorgeous! The dress is genuinely adorable and the colours are great.
My uniform is more like armour- a dress with a massive leopard print coat and my favourite bag over the top, with tights and heels.


Gorgeous outfit, a great ‘go to’ one that is bound to cheer you up. Mine is usually a breton top and highwaisted skirt and big fluffy cardigan at the moment.


I don’t have a uniform like that, but maybe I should! I especially like the bright tights. I hope you were suitably cheered up on Blue Monday!



i do find that if i’m feeling down or uninspired, i turn to an outfit i’ve worn before, and repeat it except for maybe different jewellery or something!?

northwest is best

You’ve caught me out – I’m also wearing my Uniform today – white dress, cardigan, grey tights, reliable shoes. A similar silhouette to what you’re wearing!


Great post- I totally agree a uniform of feel good clothes is always great for ‘those’ kinda days. I tend go for something with structure, makes me feel a bit more put together so I have the confidence to go out there and take anything on!

Love this look, bright tights are always a winner 🙂



I know this feeling well, and I know the uniform to combat it.

I have a gorgeous dress from Topshop, the only thing I’ve actually ever bought from there, with multicoloured roses all over it. That dress with black tights, my comfy boots and a cardigan is all I need to perk myself up again.

You look lovely, as always.


“Maybe life would seem a little less stressful if we all took a day to wear things that make us happy.”

…Shouldn’t one argue that ALL the clothes in your wardrobe should make you feel happy? Otherwise, what the hell are you wasting your money on?


Love the idea of having a Uniform. I have a gorgeous blue dress by Closet (who also trade as Louche in Joy) with lots of structure, big shoulder and a tulip skirt – the minute I put it on I know it’s going to be a good day. I usually wear it with thick tights, ankle boots and my necklace with a little harmonica on 🙂

By the by, I featured your blog on mine, hope you don’t mind!



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