Giveaway winner and snow, snow, snow!

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First things first, I’m ever so sorry for not announcing the winner of my pinkplectrum giveaway when I was supposed to, on Thursday! A hectic few days has left me a little behind on blog stuff, so this is me catching up!

The winner of A Little Bird Told Me’s first ever giveaway is…

Phoebe from Peluxe! Well done Phoebe, please take a look at pinkplectrum and choose two pretty pieces to add to your jewellery box. Yay!

Levi’s black skinny jeans, New Look floral vest, Primark polo neck, Primark denim shirt, Office boots, Accessorize earmuffs, Topshop ring

And the details…

Snow! SNOW!! I’ve decided, although snow is pretty and magical and Christmassy, it’s also very inconvenient. I was late for work yesterday because the travelling conditions were so awful, and I decided to skip the latter half of my work Christmas party because I wanted to get home before more snow fell. Which it did! I don’t have to travel further than Sainsbury’s today though, so I’m content to play out in the powder.

These earmuffs are my new favourite things. I’ve decided they’re much better than woolly hats, because they don’t flatten my hair. And look how cute they are! I love a good Alpine print for winter.

Just before I pop off to watch Home Alone and wrap my Christmas presents, I wanted to say a massive thank you for the overwhelmingly lovely response I got on my last post. Being engaged is a wonderful thing and sharing it with friends, family and fellow bloggers only makes it better! Thank you all so much… I’ll reply to every comment.

Jen x


Lexy @ Quirky Explosion

I LOVE THOSE EAR MUFFS. They remind me of baby bunnies, but in the best way. You know, those really adorable fuzz balls that hop around? Love it.

Congrats to the winner and congrats on the snow! It’s magical at first, but definitely becomes annoying after awhile!

Cafe Fashionista

Congratulations Phoebe!

And Jen….you’ve made earmuffs chic! Really and truly chic!! I need a pair right now! So fabulous!! And Home Alone…stop taunting me with this post – that is truly one of my favorite films of all time. I literally no every line by heart. I think I need to watch it tonight!! 🙂


Congrats to the winner ! 🙂 And what a lovely look ! Love the ear muffs so cute ! Haha . I always like to see the snow view . I wish we have snow here x)


Oh my SNOW!! HOw lovely it looks!!

I would love to go somewhere where it’s snowing just so I could wear that cute ear muffs!! I love it!! And the ring is pretty cool:)



Aw you look all cosy and festive 🙂 ear muffs are definately the way to go! You should watch my neighbour totoro… or any of the studio ghilbi films. theyre all amazing 🙂 x


Aw such a cute outfit!! I love snow too! But it never snows here! I thought it was cute that you were going to Sainsbury! That was my favorite market to shop at when I lived in the UK this summer! I ate way too many chocolate muffins from Sainsbury!


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