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A few weeks ago, an email dropped into my inbox. Most of my incoming mail is met with a sigh and the delete button (unsolicited e-newsletters will be the death of me, I swear), but this particular email made me do a giddy little dance.

It was from Swag & Stare, a new company with a mission to rework the way we buy glasses. If you’ve read this blog for a while you may remember my dalliances with online optics – I’ve tried a few different sites but have never been hugely impressed. Yes, there are plenty of places to buy designer frames… but what about the cheaper, brand-own styles? US sites like BonLook have been getting it right for years, but in the UK there’s a gaping chasm between high-end frames and NHS specs…

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So when I clapped eyes on the amazing, vintage-inspired range from Swag & Stare, I was excited. My personal eyewear preference is big, bold and square, but I’d wear almost every pair on this site. From dainty and classic to geek chic, there’s a style to suit everyone and at £95 including lenses they’re affordable, too.

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Dress, Whistles | Jacket, ASOS | Heels, Clarks c/o Sarenza | Necklace, Whistles | Ring, Primark | Bag, Mulberry | Glasses, ‘Tryst’ c/o Swag & Stare | Lipstick, Sartorial by Topshop

Swag & Stare came to visit me at my studio in Leeds and I choose four pairs of glasses for a special ‘Glasses of the Week’ series. My first pair are ‘Tryst‘ in the honey colourway – much smaller than my usual style but very sleek and stylish. I paired them with khaki and leopard print – I love the colours together and the lighter frames are lovely and subtle.

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Do you wear glasses? What style do you go for? Are you a one-frame woman or do you like to chop and change?


Cosmetic Debris

I’ve only ever had one pair of glasses on the go at a time and after reading this, I’m not really sure why! The glasses you’re wearing immediately caught my eye, despite being completely different to the type I’d usually go for. I think it’s time to branch out so I’ll definitely be having a gander at the website x Becky


These are so cute! My eyesight is awful but I always, always wear contacts, these are definitely making me consider glasses though! Looking forward to seeing more 🙂

Love Tweet xx

Cat Cook

LOVE these frames, they look great on you! I’ve been wearing glasses since I was 8 and I always go for two pairs when I change so that I can have some style variety. I’ve just gone for some quite similar to this pair and then my second pair are more 50s secretary style – love them both and they give me great flexibility with my fashion choices. Yay for girls in glasses!

Jenn Willetts

I usually dhy away and have small discreet specs x despite wearing glasses since I was 3 ive only just (yesterday) had the courage to order a bold pair that I LOVE
should be collecting them tomorrow …excited!
I love these thats your sporting but not something id pick
Id love to own serveral pairs for dif occasions but unfortunately the bank balance doesn’t allow that

Looking gorgeous as always
Love the dress


I wear glasses so this is definitely of interest to me!

I have bought really cheap glasses from Vision Express and a more expensive pair from an online opticians, and am happy with both pairs.

I’m on the hunt for a new pair though, so thanks for this!

Amoureux d'Amour

I’ve always had a love hate relationship with my glasses, so after finding the perfect black, thick rimmed Karl Lagerfeld pair I haven’t stopped wearing them. I’d love to find the perfect cat eye style but, unfortunately, I’m still searching!


I totally know what you mean about the UK lagging behind America on the fashionably cheap glasses front. I’m a speccy four eyes myself, so I shall be giving this site a once over – thanks for this!

Michelle x


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