Goals for a New Year

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We’re in to January’s double digits now, which means two things – I can stop wishing people a Happy New Year, and I’ve had time to think about the months ahead and work out what I want to do with them.

I’ve never been one for ‘resolutions’ – made hastily when waking up bleary eyed on New Year’s Day, they almost always involve a knee-jerk reaction, like “I’m not drinking AT ALL in January” or “I will never eat pizza again!”. Who can live up to such ridiculous claims? Not me, anyway (pass the gin).

So I don’t make resolutions. But this year, the last year of my twenties, I want to set myself some general goals. 2014 was a tough old year for me, and much of the toughness came from disorganisation, stress and acting irresponsibly. I’m determined not to let those things have a negative impact on 2015, and that’s why I need some goals.


Take my business admin more seriously

This was my biggest worry in 2014. Although I’m always super professional in my approach to work and clients, I really let my admin and organisation slide last year. And it got me into trouble. I’m a terrible note-keeper, I hate paperwork and accounts and numbers and tend to throw out anything I deem ‘faff’, like bank statements, tax bills, essential documents… ahem.

I keep all the important stuff inside my own head, which isn’t always the best way when you run a business. So in 2015, I’ll be stocking up on box files, investing in proper accounting software and generally being more sensible about the day-t0-day running of my Limited Company.

Take care of my health and wellbeing

I don’t know if it’s the looming milestone birthday or because I felt so unwell over Christmas and New Year, but I’m really serious about looking after myself in 2015. I’ve been reading up on the effects a bad diet can have on your body – not just in terms of weight gain, which I’m not so fussed about, but on skin, teeth, hair and how good/bad you feel – and it’s pretty terrifying.

I want to look and feel good this year, and my first step is cutting out fizzy drinks. I’m also trying to be much more mindful of what I eat, so it’s home cooking rather than takeaways, nothing that’s ‘artificially white’ (like white bread, pasta and rice) and more vegetables. I’m also taking supplements to boost my system along the way.

Invest in skincare

I’ve always been very serious about my skin – I think anyone who suffered from terrible skin as a teen is more predisposed to look after it when they’re older – but I don’t think I’ve ever really understood it. I’ll buy the latest fad product without really understanding if it’ll work for my skin type, and I never read ingredients lists despite having known allergies (oh hey beeswax, y u in everything?).

On Monday I woke up with the worst skin I’ve had in my life. I’ll write a proper post about it soon (lucky you guys) but it prompted me into action. I read carolinehirons.com from start to finish, purchased some key products and worked out my routine.

Start saving

It’s something I promise myself every January – this will be the year I stop needlessly spending my hard-earned money and do something useful with it. Obviously that never happens, and I have a wardrobe of Whistles to prove it. But when things went a bit wrong with my accounts last year, I changed my attitude completely.

For three months I was very good, so as old habits snuck back in I began to evaluate my purchases in a way I’ve never done before. Do I need this? Do I even want it? What’s it made from, is it worth it?  As I righted my finances I allowed myself to spend more but crucially, I held on to those questions. And I haven’t bought anything from Whistles in 6 months.


So – these are the areas I’ve highlighted as important for my 2015 and beyond. These are the things I want to focus on, for a happier, healthier future. I’ll still eat the pizza and buy that dress, but hopefully I won’t be crying about it come April.

What are your goals for the next 12 months?



Saving and looking after my health are my goals too. Now that I’m older I care less about “being skinny” and more about how my skin and hair look and how I feel (although I won’t be giving up gin either!).


Yes exactly this. I’m not in it to lose weight – just want to feel better and have that perfect skin/hair/nails combo! x


You have made me feel really inspired. I’m going to go and write my goals down … It’s also my last year in my 20,s … And it defitenly feels the right time to straighten up and fly right ( my boyfriends loves this quote !!)


I have also spent the last week scouring Caroline Hirons’ entire site. Here’s hoping it pays off for both of us!

Annabel - Love My Dress

Oh I love how you’ve been so honest in this post – it’s a difficult thing to do, but such a cathartic and authentic way of blogging. I’ve always pushed myself to be completely honest on my own blog, sharing everything from past debt issues to, ahem, knocking booze on the head long term (I make absolutely no apology for being one of ‘those’ people’ :)) and coping/not coping with the work/life mix. So well done you for being truthful and unafraid to expose your flaws – I hope you found it cathartic too.

I took took a step back from setting resolutions this year. Lord knows what possessed me to blog 14 goals for 2014 last year. I think I felt pressured to blog ‘something’ end-of-year’ish. I wasn’t thinking straight. I didn’t achieve most of them, yet I did notch up several key achievements last year that I value hugely in my life right now (happiness, an ability to be more mindful etc, a more work/life balanced way of living), time to read and exercise more!

This year I’m being much kinder in terms of goal setting, though I do have a couple of big business goals that I’m keeping up my sleeve, my focus this year is on making reading, exercise and healthy eating a normal part of my daily life. My husband and I are also, like you, committing to saving. I haven’t brought a single item in the New Year sales because I simply don’t need anything. Learning to be happier with what I already have is something I’m constantly working on.

All the very best for 2015 Jen!

Annabel xx


Health & wellbeing should defo come first lovely 🙂

Hope you achieve your goals – wishing you all the best

Happy 2015!
Alina x


I love these goals, I am determined that I will make 2015 the year where I finally get into running regularly and also get a real handle on my diabetes, wish me luck!

Maria xxx


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