Going It Alone

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I have worked as an advertising copywriter for five years. I’ve worked in huge agencies, small agencies, medium-sized agencies. But always in agencies. Always for someone else, with someone else’s rules.

I’ve always loved my job – even during difficult times, when I was driving 80 miles a day or not really feeling like part of a team. I love creating work that makes the client smile (no mean feat with some of my previous clients, let me tell you). I love working with similarly passionate people to develop digital creative that wins awards because it’s just so awesome. And I love the look of comprehension that dawns when I finally manage to convince someone that yes, you can start a sentence with ‘and’.

But I’ve always wanted to be the boss. I wanted to be able to develop Little Bird, write for different media and try new things. So last week I decided to take a risk – I left my job. And yesterday I launched my own business – The Friendly Copywriting Company.


My new office is far less fancy than some of the agency offices I’ve worked in – there’s a bed behind me for starters, there’s no water cooler either, and the desk is a little bit wobbly (although it is vintage…). I think I’ll be pretty happy here though, and my new boss is brilliant. Obviously.

I don’t often talk about my work on this blog and I probably won’t again, so I hope you’ll forgive me this little bit of ‘networking’ (shudder) – if you need an online writer, a content manager, a social media person or just a general digital type, get in touch here.

PS – My site was built by the ever-wonderful Rob Allison.



Congratulations/Good Luck – what a brave move 🙂 I hope that it all goes swimmingly for you and that you enjoy your new freedom x


That’s amazing! I’ve just started a new job yesterday and I can’t wait to get to a stage in which I can be my own boss. Good Luck! Your desk looks adorable xx

Panty Buns

Your new office looks very neat and efficient. Best wishes for lots of customers and success with your new company, The Friendly Copywriting Company and congratulations! I hadn’t realized the extent of your brilliance and digital expertise in the fields of content management, social media etc., although it was obvious you are a brilliant writer.


Good Luck in your new venture! I’d love to have the guts to quit my job and be my own boss! I hope everything works out amazingly for you =)


Best of luck Jen! Such an exciting time. I’m sure you’ll succeed, you’re one of the most talented bloggers out there and you certainly have the support of us all!

xxx Maddie


Good luck with your new venture. I made a radical career change three years back and while it’s had its moments, I don’t regret it at all.


Wow! COngratulations! That is such an enviable move and one a lot of people are afraid to make – I hope it all works out.
Best wishes for your new venture – it’s great to see people taking their initiative & doing what makes them happiest.


(lots of exclamation marks because i am so so so proud of you.) i was literally just reading in company the success stories of when people leave there jobs to do what you love.
Loads of people are afraid to do it, it’ll be hard at first but it’ll work out. Good luck!
and love the title of your company too! 🙂



What a step, Jen, I’m sure you’ll do well. I realised being one’s own boss means being happy to take responsibility and being very self-motivated… which from the times I met you and what I know from your blog I’m convinced you are. Will keep your services in mind! xo


Oh Jen that’s such a brave move – well done you for having the guts to follow your dreams! Wishing you all the best with the new business.


Diary of a Tinyholder

Good for you! It must be that time of year where people make big changes! I’m touting for charity medical writing opportunities at the moment (as of today). I may as well use my medical writing skills and put them into something worthwhile.

Best of luck!

Sian x


Congratulations on taking the plunge! It’ll be scary but totally worth it I’m sure. Best of luck!


Ooo, well done you! It’s a risk, but you’re going to be amazing on your own. Good luck!!

P.S. Susie and I are starting our own magazine, so it may be awesome to get you on board for some stuff.


Congratulations and good luck! And what a brilliant name! I hope all goes well with the new venture – I’m sure the pretty office space will inspire you, too 🙂

Miss Raj

Your website is amazing. It’s eye-catching, attention-grabbing and SO too the point, but also VERY aesthetically pleasing. What a work of art. I don’t even think you need anyone to wish you luck because your site and go-getter attitude does all the work for you! But even so, wishing you all the very best in your very courageous endeavour!


I’ve been meaning to stop by since I heard your news and I have to say a big congrats for making the decision and leaving your job to do something you’ve wanted to do for ages. I wish you every success Jen!! Plus, your office is gorgeous!


I admire you. Such a bold move! I wish you every bit of success and think you are so courageous.
x x


Congratulations Jen, hard work, nightmare journeys in the snow and work stress have paid off. 🙂
I wish you every success and if I ever need your services I won’t hesitate.



Congratulations Jen! This is such an exciting new chapter in your life, enjoy it to the fullest. Your website looks fantastic!


Congratulations! That’s a major move! I wish you the best of luck (although, I’m sure you don’t need it! ; D)!


Honestly, I think you’re an inspiration! As a new graduate looking to get started in the copy writing industry I can only dream of being where you are in a few years. Well done you and good luck with it. Xx


congratulations on your new venture and job jen, i hope it all goes as well as you hoped 🙂

your website looks lovely, by the way!


claire eloise

Oh wow congrats on being your own boss! I’m sure your new business will be a success, your website looks fanatastic!
And don’t feel bad about ‘networking’ for your business on the blog! Got to self-promote sometimes 🙂 xxx


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