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Primark dress, New Look plimsols, French Connection necklace, Cherry and Joy ring

I don’t often wear silver jewellery. It always seems like the more conventional choice, and that burnished, coppery gold has such a vintage appeal. I won this ring in Cherry and Joy‘s Twitter competition and I love its imperfections – it reminds me silver can be cool too. Lovely stuff.

After reading an interesting and intelligent post about fashion blogging, I got to thinking (oh, Ms. Bradshaw. Even though the second film was dire, your colloquialisms live on) about the people behind the blogs. As I said in my comment on that post, my blog is a kind of escapism. Lots of my time is spent writing about mortgages, degrees and 50% off deals (I wonder if you can guess a few of my my clients from that little snippet?). When I settle myself down to write my blog posts, I’m only looking to inspire conversation. I want to engage people, indeed. But I want to be accessible. I want to make you, dear reader, smile.

Much of fashion blogging is frivolous. Of course, fashion is an art form, a cultural phenomena, an important and relevant part of our economy and society. But it’s also a way of connecting with other people. It’s a shared interest, a divided passion, a style collective. And that’s why I blog.

Why do you blog? If you’re a fashion blogger, are you interested in clothing as an art form, or is it more about sharing your love of style with other likeminded folk? And if you’re a different kind of blogger, what inspires you to post? When you write, what do you want to achieve, if anything?

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Having scratched my head for a while and wondering why on earth I do in fact blog I realised it was quite simply because I can.

The Everest answer.

E is for Eleanor

That article was great. I do agree to a certain degree. I blog because I want to take photos and share my life with other people who appreciate the same little things in life that I do. As you say, it’s about connecting with people.

I do find it tiring to read some blogs out there because they are inane and but I think frivolity doesn’t deserve such a bad rap!

..R May A..

I love this outfit so much…
did you get the necklace recently?
& I’m not a fashion blogger (yet) but i blog in general because reading blogs and watching videos made me learn so much & i just want to pass on what i’ve learnt and share everything i discover.


Fashion can sometimes be very throwaway, which is maybe why some blogs seem to mirror that. I’ve literally only just started blogging, and it’s not necessarily my intention to only blog about fashion, more the things I’m interested in (and that I hope other people will be) – and one of my major passions is fashion so it probably will crop up a lot. I’m not really sure how I’ll go about that yet, and this post definitely made me think about that. I do appreciate some frivolity though!

I love the little pockets on your dress! It’s a great outfit for weather like today’s.


I started blogging because… well because I had so much fun reading other great fashion blogs that I wanted a platform that extended past the confines of a comment box.

Over time it’s also become away for me to process my own experiences with fashion and the world around me in a more general sense. Sitting down to write about what I like always makes me consider why I find it so worth sharing in the first place…

Lavender hearts

Stunning dress! I am a huge dress wearer partly for convenience and partly because they look nice on curvy peeps. Most of mine are from charity shops. I just picked up a gorgeous next dress and a Laura Ashley wrap dress form the charity shop this morning actually. Every time I go into one I seem to find fab dresses. 🙂


Really love this outfit! The shade of grey is really tasteful & still surprisingly summery. Love the dress paired with the sneakers, too!

I began blogging for all the wrong reasons – I just wanted to get in with the gang, really. Besides, I wanted somewhere for people to click back to as I was reading a lot of inspiring blogs at the time & wanted to be able to comment & for people to think I wasn’t just some lurker. After a while though, my blog became more about me & my sort-of quest to discover my own personal style. It is a massive outlet for me, because my boyfriend is CERTAINLY not interested in fashion as well, & neither are my female friends as such – although I think I’m beginning to win them around a little bit – so it’s nice to broadcast my opinions on fashion to people out there who might actually care, whilst admiring women who are most likely trying to do the same thing. I’m definitely not setting out to make anything big of this anymore (although if I accidentally stumble upon it someday, that’s a different story) but I’m having bags of fun with this as a hobby.

Danni and Maria

Why do you blog? If you’re a fashion blogger, are you interested in clothing as an art form, or is it more about sharing your love of style with other likeminded folk? And if you’re a different kind of blogger, what inspires you to post? When you write, what do you want to achieve, if anything?

I blog because I love reading other blogs and sometimes I think I can add something to the ‘discussion’. I think it has also helpeed me discover my personal style in clothes especially. I love that our blog has 60 followers(!) something I never thought would happen. I guess blogging is a form of creative expression and allows me a sense of escapism from my daily life. Phew!

Maria xxx


I love this outfit…. the polka dots are so cute and so is the ring!

I have no idea why I started blogging, i’m relatively new to it all still but I am very much enjoying it. I think the main thing I like about it is being able to get peoples feedback on my work, connecting with so many different people and hopefully i’m going to start sharing some of the things that inspire me…. a sort of scrapbook if you wish!


Cute dress and I love that ring, too! I personally blog because I like to share things that I think others would enjoy, namely beauty products. Not many people in my “real life” have a passion for beauty and accessories and stuff 🙂 So I like being around like-minded people, and the interaction for me is the best part! 🙂


I’ve only been blogging for a little while now but started as an escape from only ever writing about science (I’m doing a degree in toxicology). For me it’s a way to extend my creativity and share my thoughts to who ever wants to read them in a diary style fashion that I can look back at in years to fun.

I was reading fashion blogs long before I started blogging myself and the more I read the more I wanted to start my own, share my experiences and maybe inspire a few people.

Whilst my blog is mainly about my own personal style I also to talk about things I love, that have nothing to do with fashion and hopefully engage with a few people in the process.

Since starting my blog its has been a wonderful little escape for a few hours every evening to get away from my normal routine and talk about my interests. However, saying that, blogging has become apart of my normal routine now and I love it =)



Is it silly that I’m not sure why I blog? I have been reading style blogs for a long time but never felt able to do it myself until very recently. When I was just reading I never left comments because I felt that they had less weight coming from someone anonymous, whereas now if I leave a comment on someone’s blog they can click on my name and find out what I’m all about. So if I say I like an outfit they can click through to my blog, decide that my style is hideous, and never wear it again. 😉

P.S. Just placed my Max C order! I bought the London Fan Print Top, I can’t wait to see which freebie they send to me!


Hello fellow fashion blogger 😉 I think I wanted to put me and my photography out there. Also a friend of mine said to me: ‘Sabine, I really think you should do something with fashion.’ Blogging was a way to do it. But most of all I want to communicate with a wide variety of people! Ah, isn’t blogging just great?! xoxo


One of my favourite dresses of yours – such a lovely colour 🙂

I more often than not wear silver jewellery – I’ve got far more than gold in my collection. I LOVE that ring – it’s gorgeous & without a doubt something I’d wear!

To be perfectly honest, I don’t really know why I blog.. I was reading blogs for quite a while before I started writing my own. I just kinda wanted to get involved! There’s no real deep philosophical reason, as I’m sure you can tell from my blog. I just enjoy shopping & putting together outfits etc, & therefore I enjoy talking to people about those kind of things.. Yeah, I don’t really know..!

I so so want to go & check out the Max C website – but I know I really shouldn’t! We’ll see if I can resist hey?!



I enjoy blogging because I love the community. It’s lovely to see what other people are doing, which in turn, inspires me aswell. I also hope that blogging will help me improve my writing (I know I have a very long way to go) and one day help me find a job.

I also find my friends aren’t particulary interested in my crafty bits and bobs and my charity shop steals (I don’t think my boyfriend has even looked at my blog once…) so it’s nice to share with like-minded people.

I wouldn’t say I was a fashion blogger – my main focus is crafts, but I like the variety of posts I can conduct. Mainly, I write for my own pure enjoyment. Over the last month, blogging has become a hobby, and an escape from killer revision.

Lou x – craftyandquirky.blogspot.com


I totally agree with this. I rarely, if ever post about sad things, or boring things, or being cross or frustrated because my blog is my happy place. I think there’s often a perception (or at least I worry there is whenever I tell people about my blog) that fashion bloggers only care about frivolous things and shoes and clothes and makeup, but often although you could imagine this from the content of our blogs it’s not true at all.

It’s nice to communicate with so many lovely intelligent people from so many different places and backgrounds with different interests and careers, and be a bit frivolous and that’s ok.

I understand what the writer of the post you linked to is trying to say, but I think she misses the point a bit. I’m serious enough in my daily life – It’s not that I don’t think fashion can be deep and interesting, it’s that I don’t want to be deep about fashion, I just want to enjoy it for being beautiful.


Interesting post! It’s something I’ve thought about before. I’m never really sure if I’d call myself a fashion blogger – my blog is a bit of a mishmash of things – but the fashiony streak that runs through it is definitely to do with, as others have said, talking about fashion with people who are as interested in it as me. Most of my best friends are not really into clothes and beauty, and those that are have TOTALLY different styles to me.

I also use it as a showcase for my hobbies, such as my photography. It also makes me make more effort with photo-taking, and gives me somewhere to display it, rather than just leaving my photos languishing in a folder on my hard drive.

But maybe the main reason – the reason I always give when explaining it to other people who just don’t get it – is that it’s something to keep my brain active in my spare time. My job keeps me so busy that it’s easy to let everything slip – I used to draw all the time, write all the time and make jewellery, and in the evenings I find it hard to get up the motivation. Blogging is a way to hold on to that part of myself, rather than lose it altogether!

And the final thing is the social aspect – I’ve met so many great people through it, and genuinely enjoy the interactions it has brought me. 🙂


I blog because I want to give advice and chat to hair, and I’m running out of friends who’ll listen. 🙂
It gives me a place to release the hair geek in me, and I get to be part of a lovely community and make some friends.

xX x


Pretty dress and cute shoes… love this ensemble.

Interesting post Jen… I blog because I love to meet people who share the same interests I have. I don’t intend to earn from my blogging… it just serves as an intermission number from working. It makes me happy. xoxo


Love the dress with the bright necklace–perfect combo!

I like finding out why others blog, it’s so interesting. I blog because of other bloggers really. I started out just reading fashion blogs, then started doing it myself to be part of the community. Also as a way to document what I wear, since it’s something I have fun with and spend a lot of time thinking about. I do it because I truly love it–it is also an escape for me–not for recognition or money.


i would definitely say i’m a fashion blogger..but sometimes, there just such a thin line between blogging about absolutely anything to only, strictly just fashion. i just love to share whatever i find interesting with my readers, however, i do try to keep them fashion related and make them fun to read.

that necklace looks great with the gray dress!

p.s-glad you got the email, i thought it was spammed for a second haha


I like to keep record of things. I’ve tried diaries before but always given up on them, and I have figured out why: it isn’t active. I like getting peoples responses and opinions and finding like-minded people. I have a right motley crew of friends and suffice to say, we all have different interests (my best friend is a pokemon fanatic, for example). It’s nice to get into discussions about things I’m passionate about, with people who are also passionate about it!
Also, I love writing, and have fell out of practice since leaving high school. Blogging was a great way for me to get back into it. 🙂 x

Chloe, Butterfly Cupcakes

I love this outfit, that dress is really cute. For me, being an art student and all, I see everything as art, as cliche as that sounds, its true though, getting dressed is definitely an art form and such a fantastic way to express yourself.

Ana - Toil and Trouble

This is SO CUTE! I love it!!

I blog to keep myself from giving up on putting myself together (I actually struggle with this), because it helps my self esteem and gives me a creative outlet that is only mine. I also love that blogs allow for dialog!

Lisa Lisa Lisa

I have to agree whole heartedly with what you said. That is what blogging is for me; to break up the humdrum daily draining activities of being a full time worker and part time grad student. It allows me to be light hearted and fun when the rest of my day is consumed by seriousness.

I’m guest blogging at glad rags to riches and I noticed you were a reader. I know that you pop into my blog from time to time so I hope that you will also continue checking her blog. We have done some great collaborations on posts for while she is away.


I love your gorgeous dress, and your necklace!
I am a new follower and your blog is already one of my favourites 🙂

I’m a new fashion blogger and of course I consider fashion an art form, but to me fashion blogging is just a little fun and escape after work/uni/other life stresses, writing about what I love and sharing it with like minded people!



Love your dress!

I blog because:
– none of my friends are interested in fashion
– i love the blogging community and making new friends and connecting with people! 🙂


I have always loved writing, mainly in little notebooks and journals. I guess in a way my blog to me still is that secret diary from my childhood.
It’s somewhere I can talk about what inspires me and what makes me happy.

I honestly never thought I would enjoy something like this so much, but I truly do. I love reading and being inspired but equally love writing and hopefully inspiring alike.

Very interesting post. I spent a while reading all the previous comments, so very intriguing to hear other peoples answers 🙂 x


well worded as always my dear, when i first started blogging it was literally to make me get off my utt and be more creative again..creativity was my life at college but then a 9-5 job afterwards kinda meant it fell to the way side. now that i have been blogging for a year i have higher aspirations, I want to build a portfolio for myself thru my blog, to better my fashion knowledge and hopefully one day end up in my dream job maybe styling or working for a fashion magazine with still time to blog..lol.. i guess its good to dream big? 🙂 x

Vintage Vixen

Hi Gorgeous! Love the necklace!!
Weird that you should say silver was a conventional choice, for me gold signifies wedding bands, Victoriana and all things traditional. Christian women I’ve met in India tell me that wearing silver is forbidden after marriage as it’s the sign of a free woman.
People always tell me that I should write a book but as I have the attention span of a flea blogging is just about manageable.
I blog as I want more visibility to us 40-somethings as we’re largely ignored by the fashion press.

Cafe Fashionista

You always put forth the most thought-provoking posts, Jen – love this one!

Personally, I blog because I see it as a form of escapism; as well as a way to inspire others, and form bonds and relationships with other people across the world. I love letting others in on my little secrets; and sharing my new fashion discoveries with them – it’s quite the thrill. I suppose those are the precise reasons why I blog! 🙂

LadyBugSays ...

Great post! I started my blog as a way to get myself out of the style rut of not putting much thought or pride into what I was wearing. By posting and reading other peoples blogs it has given me confidence to try new ways of putting clothes together and express my personal style.


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