Hobby or addiction?

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I don’t want to add up how much this little lot cost me…
It’s a well known fact among my friends, family and workmates that I love nail varnish. I almost always have painted nails – it’s an instant happy boost. Painting your nails doesn’t make you feel too fat, too tall, big footed or uncool like clothes and shoes can on a bad day. Looking down at a brightly coloured perfect 10 (or 20, if I have bare feet!) is a great feeling.
This is only a small portion of my huge collection. These are my favourite shades and brands, and right now I’m rocking chocolate brown. I actually got rid of quite a few pots a few weeks ago, including a poorly advised pink glitter and a neon yellow that stained my nails through base coat.
So, my tip for a gloomy day is to give your nails a lick of paint. Not only will it cheer you up no end, but it gives you a great get out clause when it comes to housework. Happy painting!

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