Holiday Week: The Cover-Up

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Last week I spent a blissful 7 days on the Spain/Portugal border, sunbathing, eating cheese, drinking gin and generally checking out of life. The universe obviously balanced this out by taking my phone into its briny depths (I dropped it in a river).

But anyway! I’m back home now and as I don’t think I’ll get a chance to wear all my lovely holiday clothes for a while (hello, Yorkshire weather), I thought I’d dedicate an entire week to sunshine, shorts and a slight tan. Welcome to Holiday Week!

Kimono, Topshop (similar here) | Shorts, vintage Levi’s | Vest, Topshop | Bag, Gap | Sandals, c/o Sarenza | Sunglasses, Orla Kiely

It was really quite hot in Spain/Portugal. 30 degrees was the average temperature and as a natural blonde with very pale skin, my most-used adjectives while away were ‘sweaty’, ‘too hot’ and ‘burnt’. When it’s hot I generally want to wear as few clothes as possible, but sometimes it’s better to keep things covered up and out of the sun – especially shoulders and scalps!


This Topshop kimono was perfect for throwing on over a vest and shorts when the sun was really blazing. I love the floral print and the tassels are super satisfying to swish about. I think it’s my favourite purchase of the season!

To finish the look, I kept my hair off my face in heidi braids, carried emergency suncream in my slouchy Gap bag and wore flat leather sandals to navigate the Spanish hills. Done!




That kimono is just dreamy! Much to my dismay the furthest I’m getting this year is Jersey, but hopefully the weather there will be much nicer than Glasgow’s drab offerings. Looks like you had a lovely week, I’m jealous that you’ve had a chance to soak up the sun! x

Charlotte / coloursandcarousels

Kelly G

Gorgeous gorgeous!! Love a kimono, got a couple ready for my trip to Ibiza.
Loved the pics from your trip, and boo on the phone. x


Hey the sun is out in Leeds today, I’ve got a sundress on for work and considered sandals…you’re right though the Yorkshire weather is generally miserable and all the summer clothes in the shops are just making me annoyed.

Love the kimono but whilst I’m pro tassel swishing my husband would mock it relentlessly.


Outfit fab… totally. LOVE the sandals.. any chance you’d put up a link to them please? Thanks, Audrey 🙂


Hi Audrey, thank you! Unfortunately the sandals are no longer available, I got them quite a while ago. Sorry about that!


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